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Nintendo 3DS Action
Neutral dpad / Neutral cpad Select option
A button Confirm
B button Cancel, back
L button / R button Switch category


Nintendo 3DS Action
A button / L button / Stylus button Next
Y button FFwd
R button Play voice
X button Display glossary
B button Toggle text window
Up dpad / Up cpad Display backlog
Start button / Select button Event skip


Nintendo 3DS Action
Neutral cpad Move
R button while moving Short dash
Hold R button Long dash
B button Jump, air recovery
R button without moving Shinobi chain
B button after shinobi chain Surprise leap
Y button Weak attack
X button Strong attack
Up dpad Enable/disable lock on
L button Shinobi transform
L button + Y button or X button or B button Secret ninja arts (ground)
L button Secret ninja arts (air)
Down dpad Frantic
Start button / Select button Pause
A button Tag, warp, revive
Hold A button Combo order
L button + A button Secret fusion ninja arts
Neutral cpadPro Camera