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Name Description
ATK Stone ATK will increase.
DEF Stone DEF will increase.
ATK Spd. Stone ATK Speed will increase.
ATK Rng. Stone ATK Range will increase.
Cloth Breaker Power to break clothing will increase.
Ground Attack Ground attacks' power will increase.
Air Attack Mid-air attacks' power will increase.
Ninja Art Stone Secret Ninja Arts' power will increase.
Revival Stone Power will increase with each revival.
Partner Health Health items will work better on your partner.
Partner N. Art Ninja Art scrolls will work better on your partner.
Status Stone Chances of status effects will double.
Anti-Burn Stone Immunity to burning status effect.
Anti-Poi. Stone Immunity to poison status effect.
Anti-Zap Stone Immunity to zap status effect.
Anti-Frz. Stone Immunity to frozen status effect.
Anti-Chm. Stone Immunity to charm status effect.
Affection Stone Affection will increase at a faster rate.