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Fun stuff[edit]

  • Most of the time you cannot shoot unarmed civilians. However, it still is possible sometimes. If they don't go down in one shot, you probably can't kill them. If you continue to shoot at people who you can't kill, you will get a warning. If you ignore the warning and keep doing it, you will lose one karma point, unless you have no karma, then you just get the warning again.
  • At Ed's Patch & Fix, after Ed activates the cortex bomb, you can shoot him. This is one of the rare exceptions to the rule that you cannot kill people who mean you no harm.
  • You can kill any scientist in the Drake Volcano whether they can hurt you or not.
  • You can try to kill the helicopter pilot at Drake Volcano (but not at the top of Drake Tower) and he'll take damage, but he seems to have infinite HP. It wouldn't be a good idea anyway because then the only way to get out would be to defeat Drake.


  • It may sometimes be possible to kill an enemy with one hit if you shoot them before the battle music starts. Normally it won't happen, but it's possible.
  • The game automatically gets rid of unneeded plot items at various points in the game. Some users have reported becoming stranded due to visiting areas earlier than anticipated and picking up plot items there. Short of cheat codes there is no way to reverse this, and you will have to start over.