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Users may require their usernames to be changed for various reasons.

Account renaming policy[edit]

Users can request to have their accounts renamed. To prevent abuse, certain limits are enforced.

  • Users can only request their account be renamed once every six months.
  • The account cannot have more than 10,000 edits.
  • The account is not suspected of negative conduct.
  • The new username is currently available.
  • The new username satisfies the account naming policy.

Requesting account renaming[edit]

Copy/paste the request template below into the Current requests section. A lead administrator will review your request and decide whether to process the rename or not.

Request template[edit]

=== [[User:Current username|Current username]] ===
* Current Name: [[User:Current username]]
* New Name: [[User:New username]]
* Reason for changing your name.

Current requests[edit]

Add new requests to this section.