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I am Vengeance. I am the Knight. I am Administrators_Batman.jpg.

StrategyWiki is watched over by an elite team of administrators. Much like how Batman watches over Gotham City, except we don't get to fight, or swing on ropes, or have bat caves. It's similar in almost every other way, though.

If you notice a user who has had a significant positive impact to the site, and who you believe has a good understanding of the site's policies, feel free to nominate them as a sysop!

Lead administrators

  • Procyon (talk · contribs) is a Bureaucrat and a sysop. Arbitrarily, he ponders the existence of pirates and/or ninjas.
  • Prod (talk · contribs) is a Bureaucrat and a sysop. Dogmatically, he is both a pirate and a ninja.
  • Notmyhandle (talk · contribs) is a Bureaucrat and a sysop. Unfortunately, he is neither a pirate nor a ninja.

Active members

Inactive members