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Chrono Trigger[edit]

alternate names[edit]

What version(s) are you playing? I've never seen Roundillo before. Nintendo DS? If so, please start a list on the enemies page before you modify the walkthrough with these alternate names. Alt names would better be substituted using {{control}} than replacing what I've already established for the original SNES version. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 18:13, 13 November 2012 (UTC)

hmm? you're right. I put in DS-Name by accident. Corrected this now. Yes, i'm playing the DS-Version. The Enemies-Page need a complete redesign. I also want to add pics and a few stuff like icon for the Elements (Shadow, Water, Fire and Lighting), but that can wait until later. Oh and this Page show any name difference (that also mean enemies names). Paco (talk) 18:39, 13 November 2012 (UTC)
Oh yeah, aha. I was about to link you it. I forgot I added all of the differences! --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 18:46, 13 November 2012 (UTC)


Talk:Chrono Trigger/to do is pretty accurate. We are still missing a lot of miscellaneous info that I want to add. I don't want to prematurely make it featured because it is missing some small differences, maybe not a thorough guide for the DS exclusive content, and it doesn't have many maps. I'll work on reorganizing it. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 21:02, 24 November 2012 (UTC)


Be careful with charmables - the DS version may have more charmables than the original versions. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 20:24, 8 December 2012 (UTC)

I doubt that. The DS version should be the same as the SNES version except of the Namechange and extras adding. I also checked Gamefaqs to see if there are any Difference. Paco (talk) 08:41, 9 December 2012 (UTC)

Missing image for Marle's sidequest[edit]

Hi Paco, when you made this edit you forgot to add the image to Marle's sidequest section. Do you still have that image or can we remove it? --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 03:51, 29 July 2013 (UTC)

Patrolling edits to reduce duplication of work[edit]

You'll notice I have thanked you for several patrolled edits over the past few weeks. Although I enjoy seeing a fellow sysadmin working hard to keep things in tip top shape, I think I am wasting my time when I go to patrol edits you have already taken care of. So, when you go to the most recent edits, I think you are unaware of the "Mark as patrolled" button. First, I go to recent changes. Then I hit "Hide patrolled edits" so I only see the ones with a red exclamation mark. Then, if you click on the diff link to see the change, you will see the text "[Mark as patrolled]" under the new edit's time, date, and user who made the edit. After doing cleanup in response to a diff, please click that "Mark as patrolled". For new pages, it can be found at the bottom right of the page. For redirects, it will take you to the page, then click on the redirect link (near the top left) to go to the redirect. It will then show the mark as patrolled link. If you do that, then other sysops and I will not see as many edits to patrol in the list. Thank you for everything! =) --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 18:05, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

I'm actually aware of the "Mark as patrolled" Button, but often i don't bother with it if a page need some Grammar-Correction (Grammar is not my strong point) by another Admin, so i leave it alone. I'll try to use it more often (if i dont forget it that is). Thank you for reminding me of it. Paco (talk) 18:32, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

Controller images[edit]

Hi Paco. I noticed the edits on the Castlevania pages, and I saw that you were adding to the process that some anonymous user had begun, but I really don't think the results look very good. I think it makes the description of each function too confusing. Before, you would look at the left side, see the control you were interested in, and you read what it does. With only one instance of that control, your eye instantly gravitated to the specific one you were interested. With all the added control images, now it's a little harder to just "see" what each one does, because there's images everywhere. Would you agree? Procyon 20:39, 12 March 2014 (UTC)

Route 44 edit[edit]

Hi Paco. I think I understand what you were trying to do, but for whatever reason, I don't see the change so much in my browser (Firefox). Were you trying to situate the Item table to the right of the map? Because I see the map, then below it the Item table on the left, and the trainers on the right. Not sure if that was the same thing you were seeing or not. Just curious. Procyon 02:35, 5 April 2014 (UTC)

Before the Item-Table was right of Map and Trainer-Table below that (and thus creating many white space to the left of the Trainer-Table). So i moved Items-Table from Top-Right to Bottom-Left under the Map. I hope this explanation was clear, if not then i can make a pic of it and show the difference. Paco (talk) 07:19, 5 April 2014 (UTC)
Oh wow, interesting. See, to me, when I looked at it, the map was above, the trainer table was below to the left, and the item table was below to the right. It's so confusing sometimes with all of the different browser/skin/resolution combinations. Yesterday, I went through all of Pokemon RBY to try and straighten that up (clean up breaks, align tables better, etc.) I wonder if, from your perspective, I "broke" any of the pages. If you have some time, and wouldn't mind looking at them, I'd appreciate your feedback. You don't have to make any modifications unless you want to, but I'd like to know if you see anything that looks particularly bad. By the way, thank you very very much for the wonderful job you're doing reverting the spam bots and blocking the IPs. I really appreciate your effort. Procyon 17:29, 5 April 2014 (UTC)

Mystic Ark[edit]

Hi Paco. I started the guide for Mystic Ark. Last June you suggested me to check the maps you made for this game. I actually modified one of yours for the guide: I just separated the two dungeons and moved the rooms around, without deleting any detail of it. If you don't like it, delete it: you are the author. --Abacos (talk) 13:58, 5 April 2014 (UTC)

Your viewing settings[edit]

Hi Paco. This is just out of curiosity, nothing else. I was wondering what settings you used to view the site? I notice that you seem to see certain edits differently than I do, so I wanted to try to see them the same way as you. Could you tell me what OS, browser, skin, and screen resolution you use to view the site? Again, I'm just curious, I'd like to try and see the same thing you do so that I can understand. Thanks very much! Procyon 02:34, 15 April 2014 (UTC)

OS:Win 7 Home, Browser:Firefox, Skin:MonoBook, Resolution:1440x900. This what i use, anymore Question? Paco (talk) 08:23, 15 April 2014 (UTC)
Thanks very much Paco, I appreciate it. I understand that you prefer to use MonoBook, and I'm glad that you can help us check to make sure everything looks good in that skin. The only request I have is, like I said on Danneal's talk page, we make sure that the dolphin skin looks good as well, because that's what a huge majority of our visitors use when they visit the site. Only a very small percentage of power users change the skin. So I just want to make sure that guides look good in every skin, as much as possible. Thanks again for all your help! Procyon 14:36, 15 April 2014 (UTC)
I said this on Danneal Page too, but i checked it with Dolphin and the Boxes weren't overlapping like Danneal said it would. Though he has found a solution for it to that, so it should be fine now. But in Future i will check with other Skins too to see if there is any viewing problems with it. Paco (talk) 14:51, 15 April 2014 (UTC)

Route 26-27 changes[edit]

Hi Paco, I saw the changes to Pokémon_Gold_and_Silver/Route_26-27, and I wondered if you took a look at the results in the Dolphin skin, because the change to the two Pokemon descriptions on the bottom don't work out so well. Just curious. I do encourage you to double check my efforts to fix up the guide, it's proving to be a bit of a challenge. Procyon 01:33, 23 April 2014 (UTC)

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies/Episode 3: Turnabout Academy[edit]

Was that fact about the defense attorney wrong? Why not help make the page a stub? --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 16:51, 12 June 2014 (UTC)

"Defense lawyer: Athena cykes" is too short for a page, so i deleted it instead. I didnt play the game so i cant help making it expanding. Paco (talk) 16:56, 12 June 2014 (UTC)
It's likely that the anon was adding a very minor detail, and it was probably accurate. *Goes to check* According to it is true. I am going to add the header/footer, stub it, and leave the bullet point in. It may attract the anon to continue editing. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 17:30, 12 June 2014 (UTC)

Administration nomination[edit]

Hi Paco. How do you do? I was recently nominated for administrator. Can I ask your feedback? It is here. --Abacos (talk) 10:16, 9 February 2016 (UTC)

Thank you[edit]

Thank you for supporting my Administrator nomination! --Abacos (talk) 10:26, 11 February 2016 (UTC)