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Phoenix Wright is asked to pay a visit to Themis Legal Academy. However, when they get there, a murder occurs. Athena Cykes takes on her first case as the defense team leader when her childhood friend Juniper Woods gets arrested for the murder. With Apollo's assistance, they will have to uncover the many secrets of the students at Themis Legal Academy and discover the truth in this dark age of law.

PW DD Turnabout Academy.png

Case Information[edit]

PW DD Turnabout Academy Crime Scene.png
  • Time of the crime: October 24th, 6-8 PM
  • Location: Outdoor Stage
  • Victim: Constance Courte
  • Cause of death: Blood loss from deep stab wound
  • Witnesses: Bobby Fulbright, Aristotle Means, Robin Newman, Hugh O'Conner, Myriam Scuttlebutt
  • Defendant: Juniper Woods
  • Defence Attorney: Athena Cykes
  • Prosecutor: Simon Blackquill


Defence Attorneys[edit]

PW DD Athena Cykes.png

Athena Cykes

Athena makes her first appearance as the defence team leader.

PW DD Apollo Justice.png

Apollo justice

Athena's assistant who will help her through her first case.


PW DD Juniper Woods1.png

Juniper Woods

A senior in the judge course. Athena has known her since childhood.


PW DD Simon Blackquill.png

Simon Blackquill

A prosecutor and prison inmate. He has mastered the use of psychological manipuation in courtroom battles


PW DD Aristotle Means.png

Aristotle Means

A lawyer course professor at the academy. His smile is somewhat scary.

PW DD Robin Newman.png

Robin Newman

A senior in the prosecutor course. Tends to shout a lot.

PW DD Hugh O'Conner.png

Hugh O'Conner

A senior in the lawyer course who kinda seems like a jerk.

PW DD Myriam Scuttlebutt.png

Myriam Scuttlebutt

Another senior in the judge course. She is the aloof editor-in-chief of the school paper who walks around with a box over her head.


PW DD Constance Courte.png

Constance Courte

The professor who invited Phoenix Wright to the academy. She was a judge course teacher until she became the victim of this case.

Other Characters[edit]

PW DD Bobby Fulbright.png

Bobby Fulbright

The lively detective in charge of this case. He makes you wonder what justice is really all about.

PW DD Phoenix Wright.png

Phoenix Wright

The lawyer who owns the agency. Was invited to Themis Legal Academy after receiving his attorney's badge.

PW DD Trucy Wright.png

Trucy Wright

Phoenix Wright's daughter. She wants to become a famous magician someday.

PW DD Klavier Gavin.png

Klavier Gavin

A rock star prosecutor who was the leader and vocalist of the Gavinners and Apollo's rival from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.