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You are playing as Apollo Justice, and this case is a little bit different from others. The victim in this case, Clay Terran, was a childhood friend of yours. You meet with your client, Solomon Starbuck, in the defendant lobby. He's a famous astronaut, but seems unusually out of character. He is extremely depressed, but you try to cheer him up. When he asks if you can easily prove him innocent, you remember you didn't get to investigate yesterday. You have no evidence yet, but you can't afford to lose this trial!

Trial Begins[edit]

The judge asks if something happened to your eye, but you do not want to discuss it. When asked if Blackquill is ready, for the first time, he is not ready yet. He immediately breaks out of his shackles, and then wants to give the opening statement himself? The judge notices that something is different with both you and Blackquill.

DD Space Center Diagram.png

A rocket was set to launch yesterday, but before the rocket was moved to the launch site, two bombs were detonated. Then, one of the astronauts was stabbed with a utility knife. Apparently Starbuck was the pilot of the famous HAT-1 mission. He had a lot of trouble on board, but managed to return safely. The bomb case from the first case is also here as evidence.

Fulbright is asked the details of the case. He shows the diagram with the layout of the space center. The space center diagram is added to the court record.

Fulbright's Testimony: Details of the Case[edit]

Fulbright's Testimony
- Details of the Case -
  1. Just before the rocket was set to launch, two bombs went off. BOOM! BOOM!
  2. One on the second floor of the Space Center's main building and one in Launch Pad 1.
  3. Thankfully, only the two astronauts were in Launch Pad 1 at the time.
  4. The two of them managed to make it back as far as the boarding lounge...
  5. ...but after the escape, one of the two was found stabbed to death!
DD Utility Knife.png
DD Bombing Report.png

The victim was already dead by the time the detective got there. He submits the utility knife as evidence, which is added to the court record. In the crime photo, there is a capsule containing asteroid samples. The bomb in the launch pad was detonated in the center part of the rocket. The bombing report is added to the court record. You can now start the cross-examination.

Cross-Examination: Details of the Case[edit]

DD Testimony.png
DD Launch Pad 1 Door Lock.png
DD Security Camera Video.png

Press on all statements. When pressing the first statement, Fulbright will tell you he was in charge of the evacuation. The explosion in the second floor resulted in a blackout in the third floor lounge. Some devices, like security cameras, were running on emergency backup. Everyone was evacuated to the emergency shelter and no one was hurt from the explosions. The evacuation report is added to the court record.

When you press on the second statement, Fulbright will explain the motive. Starbuck has a great fear of space after the traumatizing events in the HAT-1 mission. To keep his reputation, he planted a bomb on the rocket to not go into space again. Starbuck had also ingested anti-anxiety pills before the bombing. When you ask if there could have been a third person at the scene, Blackquill informs you that you can only pass through the door to the launch pad if you are registered in the fingerprint recognition system. Only Starbuck, Terran and the Space Center director used the door yesterday. The director was in the main building during the murder. The launch pad 1 door lock is added to the court record.

The victim was killed after the launch pad 1 door was opened, and the first two to discover the body were Yuri Cosmos and Candice Arme. Blackquill asks you to look at a video. It's security footage showing one astronaut carrying the other to the boarding lounge. He claims the person on the left is the dead body of the victim. The security camera video is added to the court record.

You propose that the murder could have happened in the lounge, and that both people in the footage are still alive. Fulbright explains that anyone could enter the lounge, and the murder could have easily been spotted, and your assertion doesn't sound very credible. Athena requests time to think and regroup, but Blackquill only gives you five seconds. She says that there is something the prosecution has not explained yet. When asked what the prosecution failed to explain, select Why the body was moved. It wouldn't make any sense if Starbuck killed the victim and then carried him all the way to the boarding lounge.

Fulbright claims that Starbuck moved the body to direct suspicion away from himself by making it look like he was helping the victim. Now Blackquill claims there was a third explosion! Or at least, there was supposed to be a third one, but the third bomb was secured by detective Arme. The bomb case was used to transport the deactivated bomb that was planted in the lounge. It's the bomb from the first case of the game! The bomb was supposed to remove all the evidence from the scene, and Starbuck could try to pin the blame on someone else. Also, a bomb detonation switch was found in Starbuck's pocket! Blackquill proposes that you cross-examine the defendant. This is probably a trap, but you have no choice.

Starbuck's Testimony: I Didn't Kill Him[edit]

Starbuck's Testimony
- I Didn't Kill Him -
  1. All I did was support Clay over my shoulder and get us out of the rocket!
  2. Like always, I took the elevator down to the middle level and headed for the corridor.
  3. Clay had passed out by the time we got the order to evacuate.
  4. I didn't kill Clay! I was trying to save him!

There is a clear contradiction in his testimony, but why would he lie about something like this?

Cross-Examination: I Didn't Kill Him[edit]

Present the bombing report on the second statement. The elevator wasn't functioning, so he couldn't have gone down the elevator. Starbuck says it was just a mistake, and he will give more accurate testimony.

Starbuck's Testimony: My Escape Route[edit]

Starbuck's Testimony
- My Escape Route -
  1. Let's see... Uh, my escape route... What I said before was a mistake.
  2. I, uh, I remember now! I took a different route... Maybe... Probably...
  3. With the capsule and Clay in my arms, I made my way down from the upper level.

He says he was using both hands, but there is an even clearer contradiction now!

Cross-Examination: My Escape Route[edit]

Present the Space Center Diagram on the third statement. If Starbuck was using his arms to carry both Clay and the capsule, he wouldn't have any arms left to go down the stairs! When asked why the escape route doesn't add up, present the stairs.

You ask for the third time if Starbuck will tell the truth, but Blackquill has an explanation for the inconsistencies. Starbuck doesn't remember taking anti-anxiety pills, but maybe this is because of its side effects! If he doesn't remember a thing, it's obvious his testimony would constantly change.

The Breakthrough[edit]

DD Oxygen Tank Data.png

Blackquill also has an explanation for how he could go down the stairs with Clay and the capsule. He first dropped the body, and then he went down the ladder with his free arm. To prove this, Blackquill presents the victim's oxygen tank. It is ruptured, but there are no marks on the body. Blackquill claims that the spacesuit is heavy enough to not leave any marks on the body, but only someone who knows how the suit works could stab the victim in the weak spot. The oxygen tank data is added to the court record.

Blackquill proceeds to depress Starbuck even more, but you remind him of his life's mission. Blackquill has lost control over Starbuck, and he is his usual self now! You just need something to destroy Blackquill's argument now. Specifically, you need to prove that Clay was still alive in the footage. The oxygen tank data says that Starbuck had 80% oxygen remaining, but the footage shows he had just 50%. Present the security camera video. Then, present the display showing that there was only 50% oxygen remaining. An increase in oxygen is just illogical, the only explanation is if The victim was carrying the defendant. The footage is actually showing Terran carrying Starbuck to the boarding lounge!

There is still one mystery, how did Terran go down the ladder with both Starbuck and the capsule? But in any case, this could prove that a third party was responsible for the murder! It is entirely possible that detective Arme or Cosmos have given the police a false statement. Detective Arme is called to the witness stand, but Tonate shows up instead! The bomb in the case is about to explode! As you make your way out, Juniper is still not evacuated! When you try to help her, you get hit by an object yourself! In this state, you won't be able to stand in court. Someone else will have to take over the case...