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Familiar scenes play out. A young traumatized Athena standing in a pool of blood. Simon Blackquill's deadly katana swing. Apollo's anguish over his best friend's murder. Seven years ago, the conviction of a prosecutor brought upon the Dark Age of the Law, with some believing that the truth was hidden away. Like a phantom, the injustices of the past haunts those in the present. It is only by shedding light on the truth can the darkness be dispelled, ushering a brighter future, a new age of the law!

DD Turnabout for Tomorrow.png

Case information[edit]

PWDD Case05crime.png
  • Time of Death: Unknown
  • Location:
  • Victim: Metis Cykes
  • Cause of death: Stab wound through the heart
  • Witnesses: Simon Blackquill, Ponco
  • Defendant: Athena Cykes
  • Defense Attorney: Phoenix Wright
  • Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth


Defence Attorney[edit]

PW DD Phoenix Wright.png

Phoenix Wright

With Apollo on leave and Athena arrested, Phoenix is the only attorney left from the agency that can defend his collegue.


PW DD Athena Cykes.png

Athena Cykes

Having previously been implicated of the murder of Clay Terran by damning evidence, Athena now has to face another dreadful accusation: killing her own mother.


PW DD Miles Edgeworth.png

Miles Edgeworth

Phoenix Wright's greatest rival makes his big return. Now the district's Chief Prosecutor, unusual circumstances will see him do battle in court with his old friend once more.


PW DD Simon Blackquill.png

Simon Blackquill

A prosecutor that specializes in psychological manipulation. He was convicted of murdering his psychology mentor at the GYAXA center, landing himself on death row.

PW DD Ponco.png


An experimental robot built by Metis Cykes and Aura Blackquill. Designed with the ability to recognize humans and assess their emotional state.


PW DD Metis Cykes.png

Metis Cykes

Athena's mother and a skilled psychologist. She helped develop Ponco and Clonco, and taught Simon Blackquill about applying psychology in court.

Other characters[edit]

PW DD Bobby Fulbright.png

Bobby Fulbright

A righteous detective that fights for justice. He wishes that Simon Blackquill would stop chasing fruitlessly after "the phantom".

PW DD Apollo Justice injured 1.png

Apollo Justice

An attorney of the Wright Anything Agency. He is currently on leave to do his own investigation on the incident at the space center.

PW DD Trucy Wright.png

Trucy Wright

Phoenix's adopted daughter. As the only other person left at the agency, she decides to help Phoenix in his investigation.

PW DD Pearl Fey.png

Pearl Fey

A cousin of Maya, Phoenix's close friend and past legal assistant. She comes from a clan of spirit mediums and has some useful knowledge about the Magatama.

DD Aura Blackquill.png

Aura Blackquill

Simon's sister, and one of the creators of Ponco and Clonco. She had a close relationship with the victim, and thinks Simon was unjustly convicted.

DD Clonco.png


The second Ponco model that is often physically abused by Aura Blackquill. It doesn't mind the abuse, as its AI is separate from its body.

DD Clay Terran.png

Clay Terran

The victim of the previous case. Evidence suggest that Athena is his killer.

PW DD Yuri Cosmos.png

Yuri Cosmos

The director of the Space Center. He was involved in the well-known HAT-1 miracle.

PW DD Solomon Starbuck.png

Solomon Starbuck

The previous case's defendant who you've just acquitted. He became famous for saving the HAT-1 mission, but the experience left him with a phobia of space.

PW DD Juniper Woods.png

Juniper Woods

A close friend of Athena since back when she lived at the Space Center.

PW DD Candice Arme.png

Candice Arme

A detective that specialized in bomb cases.

PW DD Ted Tonate.png

Ted Tonate

The bomb technician that murdered Candice Arme. He asserts that someone else detonated the bomb.

AAIME Yatagarasu.png

The phantom

A sinister international spy that allegedly sabotaged the HAT-1 launch. His identity is unknown, but it is said that he doesn't experience emotions like a normal human.