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This article only refers to the main characters of this game.

Phoenix Wright[edit]

PW DD Phoenix Wright.png

Phoenix Wright returns as one of the protagonists of the game. After being cleared of charges of having used forged evidence in a trial eight years prior, Phoenix Wright retook the bar exam and once more became a lawyer. Even though he hasn't worked as an attorney at law for eight years, he hasn't lost his touch.

Apollo Justice[edit]

PW DD Apollo Justice.png

The protagonist from the previous game, Apollo Justice returns as one of the three protagonists of Dual Destinies. While he was unsure of himself, easily flustered and suffered somewhat from stage fright in court in his first year as an attorney, he has now matured and has become more calm and self-assured.

Athena Cykes[edit]

PW DD Athena Cykes.png

The newest attorney with the Wright Anything Agency, Athena Cykes is a young woman with strong emotions and a powerful drive to win. With her ability to hear people's emotions from their hearts, her expertise in analytical psychology and the Mood Matrix System, she plays a vital role in court.

Trucy Wright[edit]

PW DD Trucy Wright.png

Phoenix Wright's adoptive daughter. She's an aspiring magician who practices every day. While she was the assistant of the last game, she'll mostly now stay in the office and keep an eye of things there for you.

Simon Blackquill[edit]

PW DD Simon Blackquill.png

A criminal currently in prison, Simon Blackquill is nevertheless still allowed to prosecute in trials. His expertise in psychological manipulation and use of intimidation in court to bend others to his will has earned him the nickname of the "Twisted Samurai".

Bobby Fulbright[edit]

PW DD Bobby Fulbright.png

A detective in charge of the cases in the game, Bobby Fulbright is very enthusiastic about his work and has a strong sense of justice, often saying "In justice we trust!" to make his point. He's also responsible for making sure that Simon Blackquill doesn't do anything drastic in court and surprisingly, isn't intimidated by the prosecutor whatsoever.

The Judge[edit]

PW judge.png

Like the other games of the series, he looks over every case in this game. The Judge hasn't changed at all since the last game. He is slow and can be easily manipulated, but nevertheless always hands down the correct verdict at the end of every trial.

Miles Edgeworth[edit]

PW DD Miles Edgeworth.png

The recently-appointed district Chief Prosecutor. Edgeworth is an old friend of Phoenix's, who encouraged Phoenix to return to the courtroom after he was cleared of his false charges of forging evidence. He works with Phoenix to bring about an end to the "Dark Age of the Law", even though he doesn't stand in court much any more.