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About me[edit]

Age: between 30 and 40.

Job: flight dispatcher at an international airport.

Studies: Degree and Master in Physics.

Location: France.

Known languages: English, French, Lombard, Italian, Spanish (but also: ancient Latin, some German, a little bit of Swahili).

Hobbies: Snowboarding, cooking, Franco-Belgian bande-dessinée.

Mental problems (just kidding!): addicted to role-playing videogames, addicted to making tables and lists, addicted to StrategyWiki.

Dislikes: acronyms ("unnecessary haste"), loanwords (enjoy one language at a time!), hypenations ("punctuation placeholders"), nouns used as if they were verbs (Calvin & Hobbes teach: "Verbing weirds language").


Way to go!
A little thank you…
For getting the Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny guide to completion stage 4! Here's your cookie :P
Hugs, Notmyhandle (talk contribs).
Hugs, ~~~~
  • 13 May 2013: I'm particularly proud of this cookie, because not only it was the first guide I completed, but also the first one I started! I pretty much did 90% of it. Anyway, I'm asked to add more images to it.
  • March 2015: I added all the required images.
Thanks again!
A little thank you…
For ... Wooooo! Congratulations on completing such a guide on your own! That's a major accomplishment! Buckets of cookies for you, sir. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 00:59, 26 March 2014 (UTC).
Hugs, ~~~~
  • I'm proud of this for many reasons. First, because it required more effort than the one above; second, because I felt redeemed from some trouble I caused, and it closes that chapter; third, because it is now the most complete guide on The 7th Saga available on the web; fourth, because if it was a less obscure and less unforgiving game, it could be nominated for 0005.svg Featured Guide.
That text is the result of a lazy localization team, it's still not correct. Following an incorrect example is still incorrect. Procyon 05:15, 21 June 2014 (UTC)
  • Since one of the owners wrote it, I will enforce it. If a localization team made a mistake, I will report a corrected text instead.

I prefer old video games[edit]

SuperMario1 opinion.jpg

I definitely like the good old ones.

Role-playing games cleared since joining this website:

  1. Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny (1988) (from nonexistent to Stage 4!) ^_^
  2. Holy Magic Century (1998) (from Stage 1 to 2/3)
  3. Final Fantasy Soul of Rebirth (2004) (from Stage 1 to 2)
  4. Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar (1990) (from Stage 0 to 3 to...)
  5. Final Fantasy 3 (1990) (from stage 1 to 3)
  6. Brain Lord (1994) (from stage 1 to 3)
  7. Mystic Ark (1995) (from nonexistent to stage 4)
  8. Ultima 6: The False Prophet (1990) (from stage 2 to 4)
  9. Ultima 2: Revenge of the Enchantress (1983) (from stage 1 to 3)
  10. Ultima Worlds of Adventure 1: The Savage Empire (1990) (from nonexistent to stage 3)
  11. Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness (1981) (from stage 1 to 3)
  12. Hera: The Sword of Rhin (1987) (from nonexistent to stage 4)
  13. Realms of Darkness (1987) (from nonexistent to stage 3 to...)
  14. Tangled Tales (1989) (from nonexistent to stage 3)

Other significant guide contibutions:

My Character Class Triangles[edit]

These are the diagrams I originally made to understand the professions in Ultima 3, and later found that can be applied to any role-playing video game.


  • Top: characters with no magic powers;
  • Bottom: characters with great magic powers;
  • Left: characters with healing magic ("white");
  • Right: characters with offensive magic ("black").
In some role-playing video games there is no distinction between "healers" and "offensive mages", therefore a slightly different approach can be more useful.


  • Top: characters with limited magic powers;
  • Bottom: characters with great magic powers;
  • Left: characters with great strength;
  • Right: characters with great dexterity.

Ultima series

Dragon Quest series

Final Fantasy series

Mystic Ark series

Other role-playing games

Video games I'm interested in[edit]

Major role-playing series[edit]

Series Played Playing
or started playing
Will play

0003.svg 0: Akalabeth, World of Doom
0003.svg 1: The First Age of Darkness
0004.svg 2: Revenge of the Enchantress
0004.svg 3: Exodus
0003.svg 4: Quest of the Avatar
0004.svg 5: Warriors of Destiny
0004.svg 6: The False Prophet

0002.svg 7.1: The Black Gate

0004.svg 7.2: Serpent Isle
0000.svg 8: Pagan
0000.svg 9: Ascension

0003.svg The Quest
0003.svg Ring Quest
0003.svg UWA1: The Savage Empire

0002.svg Knights of Legend
0002.svg Ultima: Runes of Virtue 1

0000.svg Caverns of Freitag
0000.svg Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2
0000.svg Ultima: The Black Gate (SNES)
0000.svg UWA2: Martian Dreams
0000.svg UU1: The Stygian Abyss
0000.svg UU2: Labyrinth of Worlds
0001.svg UU3: Arx Fatalis

Dragon Quest

0004.svg 1: Dragon Quest
0004.svg 2: Luminaries of Legendary Line
0004.svg 3: Seeds of Salvation
0002.svg 4: Chapters of the Chosen


0000.svg 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
0000.svg 6: Realms of Revelation
0001.svg 7: Warriors of Eden

The Legend of Zelda

0004.svg 1: The Legend of Zelda
0004.svg 1b: BS The Legend of Zelda
0004.svg 2: Adventure of Link
0005.svg 3: A Link to the Past
0002.svg 4: Link's Awakening
0004.svg 5: Ocarina of Time
0003.svg 6: Majora's Mask
0003.svg 7: Oracle of Ages
0003.svg 7b: Oracle of Seasons
0003.svg 9: The Wind Waker
0002.svg 10: Four Swords Adventures
0002.svg 11: The Minish Cap

0001.svg 8: Four Swords

0002.svg 3b: BS Ancient Stone Tablets
0000.svg 8b: Four Swords Anniversary Edition

Final Fantasy

0004.svg Final Fantasy 1
0003.svg Final Fantasy 2
0003.svg Final Fantasy 3
0003.svg Final Fantasy 7


0003.svg Final Fantasy 4
0003.svg Final Fantasy 5
0003.svg Final Fantasy 6
0002.svg Final Fantasy 8
0002.svg Final Fantasy 9

Chrono - -

0004.svg Chrono Trigger
0000.svg Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hooseki
0002.svg Chrono Cross

How many times I won the Ultima games:

Ultima 1        1: DOS
Ultima 2	2: C64, C64
Ultima 3	4: NES, NES, NES, AMI
Ultima 4	5: NES, SMS, AMI, SMS, NES, AST
Ultima 5	3: NES, NES, DOS, AST
Ultima 6	2: SNES,DOS,SNES

4th generation role-plays by Square & Enix[edit]

Series Played Playing
or started playing
Will play
Mystic Ark

0004.svg The 7th Saga
0003.svg Brain Lord
0004.svg Mystic Ark


0000.svg Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijou

Seiken Densetsu

0002.svg 1: Final Fantasy Adventure


0002.svg 1b: Sword of Mana
0002.svg 2: Secret of Mana
0002.svg 3: Seiken Densetsu 3
0000.svg Secret of Evermore
0002.svg Legend of Mana


0000.svg 1: Warriors of the Spirit World Tower


0000.svg 2: The Treasure Legend
0000.svg 3: The Ruler of Time & Space
0000.svg Romancing SaGa 1
0001.svg Romancing SaGa 2
0000.svg Romancing SaGa 3
0000.svg SaGa Frontier 1
0000.svg SaGa Frontier 2


0002.svg ActRaiser
0002.svg Soul Blazer


0002.svg ActRaiser 2
0001.svg Illusion of Gaia
0000.svg Terranigma
0000.svg The Granstream Saga
0000.svg Solo Crisis

French series[edit]

Series Played Playing
or started playing
Will play
Another World
(action-adventure games)

0002.svg Flashback


0002.svg Another World
0000.svg Heart of the Alien
0000.svg Fade to Black
0000.svg Heart of Darkness

Drakkhen - 0001.svg Drakkhen 0000.svg Dragon View

Spin-off role-playing series[edit]

Series Played Playing
or started playing
Will play
Super Mario

0003.svg Super Mario: Legend of the Seven Stars
0003.svg Paper Mario (Mario Story)

0001.svg Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga -
Mega Man

0000.svg Mega Man Legends 1

0003.svg Mega Man Zero 1

0002.svg Mega Man Battle Network 1


0000.svg Misadventures of Tron Bonne
0000.svg Mega Man Legends 2

0000.svg Mega Man X: Command Mission

0001.svg Mega Man Battle Network 2
0001.svg Mega Man Battle Network 3
0001.svg Mega Man Battle Network 4
0001.svg Mega Man Battle Network 5
0001.svg Mega Man Battle Network 6