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This is the first game in the Willow series. For other games in the series see the Willow category.

Box artwork for Willow.
Preceded byWillow (Arcade)
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
TwitchWillow (NES) Channel

Willow was developed in 1989 in Japan by Capcom, and then localized in English. It is a role-playing game based on the movie of the same title.


At the beginning of the movie, Ethna the midwife flees from Nockmaar castle with baby Elora Danan, but Bavmorda's troops and hounds reach her. Moments before her death struggle, she puts Elora Danan on a raft down a river. Thus, Willow finds the baby and his adventure starts.

What if Ethna managed to escape the Nockmaar hounds? Where was she going with Elora Danan? The developers at Capcom started from these questions and created this role-playing game with a new plot and additional characters.

Ethna managed to bring Elora Danan to the safety of the Sacred Towers. As in the movie, the promised baby chose Willow as her protector, and the High Aldwin of the Nelwyn village received this prophecy. Willow has to embark on a quest to fulfill Elora Danan's destiny and defeat the evil queen Bavmorda.


Willow is a "Zelda clone", the third one released for the NES (after The Magic of Scheherazade and Faria, but before Crystalis). Like the aforementioned Zelda clones, it adds experience points to the game mechanics.

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