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Year introduced1990
Genre(s)Simulation, role-playing, action

ActRaiser is the title of two games developed by Quintet for the SNES.

According to the producer of Enix America[1], Soul Blazer is set in the same fictional universe of Actraiser 1 & 2, but Illusion of Gaia is in a separate one. Still, he also defines the latter as the spiritual successor of Soul Blazer, because of the similar gameplay.

ActRaiser 2 drops the city-building part from its predecessor, and it was a commercial failure. A later game, Solo Crisis, resumes the city-building from the first game, and indeed many action commands are the same. Of course the new game also introduces several innovations.

Terranigma and The Granstream Saga are considered sequels of Illusion of Gaia.


Original title Localized title Year Genre Systems
Actraiser ActRaiser 1990 Simulation
& Action
Globe.svg SNES
ActRaiser 2 沈黙への聖戦
ActRaiser 2: Holy War to Silence
ActRaiser 2 1993 Action Globe.svg SNES
Soul Blader Soul Blazer 1992 Role-playing Globe.svg SNES
Gaia's Illusion Chronicles
Illusion of Gaia (US)
Illusion of Time (EU)
1993 Role-playing Globe.svg SNES
World's Creation
Terranigma 1995 Role-playing Flag of Japan.svg Flag of the European Union.svg SNES
Granstream Saga
The Granstream Saga 1997 Role-playing Globe.svg PS1
Solo Crisis - 1998 Simulation Flag of Japan.svg Sega Saturn

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