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Hera: The Sword of Rhin
Box artwork for Hera: The Sword of Rhin.
Developer(s)Jeff Hendrix,
Anders Knudsen
Publisher(s)Jeff Hendrix
Release date(s)1995
(developed in 1987)
System(s)Apple II, MS-DOS
ModesSingle player
TwitchHera: The Sword of Rhin Channel

Hera: The Sword of Rhin is a role-playing game developed from 1985 to 1987, but the authors only managed to release it in 1995.

It is considered an Ultima clone, as it draws inspiration mostly from Ultima 2, but also from Dragon Quest 1. This is probably the main reason authors met difficulties in finding a publisher.

Still, the game adds several original innovations, e.g. heat strokes in deserts, freezing snow storms, and submarines.

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