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A few things differ between the original SNES version, the PlayStation release, and the Nintendo DS version. Note that all versions released after the Nintendo DS version use the Nintendo DS names. This includes the iOS and Android versions.

In the PlayStation version, most identifiable difference is the Extra Mode and altered graphics, as well as the cinematics. The Nintendo DS version, on the other hand, offers additional content, a WiFi mini-game, improved programming, and cinematics from the PlayStation version. Also, much of the text, including names of enemies and items were revised. See below for naming differences.

PlayStation exclusive features[edit]

Extras Mode[edit]

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The Extras Mode is a PlayStation exclusive feature that allows you to replay in game cinematics and songs unlocked on your save file.

List of cinematics
  • Intro
List of songs
  • Title screen theme song

Nintendo DS[edit]

In the Nintendo DS version, Frog no longer has his early modern period dialect. This means that minor changes to his dialogue appear throughout the game.

Exclusive areas and features[edit]

Arena of the Ages[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Chrono Trigger/Arena of the Ages.

The Arena of the Ages is a WiFi mini-game that adds some replay-ability to the game. It is a monster training and battling mini-game that also allows players to earn rewards.

Lost Sanctum[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Chrono Trigger/Lost Sanctum.

After the Black Omen appears in the sky, two Gates will appear, offering some optional DS exclusive sidequests with great rewards.

Dimensional Vortex[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Chrono Trigger/Dimensional Vortex.

In the Nintendo DS version, one exclusive area exists called the Dimensional Vortex. The Dimensional Vortex is a dungeon with that can only be accessed after beating the game at least once. When you return to your saved game, three new Gates will have appeared in separate time periods (12,000 B.C., 1000 A.D., and 2300 A.D.).

Like other dungeons in the game, the Dimensional Vortex varies depending on which time period you're in when you pass through the gate. Each time period specifies the reward from completing the dungeon: a permanent upgrade to one of three characters: Marle (the past), Chrono (the present), or Lucca (the future).

After completing all three different versions of the dungeon, a final, new, boss encounter is unlocked (as well as a new ending).

Time's Eclipse[edit]

Time's Eclipse is the final area of the Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger. Within it is the final boss of the game. To reach this area you must first unlock and complete the Dimensional Vortex dungeons, and then use a new Gate that appears at the End of Time.


There are major naming differences (hundreds of names have been changed) between the original SNES release and the Nintendo DS release. The PlayStation version also had some name changes, but it mostly uses the SNES names.

Please see the relevant sections for naming differences:

Bosses and enemies


Names to double check in-game.

SNES Nintendo DS
Amphibite/Rain Frog Prehistoric Frog
Beast Mudbeast
Incognito/Peeping Doom Shieldsman
Reptile Reptite (Purple)
Naming conflicts

There are a few naming conflicts where a name for one enemy in the SNES version became the name of a different enemy in the DS version.

  1. If you try linking to monster #45, Sentry (DS Ghost Knight), you will get the Blue Shield (DS Sentry). Thus, you must link to Ghost Knight and Blue Shield to reach those monsters.
  2. SNES Goblin (DS Ogan) versus SNES Ogan (DS Ogan (Hammer))

Boss names to verify[edit]

SNES Nintendo DS
Golem Twins Golem Sisters
Lavos Core (Body) Center Pod
Lavos Core (Left Bit) Lavos Pod
Lavos Core (Right Bit) Lavos Core


SNES Nintendo DS
Apocalypse Cataclysm
Cathedral Manolia Cathedral
Cave Small Cave
Choras Cafe Tavern
Choras Market Market
Choras Mayor's Manor Mayor's Manor
Choras Residence Residence
Commons Village Commons
Dark Ages Antiquity
Denadoro Mts Denadoro Mountains
Dorino Elder's House Elder's House
Dorino Market Market
Dorino Residence Residence
Factory Derelict Factory
Lab 16 Site 16
Lab 32 Site 32
Lair Ruins Tyranno Lair Ruins
Meeting Site Meeting Grounds
Melchior's Hut Melchior's Cabin
Mystic Mts Mystic Mountains
Porre Elder's House Elder's House
Porre Market Market
Porre Mayor's Manor Mayor's Manor
Porre Residence Residence
Prehistoric Prehistory
Sewer Access Abandoned Sewers
Sun Keep Sun Temple
Sun Palace Sun Shrine
Ticket Office Ferry Office
Truce Market Market
Truce Mayor's Manor Mayor's Manor
Truce Residence Residence
Tyrano Lair Tyranno Lair
Village Surviving Village