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Meeting Johnny for the first time.

The Jetbike Race is a minigame found in 2300 A.D., and is available during and after Chapter 6: Beyond the Ruins. Doan, a resident in 2300 A.D., previously used the bike, but does not need it anymore. After you receive the keys from Doan, you can use the Jetbike Race to quickly cross Lab 32 (if you get good at the race). When you get to Lab 32, you will meet Johnny, who you can challenge to initiate the race.

Although the minigame is small, it's quite fun, rewarding and extremely challenging.


SNES PlayStation Nintendo DS Wii
(classic controller)
(GameCube controller)
Android Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Move the bike from side to side.
B Button Circle button B button Use a Boost, if enabled.
L Button or R Button L1 button or R1 button L button or R button Rotate the view in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Only available in non-boost mode (mode 2).
X Button or A Button Triangle button or Cross button X button or A button Zoom in or out.
Start Button Start button Start button Pause.


Just be ahead of him at the end of the race to win.

First off, the race works like this:

  • First person to cross the finish line wins. Score will not matter if you fail.
  • Each person automatically accelerates and decelerates in an evenly oscillating fashion.
  • When ahead of Johnny, WP (weapon points/damage points/score) increases; but when behind him it decreases.
  • The Rest value will decrease over the course, and your image will be shown in the little map; both define how much distance is left (the rest of the distance) in the race.
  • With Boost enabled, you can easily win the race or get ahead of Johnny if needed.


Vertical perspective available after you get the Race Log.

Modes are unlocked after you get the Race Log and speak with Johnny. RX-XR will be called in and he'll record your top 3 scores as well as allow you to change your race mode. Mode 2 is preferred because of the ability to rotate the perspective.

Changing modes will not affect your recorded scores.


Crossing the goal in second place.

The way to win is to stay in front, if you're not using boost mode (mode 1), you'll have to bump your way to victory, or just be lucky. Using Mode 2, change your perspective to either the front or back, that way you'll be able to see the width of both sprites better.

When you're ahead of Johnny, try to position yourself so when you slide back you'll run into him. From there, its a matter of bouncing back and forth, left and right, so that you never get behind him. If you come in from the left, and run into Johnny, he'll usually move left. Copy him and you'll bounce again, this time he'll change directions so move back to the right, and so on. If you can repeat this series of bounces for a longer period of time you'll get a better score.

The direction Johnny moves isn't very exact, so you'll probably have a tough time getting the "rally" down (the series of bounces off of Johnny). You know you're getting good when you start to get scores over 1000, but know that you'll have to do a rally for basically the entire course to get the best scores.

If you just want to get across to the other side it's easier to just stick behind him until you're near the end of the track and use the slight increase in speed when you pass him to cross the finish line.

Challenges and Rewards[edit]

It's recommended that you get the Race Log before attempting these, so you can keep track of how well you are doing and what challenges you've completed. Every challenge involves getting a high score, or WP.

Getting a score made up of all of the same number will get you one item: either an Ether, a Mid Ether or a Full Tonic. 777 is the only combination that gives more than one item.