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Every time a character levels up they will gain some bonus to at least one of their stats. Please look over the following character-specific sub-pages to view each character's stat progression. Note that each stat progression table is laid out to show the level, HP, MP, and then the stats ordered alphabetically.

Each stat has its own pattern of progression, although most are unpredictable, and there are stats that have a similar progression. For example, for all characters, HP and MP gains stay the same for many levels at a time.

The other stats, depending on the character, either take on a grouping progression (for 2-3 levels the stat stays the same, then it changes) or a sporadic addition progression (every level the stat increases 1-2).


The additional gains to MP are quite low, since the game caps it at 99. Thus, each character only has two level ranges for MP progression; the first range is when the character gains two MP for every level, and the second is when they only gain one.

Character details[edit]