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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

This Chronology of events is related to the history within the game as before it is affected. All logical events are in black text.

There is some complication to the whole time travel element of the game. The world itself has a history up until you enter Lucca's portal; however everything after that (in the time zones of 1000 A.D., 1999 A.D., and up until you arrive in 2300 A.D.) happens after Crono, Marle and Lucca travel to the past (600 A.D.), and then the future (2300 A.D).

Thus, the future was affected both by their absence in 1000 A.D. and their presence in 600 A.D. When they appear in 2300 A.D., nothing is different from the norm because we are seeing it after the normal time line has been modified.

For altered states of history and events that happen due to the past's meddling, such as after Crono and the gang kill Yakra:

  • Historical (normal) entries are noted in blue,
  • whereas the corresponding altered states are noted in red. Events that don't change or override history, but are considered additional and due to altered events are also in red.

65,000,000 B.C.[edit]

  • Ayla is born.
  • Ayla becomes Chief of Ioka village.
  • Humans fight the Reptites for survival.
  • Azala steals the Gate Key.
  • Crono and crew kill Nizbel and retrieve the key.
  • Lavos crashes to Earth, destroying the Tyrano Lair and many of the world's species (including the Reptites), where he begins to absorb the world's energy. Note that Azala had no effect on Lavos' coming.
  • Crono and crew defeat Nizbel II, Azala, and the Black Tyrano in the Tyrano Lair. Lavos crashes to Earth just the same.
  • The Giant's Claw, a remnant of the Tyrano Lair, survives the crash and remains underground.
  • The remaining Reptite survivors die off from the surface of the world.
  • Ayla and Kino give birth to Guardia's heritage, who first develop into the Zeal empire.

12,000 B.C.[edit]

  • The "strange red rock," a.k.a. Dreamstone is found.
  • The development of magic begins.
  • The Kingdom of Zeal is founded, elitism grows as people pick on those who cannot use magic. The Earthbound Ones and the Enlightened Ones develop as groups of people distinguished by their lack of use (former) and usage of magic (latter).
  • Janus and Schala are born as the prince and princess of Zeal.
  • Tabs are invented.
  • Schala's Pendant and the Ruby Knife are made from the Dreamstone by the Gurus.
  • Queen of Zeal becomes influenced by Lavos.
  • The Mammon Machine is created to harvest Lavos' power.
  • The Ocean Palace is created to allow the Mammon Machine to reside closer to Lavos.
  • The Mammon Machine is moved from Zeal to the Ocean Palace.
  • Lavos sends Janus and the Gurus of Life (Melchior), Reason (Balthasar) and Time (Gaspar) to various time periods (near 600 A.D., near 1000 A.D., near 2300 A.D. and The End of Time, respectively).
  • Schala's Pendant is passed down through the Guardia Lineage.

600 A.D.[edit]

  • The Mystics are formed by the descendents of the Enlightened Ones of Zeal. Ozzie reigns.
  • Janus appears in Truce Canyon where Ozzie takes him in.
  • Janus changes his name (or is named by others) to Magus.
  • Magus takes control of the Mystics with Ozzie as his second in command.
  • Cyrus and Glenn are born (perhaps before Janus arrives).
  • Cyrus acquires the Masamune.
  • Cyrus becomes Commander of the Knights, is dubbed Sir Cyrus and given the mission to protect the King and Queen.
  • 590 A.D.: Queen Leene marries King Guardia XXI. The Frog King steals the Hero Medal.
  • Cyrus and Glenn fight the Frog King for the Hero Medal and get it back. They are led to the Denadaro Mountains where they face off with Magus and Ozzie. Cyrus is killed and the Masamune shattered, Glenn is turned into Frog and the Hero Medal is lost.
  • Yakra lurks in the western forest; the Cathedral is built and he disappears.
  • Magus and the Mystics attack the Kingdom of Guardia in a full-on war.
  • Zenan Bridge is destroyed, isolating the continent.
  • The Queen of Guardia is kidnapped by the Mystics, led by Yakra, while visiting the nearby Cathedral. A search party is sent to retrieve her.
  • Princess Nadia is found within Truce Canyon and believed to be Queen Leene. The search for Leene ends. Nadia is sent into a state of temporary non-existence.
  • Frog saves Queen Leene (not killing Yakra in the course of doing so).
  • Crono and the gang save Queen Leene, killing Yakra in the process. Nadia returns.
  • Frog, disgraced for not protecting the Queen, isolates himself from society; he swims across to the southern continent and hides within a forest refuge.
  • Zenan Bridge is repaired, a final Mystic offensive takes place; Guardia wins.
  • Lavos is summoned to Magus's Lair; Magus is killed and the war ends.
  • Using the Masamune, the group assaults Magus's Lair where an interruption of Lavos's summoning results in a timewarp to 65,000,000 B.C. Ozzie accuses Magus of being traitor for leaving him; fame and glory go to Ozzie.
  • Banta finishes Leene's Bell, a gift to the Queen from King Guardia XXI; Leene Square is built to display the bell.
  • Toma the Explorer finds the Giant's Claw and within it, the Rainbow Shell.
  • The Rainbow Shell is retrieved and sent to Guardia castle.
  • 3/6/634: Toma the Explorer dies.
  • Upon Queen Leene's death, the Pendant is, once again, passed down to future generations whereupon Princess Nadia receives it just prior to 1000 A.D.

1000 A.D.[edit]

  • Yakra XIII and Ozzie VIII are born.
  • Ozzie VIII becomes Medina's leader.
  • A blue imp becomes Medina's leader. Ozzie VIII works for the leader.
  • Bandeau works with the leader of Medina (the blue imp) to build a ferry between Medina and Truce.
  • Melchior appears within a Medina Village residence; he begins a new life as a normal human, although a superior swordsmith.
  • Crono, Lucca, and Marle (a.k.a. Princess Nadia) are born.
  • The town of Truce holds the Millennial Fair celebrating the 1000th Anniversary of the Kingdom of Guardia. Note this is also a celebration of the Guardian "victory" of the war between Guardia and the Mystics in 600 A.D.[2]
  • Lucca builds the Telepod.
  • Marle and Crono are sent to 600 A.D.
  • Lucca makes the Gate Key and follows soon after.
  • Yakra XIII disguises himself as the Chancellor, who gets tied up and locked inside of a chest.
  • After the trio's return from 600 A.D. (thereby killing Yakra), Crono is accused of kidnapping Princess Nadia.[3]
  • Depending on the outcome of the biased trial, Crono is either guilty of kidnapping, in which case he is sentenced to death, or found guilty of running off with her (but not kidnapping) and sentenced to three days solitary confinement. Due to Yakra XIII's scheming, the order is still given for Crono to be executed.
  • Crono escapes from prison and together with Lucca and Marle they escape via time gate to 2300 A.D.
  • Yakra XIII learns about the Rainbow Shell, and guards it with his minions in the cellar. He accuses Marle's father, King Guardia, of selling a national treasure.
  • A trial is held, where he is found guilty. Marle and her friends arrive just on time to present evidence of the shell. Yakra XIII removes his disguise, and attacks them.

1999 A.D.[edit]

  • Robo is created.
  • The Day of Lavos: Lavos awakens and wreaks havoc upon the world.
  • Crono and his group stop Lavos from causing the apocalypse, saving humanity and creating a better future.
  • Lavos begins to breed his spawn atop Death Peak.

2300 A.D.[edit]

  • Robo is shut down.
  • Machines run rampant, probably under the influence of Lavos but also because of their new freedom. Mutants also begin to thrive.
  • The survivors of the apocalypse hide within the remaining Domes; their only chance for survival are the enertrons that can keep their bodies in a decent state while their hunger rages.
  • Lucca repairs Robo and he joins their group to help humanity.
  • The group of four travels to the End of Time accidentally.
  • Belthasar finishes his "Wings of Time."
  • The group travels to Death Peak to save Crono, defeating any Lavos Spawns that get in their way

End of Time[edit]

  • Gaspar arrives and makes his home there with Spekkio.
  • Crono, Marle, Lucca and Robo travel there and use it to regroup whenever necessary.
  • Crono and two others travel back to 600 A.D.
  • Crono and two others travel back to 65,000,000 B.C. to find Dreamstone.
  • Three party members may choose to attack Lavos from this location, going back to the 1999 A.D. conflict (the same fight that occurs if you fly to 1999 A.D. with the Epoch).

Altered Time Lines and Conclusions[edit]

  • In the normal, official ending of the game Queen Zeal, the Mammon Machine, the entire Black Omen (Ocean Palace), and Lavos are destroyed, thus saving the world and all of its time lines. This can occur in any of the years that the Black Omen is available, so if it was defeated in the future, then the past still had the Black Omen in its history. Likewise, future influences of the Black Omen hovering over the world could be eliminated by defeating it far in the past.
  • If you take the right portal in 1000 A.D. and defeat Lavos before going back in time, then Crono saves the world before the apocalypse in 1999 and its aftermath that is visible in 2300 A.D. (thus, their known forms never come to be).
  • Defeating Lavos in one timezone should change the course of events in all of the others, so if you kill him in 65,000,000 B.C., then the world as you see in the game will have been changed in unknown ways.
  • In one theory of the Chrono Trigger time line, Lavos is said to exist in every timezone at the same time - in this case time is not linear, and thus changing an event in the past does not have to have a direct effect on the future. One branch of this suggests that, by challenging Lavos, Crono and his friends are drawn to the moment of his awakening in 1999 - only the Ocean Palace route of destroying Lavos doesn't have an obvious source of the timegate to 1999.


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