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Box artwork for Chrono Trigger.
Box artwork for Chrono Trigger.
Chrono Trigger
Year released1995
System(s)SNES, Wii
Players1, 2-4 (DS only)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB Kids to AdultsCERO All agesESRB Everyone 10+PEGI Ages 7+Parental Guidance
Chrono Trigger
Year released1999
System(s)PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Rating(s)CERO All agesESRB Teen
Chrono Trigger
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Year released2008
System(s)Nintendo DS
Rating(s)CERO All agesESRB Everyone 10+PEGI Ages 12+Parental Guidance
Chrono Trigger
Developer(s)Square Enix
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Year released2011
System(s)Mobile, iOS, Android
Latest version2.0.4 Android icon.png
2.0.5 IOS icon.png
Google: Low maturity
Chrono Trigger
Developer(s)Square Enix
Publisher(s)Square Enix
Year released2018
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Chrono Trigger is an RPG developed and released by Square, originally for the SNES in 1995. In 1999 it was re-released for the PlayStation and in 2001 it was included in Final Fantasy Chronicles. In 2008, it was released for the Nintendo DS. In 2011, Chrono Trigger was released for in Japan for iOS. Later that year it was released globally on the Wii's Virtual Console. The original PlayStation version was re-released for the PlayStation 3 in the fall of 2011. An Android version was released on February 27, 2014. The iOS version was released internationally by June 6, 2014 (version 1.0.4's release date). The Steam version was released on February 27, 2018.


The game features a version of the "Active Time Battle" system that is sometimes used in the Final Fantasy series (which means players can be attacked while choosing options in battle), and incorporates original concepts throughout the game. In addition, time travel is an important plot element that is used constantly over the course of the adventure. This game is also notable for having a large variety of endings.


Title screen.

Crono, the main character, wakes up one day, ready to go to the once-in-a-lifetime Millennial Fair. His childhood friend, Lucca, has decided to build and show off a teleportation machine for the fair. While on his way to see her invention, Crono bumps into another girl, Marle, who decides to accompany him. As a good friend, Crono volunteers to be Lucca's guinea pig, allowing himself to be moved from place to place. Marle, excited and now feeling safe, decides that she wants a turn and steps up to the machine. As Lucca and her father work the controls, Marle's necklace begins to glow, setting in motion a time travel journey of epic proportions none of them could have expected.

From the manual

Living in the seemingly peaceful kingdom of Guardia in 1000 A.D., the child CRONO was chosen by guardian spirits to save the world from ultimate devastation. Though Doomsday will not happen until the year 1999, the ancient seeds of destruction were planted long ago by the evil LAVOS. Your mission in the world of CHRONO TRIGGER is to travel back and forth through time to change the course of history, and stop Lavos from succeeding in his dark plan. On your journey, you will battle monsters and meet many helpful people in both the past and the future. Some will become your faithful and powerful companions, while others will give you clues by telling you stories. Pay attention to what they say, and good luck in your adventure.

Table of Contents


  1. The Millennial Fair (1000 A.D. first time)
  2. The Queen Returns (600 A.D. first time)
  3. The Queen is Gone (A Vanished Princess; 600 A.D. first time)
  4. We're Back! (Homecoming; 1000 A.D. second time)
  5. The Trial (1000 A.D. second time)
  6. Beyond the Ruins (2300 A.D. first time)
  7. The Factory Ruins (2300 A.D. first time)
  8. The End of Time (End of Time)
  9. The Village of Magic (1000 A.D. third time)
  10. The Hero Appears (600 A.D. second time)
  11. Tata and the Frog (600 A.D. second time)
  12. The Rare Red Rock (65M B.C. first time)
  13. Footsteps! Follow! (65M B.C. first time)
  14. The Masamune! (600 A.D. third time)
  15. Magus's Castle (600 A.D. third time)
  16. Forward to the Past (65M B.C. second time)
  17. Unnatural Selection? (65M B.C. second time)
  18. The Magic Kingdom (12,000 B.C. first time)
  19. Break the Seal! (2300 A.D. second time and 12,000 B.C. second time)
  20. The Guru on Mt. Woe (12000 B.C. second time)
  21. What Lies Beyond? (12000 B.C. second time)
  22. Lavos Beckons (12000 B.C. second time)
  23. The New King (12000 B.C. second time)
  24. The Time Egg (2300 A.D. third time)
  25. The Fated Hour (all time periods)
  26. The Final Battle (1999 A.D. / ???)