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The Queen is Gone (600 A.D. first time)
A Vanished Princess (remake title)

The Queen is gone, and Lucca is here![edit]

Crono silently explains the situation.

Marle has mysteriously disappeared, yet again, into nothingness. Crono wasn't able to do anything to save her. Now what? Head down the stairs and receive a greeting from Lucca. It seems she figured out everything. The next scene explains that Crono, Marle, and Lucca have actually traveled 400 years into the past, to the year 600 A.D. No wonder Truce and Guardia Castle look so different.

Lucca goes on to say that, when Marle arrived, the castle occupants must have mistaken her for the real queen, who was kidnapped shortly before. Marle just played along. We discover Marle is actually Princess Nadia, of the royal Guardia bloodline; meaning that Queen Leene of 600 A.D is her ancient ancestor. The real queen has been kidnapped... and if she is killed, then the bloodline will never be able to continue, and Marle would never have been born. The rules of time say that Marle will simply disappear.

When Lucca joins you, she is equipped with the Sight scope. It doesn't increase any stats, but it displays an enemy's remaining and max HP during battle. You can buy Lucca some stronger equipment to increase her attack and defense, but when replacing the scope remember that her attack is not modified by power, so don't have her equip accessories like the Power Glove. As a girl who sits in her house all day making inventions, she isn't very physically strong. She carries a gun with her for primary attack, and a mallet for whacking things that get too close. Both weapons are very weak at this point in the game, but Lucca makes up for it with her Techs. Don't worry though, she gets much more powerful guns later in the game!

Crono and Lucca, trying out Flame Whirl.

This is a good point in the game to spend some time in Guardia Forest getting some experience and Techs. I highly recommend you train Lucca until she gains a level or two and learns her first Tech, Flame Toss. It is a pretty important thing to have later on at the first boss fight. Crono and Lucca can also team up and do what's called a Dual Tech, where two characters combine one of their Techs into one attack. Flame Whirl is Lucca and Crono's first Dual Tech (a combination of Cyclone and Flame Toss) which is very deadly against the upcoming monsters. If you trained Marle in Guardia Forest back home earlier in the game, you may have tried out Aura Whirl, a combination of Crono's Cyclone and Marle's Aura. Note that a later optional event the first time you enter the End of Time requires Crono to be below level 9. You can still safely fight 2-3 battles here to learn Flame Whirl if you are minimizing your levels in anticipation of that.

Unlimited Shelters

For an unlimited supply of Shelters (restores all HP and MP at save points and the field), touch the bush in Guardia Forest which reveals some monsters and a single Shelter. You can leave, come back, and repeat to get more and more Shelters. You can also buy them at the item shop, but they're pretty expensive right now.

When you're all set and prepared for some stronger monster fights, head west into the Cathedral.

The Cathedral[edit]

Keep using Flame Whirl or Slash and use heal to cure their slow spells.
Crono and Lucca find an intriguing clue.
The frog wants to go with Crono.
Something's amiss...

Inside the Cathedral are some kindly-looking nuns. They say some pretty odd things about "killer" organ recitals. To progress, talk to the nun standing at the organ. All of the sudden, you will see a sparkle in the middle of the room. Is that a power tab? Wait, no... it's...

It appears that a hair pin from Guardia's royal crest that Queen Leene guarded with her life (according to the king), has been dropped on the floor. Maybe there was a struggle? Before you can think, the nuns crowd around you, burst into blue flames, and reveal themselves to be Naga-Ettes, fierce pink-haired serpent-women. They attack, determined to not let you go any further.

This fight can be a real pain if you haven't bothered to fight any monsters previously (though it is possible to beat them with Crono and Lucca at level 2; make sure to use all of Crono's cyclones wisely and heal if you get to 20 HP). Flame Whirl really comes in handy here (available when both characters are at about Level 3). If Crono is at around level 4 or 5, you can take all of them out at once with only one attack. Also, if you gathered some gold you can make sure Lucca has a Bronze Helm. The weapons at the store are a waste of gold. Crono should have the BronzeMail equipped from Guardia Castle.

In combat, wait until the enemies move around and group together, then hit all of them with Flame Whirl or Cyclone. If for some reason you haven't learned your techs (if you're rushing or trying to get to Spekkio at a low level), you may need to have purchased some Heals and Tonics from the item shop. The Naga-Ettes will use an annoying spell that inflicts the Slow status ailment, doubling the time it takes for the ATB Gauge to fill up. Use a Heal to cure the status effect. At levels 1-2, their slash attacks can reduce your health significantly, so use some Tonics if need be. At level 1, you'll have to rely on items, but at level 2, Crono's Cyclone can get you through the fight without the help of any items.

Lucca is relieved after the battle is over, and takes a seat on the steps. A Naga-Ette appears out of some blue flames from behind for a surprise attack, but is soon killed by someone who falls from the ceiling and stabs the beast. It's a frog with a sword! It appears that this frog is the one who was "supposed" to save the queen, but came at the wrong time. Whether or not you choose to "go with the frog" does not matter, as he comes with you anyway.

Now you get to name your new ally. The default is Frog, though he does have a real name, which is revealed later. He comes equipped with some pretty strong weapons and armor, and he already has a Tech learned, Slurp, which heals some HP. Frog is just as strong as Crono, or even a bit stronger. He can take out a lot of enemies with one hit.

To progress, approach the organ and press A Button to play it. A door will suddenly appear to the right. Before heading through the door, you may want to return to town and rest.

Remember that you can retreat from this dungeon at any time to return to Guardia Castle and heal. However, if you stored up on spare Shelters, you can push through to the first save point and heal using one of the Shelters. You can then use that as a base for training if you need to level (you should be fine).

Rescue the Queen[edit]

After picking up the Naga-ette Bromide you will have to fight three Henches. The left, middle and right chests contain a Maiden Suit, 1 Tonic and 1 Ether respectively.

The next area is fairly straightforward: there are two chests (Tonic and Revive) to the left, and a long hallway to the north. Either sneak past the three Diablos, or head up through the door. In the long hallway, there are two Diablos sliding around, and a pack of Gnashers at the top that you can't sneak by.

First, head for some upgrades. Follow the hallway with the blue carpet to the left. Avoid the Diablos and grab the two items, then reach the far door and go up into the large room. Head up staircase (this is the left staircase in the room) and go into the first door that you see.

In this first room (the bottom left room), raid the three chests for a MaidenSuit, Tonic, and an Ether). Then before you leave, interact with the drawer on the left to acquire a special item called the Naga-ette Bromide (note that it does not appear in your inventory). This item is for a side quest you can complete soon, which rewards you with a Magic Tab.

After grabbing the bromide you'll have to fight three Henches who enter the room. (If you instead wait until after you defeat Yakra to get the bromide, you won't have to fight any Henches.)

Don't be fooled, these are just three gnashers in disguise. If you talk to one of them and leave, they will attack you. The left and the right chests contain 100 G and 1 Ether respectively.

Still on the left side of the room, head to the very top and open the chest for the SteelSaber (Crono's third katana). Then go to the left, around the spikes, and interact with the skull next to the door to lower the spikes. Enter the door to find some soldiers and a hidden Power Tab in the left pot.

Exit and in the main room, head back down the left stairway and make your way to the right side. You will then have to fight ight two Gnashers and a Diablos, if you don't fight the two Diablos by themselves first.

The lower door (south east) has some monsters sitting around, and if you speak to all three and then wait, the Diablos will leave to go into the north east door to worship a statue of Magus.

Follow the Diablos up into the top right room. You'll notice a fake King, Queen Leene and soldier are standing around within. You can talk to them or ignore them. Pick up the items (100 G and an Ether), head into the room to the right (notice the tiny alcove that you can move into, semi-secret) with the Magus statue. There are two chests containing unique accessories: Speed Belt and Defender) next to the statue at the north end, but if you want to fight, walk into the southernmost Diablos (he will initiate a conversation, so if you want to avoid the fight, stay to the sides of the room).

You'll have to fight all five enemies at once so be prepared. If you fight them, the fake Guardia people will also want to fight you (three Gnashers!). Remember that you can have Frog use the slurp technique in or out of battle to heal you.

The statue of Magus with chests containing Speed Belt and Defender respectively.

Head back into the main room, this time head straight up the middle. Avoid monsters if you wish, but you'll have to fight two battles no matter what. The first being two Gnashers and two Diablos, the second made up of two Gnashers and two Naga-Ettes. Enter through the door at the end.

You'll be greeted by a save point, stop to rest and save, then continue up the stairs and to the far left where you can find a Shelter within a chest. The room is one giant circle. It can be explored either way (left or right). Note that once you choose a stairway, it will become a slide and you will have to go around the room from one side to the other (to reach the stairway that isn't a slide).

The Chancellor's Transformation. You will be able to open the left and right chests containing the real Chancellor and 1 Mid Ether, respectively, after the boss fight.

On both sides of the room you'll see a skull switch on the wall. Don't hit the one on the left unless you want to spawn two extra Mad Bats (they can still be avoided). Press the skull switch on the right side to lower the spikes in the center area. Head to the center area and kill the three Henches and two Diablos, then pick up the Iron Sword (Frog's second sword). Play the organ on the left to open a secret door located at the very northern part of the room (by the note that says "No entry.", then go around and head through it. Besides it are 2 chest with (Tonic and Heal).

In this little hallway area, there are three pairs of enemies: first two Henches, then two Naga-Ettes, then another two Henches. If you get in a fight with the Naga-Ettes, you'll be required to fight one of the pairs of Henches at the same time. However, it is possible to sneak past all six enemies by running quickly along the left side. Use the save point and a shelter if you're not rested, because the next room is the boss fight.

As you enter, tense music will be playing and you'll find the real Queen and the Chancellor sitting at a table. The Chancellor will notice you when you get close enough and start a cutscene where the Queen will run away while your party stands up to fight. You'll be threatened by him, then he'll transform into his true form, Yakra.

By the time you reach this fight, you will be at least level 5 and will probably reach level 6 upon beating Yakra.

Boss fight[edit]

CT monster Yakra.png
Suggested Level

Yakra's Needle Spin Attack

All of Yakra's attacks deal physical damage.

NeedleSpin/ Yakra's needle attack. (Needle Spin: Yakra's needle-launching attack)

Yakra targets one party member and deals 40-50 damage to them.

Drrrrrooooo... (Grraaagh!)

A counter-attack that occurs every time Yakra takes damage. Yakra hits whole party for 10-20 damage. This can be avoided if one of the attacking party members is very close to Yakra (he walks around the room, so wait for him to be within about one width of a character's sprite). After taking damage the notification bar will say "Too close, can't counterattack" (or "Too close to counterattack."). Yakra will also not counter-attack Lucca's Flame Toss or Crono's Slash, since they are linear.

Unnamed, normal attacks
  • Spitting rock: Yakra will fire a rock from its mouth at a single party member. Deals about 15-20 damage.
  • Pounce: Yakra will jump on top of one party member. Deals 20-30 damage.
  • Earthquake: The screen will shake and the whole party will take ~15 damage.


Yakra only has 920 HP, but that's a lot at this stage of the game. It is possible to lose if you do not heal. Try to maximize your damage while reducing the number of attacks you dish out (by using dual techs), because Yakra has an automatic counter-attack called Yakra Rage that he uses if the attacking party member is not close to him. Because of this gimmick, Yakra roams around the battle area, which means you'll have to time when you execute your attacks.

Strategy 1
Dual techs are a necessity (Crono and Frog's X-Strike is by far the best, as it deals about 50 damage more than Crono and Lucca's Fire Whirl) to bring him down quickly (it will take about 7-9 X-Strikes to kill him). Because of this, you should not rely on Frog to heal the group, as he should be fighting the whole time. Since Lucca's attacks are weak (Flame Toss only does around 40-70 damage) and you won't be using dual techs with her, it's better for her to just defend or heal a party member than to strike Yakra and cause the whole party to be damaged. If you fight well, you should only have to use 1-3 tonics during the fight.
Strategy 2
Since Fire Whirl leaves Frog free to heal with Slurp, while X-Strike may force you to rely on the use of Tonics via Lucca, try utilizing Fire Whirl as your main offensive skill. That way, Lucca doesn't sit around waiting for people to get hurt.
Strategy 3
Another strategy is to attack individually, albeit only when Yakra is close enough to a character to prevent a counter-attack. Also, using Lucca's Flame Toss and Crono's Slash are safe to use at any distance. This approach is slower and allows Yakra more time to use his attacks, but completely negates his counter-attack, leaving Needle Spin as his only real threat. This also allows all of the characters to act as healers.


After you've destroyed Yakra, the real Queene Leene appears, thanks Frog, and invites the group back to the castle. Before you leave, open the chest on the right for a Mid Ether and the chest on the left for... the Chancellor! It turns out Yakra tied up the real one and stuffed him in this chest.

Marle's back!
This "Gate" will take you right back to the Fair in 1000 A.D.

Back at the castle, Frog feels bad for not being able to protect Queen Leene and walks to the door. Approach him for a cutscene where Frog says farewell to the party. He compliments Crono's sword skills and leaves. After that's over with, it's time to see what happened to Marle. Head back up the east wing to the Queen's room. Marle suddenly appears and dialogue ensues. Lucca reveals to Marle that she has discovered her real identity and Marle confesses. Now it's time to go home.

Head through Guardia Forest and make your way back to Truce Canyon and into the mountains you teleported into. There will be some new monsters here. This may be the first time you've had Marle in battle, so it's a good idea to at least fight until she learns her Aura Tech and gains a level or two.

Go north and loop around the area, then head into the meadow where Crono first appeared in 600 A.D. You will see a small blue orb sitting there. Lucca pulls out some strange device called Gate Key, spins around, and the orb turns into a portal like the one we saw back at the Millennial Fair. We learn that these are called "Gates", holes in space which will warp a person to a certain period of time. How the Gate got there in the first place, Lucca doesn't even know.

The party steps in, and off they go...