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The Millennial Fair (1000 A.D. first time)

Items: 200 G

Get your allowance from your mother.

After naming the mute protagonist, which defaults to Crono, you'll be treated to the first cutscene. The camera sweeps slowly across the overworld: ocean waves crash against a coastline as seagulls cry and soar above a small village. Close to the town, the Millenial Fair bursts with activity filling the air with fireworks and balloons.

Your view changes to a quaint bedroom. Crono's mother has come to wake him, and you, up to the sound of Leene's Bell, a scene that will be echoed throughout the game.

You'll now gain control of Crono, an amateur swordsman armed only with his wooden practice sword. Begin by getting a hang of the controls. You can play with the drapes if you want, or check out the empty bowl of cat food, but head downstairs to get on with his life.

The Millennial Fair is to the north of your house.

When you get downstairs, Crono's mother will reference his inventor friend, Lucca by default, at which point you'll get to name her. Lucca won't join your party just yet, but at least you'll know what to call her when you meet. Play with your cat if you'd like, and talk to your mom to pick up your allowance of 200 G. Then, step outside by exiting south through the house's front door.

Wandering around[edit]

Enemies: Avian Chaos, Beetle, Hetake (all optional)
Items: Tonic, 400 G, Shelter, Power Tab
Purchasables: SteelSaber, Iron Bow, Dart Gun, Karate Gi, BronzeMail, BronzeHelm, Tonic, Heal, Revive, Shelter

You can explore the houses around Crono's house in the village of Truce, head south to the village of Porre, or even take a boat ride between the two cities. You can also head alone or with Marle later through the forest to Guardia Castle although you won't be able to go inside yet.

There is one Power Tab to grab in Guardia Forest (from the entrance go North, East at the fork, South at the second fork, but stay along the top line of trees to avoid the Hetakes). You can pick it up later on if you don't do it now. If you do go in there, try not to fight any monsters if you want to have a chance at a secret early in the game (you will need to be at a low level).

The Shop in Truce is closed for the time being, but the one in Porre is open. Once you feel like you've explored enough, head into the millennial fair at the north of Truce.

The Mayor's Manor[edit]

In Truce Mayor's Manor there are two chests in which Tonic and 100 G are found. Talk with the Mayor once you've exploited both chests and he will give you 300 G extra. The people there will also explain to you how the game works. On DS there is even more people explaining some extra feature which only DS has. In Porre Mayor's Manor there is a Shelter upstairs. If you talk with the Porre Mayor and do what he says, then you can receive 10 G and you can do this many times as you want (though you need to leave the Manor and return).

If you're new to the game

Head into the Mayor's house at the bottom left of your little hamlet to pick up some tips on gameplay and controls. In general, B Button makes you run, and when used in menus it cancels actions. X Button accesses the menu. A Button talks to people, performs actions, and selects commands; and Y Button switches message windows to the top or bottom of the screen. L Button+R Button+Select Button+Start Button provides an in-game reset if you want to get back to the title screen.

The basics of techniques

Some techniques you can use target a single enemy, some attacks target all enemies in a certain radius around the one you select, some attacks target all enemies on a line of sight from you, some attacks target enemies on a horizontal line, some attacks target all enemies in a radius around yourself, and some attacks just hit all enemies period. It's not nearly as complicated as it may sound and you'll figure it out as you start using techniques. The usual RPG rules apply as to what statuses can be inflicted on your character, and offense and defense stats.

The Millennial Fair[edit]

"Tomorrow we'll go to the fair..."

The Millennial Fair is an event held once every thousand years to celebrate the founding of the Kingdom of Guardia. And you get to go. You can buy some equipment and weapons here, although it's not really essential at this point in the game. Take your time exploring and talking to people, play some games to earn Silver Points to trade for special rewards, but most importantly, make sure to be on your best behavior!


The shops are all located in the first area of the fair. Feel free to spend your allowance on a piece of equipment, such as the Iron Blade, Karate Gi, or BronzeHelm. These are not necessary, and will be replaced early on, but can help give you a leg up in battle.

Silver Points[edit]

Fight Gato for Silver Points. While you're here, it's also worth getting some experience and Tech points!
By winning the soda guzzling contest you will receive 5 silver points.

Silver Points are prizes you win at the fairgrounds, and they can be traded for gold at the rate of 10 Silver Points for 50G, or used in Norstein Bekkler's Lab (the large tent on the right side of the entrance to the Millennial Fair) to win prizes. Save all your Silver Points since there are a lot of prizes you can win for each character. Places you can win silver points include:

  • The bell in the southwest of the entrance plaza. You get 1 point for hitting the bell squarely (wait until Crono is farthest away from the bell before pressing A Button). To play, just interact with the bell.
  • The soda guzzling contest to the east of Leene Square gives you 5 silver points.
  • If you go to the left of Leene Square you can fight a mini-battle with Gato the robot for 15 Silver Points.
  • In the right area of the entrance plaza you'll find a guy taking bets on a race constantly running. The old guy below the racetrack will give you some tips on who may win if you talk to him just before the race starts, and you can also run in front of the racers and press A Button to talk to them to slow them down to help your guy win. The reward is 20 Silver Points.
Spend your Silver Points in Bekkler's Lab!

The prizes for spending them in the lab include a Poyozo Doll for 10 Silver Points (the character who plays and wins the game gets this; it's an object that appears in the character's home and can be used to play their theme song). For 40 silver points you get a Clone of the character that shows up in the same place (the clone has a few different poses that you can change, and it stays the way you set it), and for 80 SP you get a Cat. Winning an 80 point game more than once gives you Cat Food which can help you breed up to 11 cats if you put it in the bowl back home, and later on in the game you'll be able to win Poyozo Dolls and Clones for each character by putting them at the front of the party (you can't do this until chapter 24).

Be on your best behavior![edit]

The little girl's cat is on the left side of the Fair, near Gato and the old man's lunch. Talk to it, and it will follow you. Guide it east, near the prehistoric dance and soda guzzling contest. Talk to the little girl to give her back the cat.

Anything you say or do at the Millennial Fair can and will be used against you in a court of law. If you want to get a positive response from the plot as well as some extra consumables, try the following:

  1. When you enter the upper area of the Millenial Fair with the blonde girl running around, walk into her right away. This is Marle. When you bump into her, her necklace will go flying. Talk to Marle, then go and pick up her pendant (it is very important that you talk to her first).
  2. Don't eat the guy's lunch at the west end (left side of your screen) of Leene Square (one zone up from the entrance to the fair) by the cat.
  3. The little girl on the east side of Leene Square is missing her cat. Bring her the cat before you talk to her, or don't talk to her at all. If you talk to her before bringing her the cat you will get a negative response from the plot. If you don't speak to her, a neutral response will occur. If you can bring the cat to her before talking to her, she will not ask you where her cat is when you talk to her. This will indicate that you did it correctly.
    • The cat is located on the west side of Leene Square by the purple/pink sack lunch, and the girl is on the far east by the drinking game. To get the cat to follow you, walk up to it and interact with it (A Button). Only press it once! If you press interact again near the cat, it will run and hide from you (you must then exit the area and reenter for it to appear).
    • After interacting with the cat, it will meow, which means it will follow you around now. Note that the cat can be hard to direct around corners because it often gets stuck. Walk in straight lines. To line the cat up with stairways, walk straight until you come to a wall, then wait for the cat to catch up. It will always stop a few steps behind you. This should be a perfect spot to change the direction you are moving.
    • Walk up to the girl, but don't talk to her. Wait for the cat to catch up, then talk to the girl. Again, if she asks you where her cat is, you did it wrong.
  4. Go and talk to Melchior in the first area of the Millennial Fair, but don't offer to sell the pendant to Melchior when he gives you the chance (choose the dialogue choice of "Sorry").
  5. When you go north of the middle area of the Millenial Fair, to visit Lucca, Marle will stop you and begin shopping for candy. Do not move. Wait a while and then she will speak to you. Then proceed up the steps.
If you want to let the world know your darker side
  1. Eat the lunch. Hey, do it as often as you want, it makes fighting Gato easier since it restores all your health.
  2. Talk to the girl and don't bring her cat.
  3. Pick up the pendant before talking to Marle AND try to sell it to Melchior before ever speaking to Marle. Refusing her the pendant may help too.
  4. Offer to sell the pendant to Melchior when you have Marle in the party.
  5. Try to drag Marle away from the candy booth.

The actions you choose to take will affect the dialogue that occurs later on. However, being a nice guy will reward you with some consumables later on in the game.

Bump into Marle at the fair[edit]

Marle lost her pendant. (How does she not see it lying on the ground right up there?)

After playing around some you'll want to go to Leene Square underneath the giant bell and bump into the blond chick who looks like a harem girl. You'll both be knocked down, and she'll help you up. See if she's all right or not, depending upon whether you're good or evil, but eventually you'll want to pick up her pendant and give it back to her. She'll thank you profusely, and ask to follow you around. You'll also get to name her, the default is Marle.

You can bring the girl her cat, dance, steal the lunch, or guzzle soda to get some reactions from Marle. Guess she likes the strong silent type. If you really want you can introduce her to Crono's Mom too, or take her to the gates of the castle. You can get a small jump ahead in the game by taking her to Guardia Forest, the monster-filled area you walk through to get into the castle, and training her until she learns her first Tech. To get on with the game head north of Leene Square and talk to Lucca. The two people standing next to each other there earlier should now be gone. If not, go down near the entrance of the Fair and talk to the woman sitting on the fountain. She will tell you that Lucca's invention should be ready. Doing so will open up the path to Lucca up north.

Lucca's invention[edit]

Crono's journey begins.

As you can see, Lucca is already here and waiting for you. She's drawn a small crowd who are all doubtful about her invention. Apparently Lucca's gadgets never work right. Talk to Lucca, and she'll ask you to demonstrate her new teleportation device for the crowd. She seems hopeful that it will work. After she walks away from the left pod, step inside. The crowd "ooh"s and "ahh"s as Crono's atoms are split up and reassembled on the right pod. Lucca's invention seems to work great!

Talk to Marle, and she rushes up to the pod to get in on the excitement. Lucca and her father get to work powering up the machine to transport Marle. Instead of shifting to the other machine, the pendant she wears begins to flicker and shine mysteriously, when suddenly, a strange blue portal opens up from nowhere and Marle is sucked in. Marle drops her pendant as the portal closes and she disappears. The shocked crowd then disperses.

Lucca won't let you leave, saying it's your job to get Marle back. Walk up to the pod, pick up the pendant, and watch the next scene. Lucca assures Crono that she will follow him once she knows what's going on. The mysterious portal is opened up again, and in goes Crono.

Challenging Lavos[edit]

This section will explain what happens if you confront Lavos at each point of the game. If you're in a New Game + you can skip straight to Lavos at almost any point by stepping onto the right telepad and pressing A Button. If you want to challenge Lavos now you'll get the programmer's ending. You can do this with Crono alone if you wait until Lucca asks you to help her demonstrate the device, or you can do it with Marle in your party as well if you step onto the right telepad right away. There's no real downside to doing it with Marle unless you just want to prove that Crono can take Lavos on solo. For more info on fighting Lavos refer to Lavos' phases. You can also get this ending by defeating the version of Lavos you're supposed to lose to in the ocean palace as well.