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Silver Points (SP) are prizes you win at the fairgrounds, and they can be traded for gold at the rate of 10SP for 50G, or used in Norstein Bekkler's lab to win prizes. Save all your SP for Bekkler's lab since there are a lot of prizes you can win for each character late in the game.

Mini Game 1: Gato[edit]

Gato's got mad rhymes.
  • Location: West area beyond the north plaza (Leene's Bell area).
  • Reward: 15 Silver Points.

Fight Gato the Singing Robot to the "death". If you beat him, he will concede defeat and you will gain 15 Silver Points, 10 XP, and a single TP. If you lose, you'll be mocked and revived with 1 HP.

Mini Game 2: Foot Race[edit]

  • Location: East side of entrance plaza, talk to the man in the tent.
  • Reward: 20 Silver Points.

This is a betting game of chance. Speak with the old man prior to a race to get a hint as to who may win. Speak with the man in the tent on the right, and pick a runner. Wait for them to run a lap around the merchants; if you were correct, you'll get the reward. You can also run in front of the racers and press A Button to talk to them and slow them down to help your choice to win. The reward is 20 Silver Points.

Note that the race is completely random, so just choose and wait. If you're using an emulator, you can cheat by using the fast forward function.

Mini Game 3: Hammer Challenge[edit]

  • Location: Southwest area of the entrance plaza.
  • Reward: 1 Silver Point.

A contest of timing. Walk up to the bell, press A Button, you'll start sliding backwards. When you reach the point at which you begin to slide forwards again (the farthest point from the bell), press A Button to ram the bell from the farthest distance. If you pressed A Button at the exact point, you'll ring the bell and the man will give you a single Silver Point.

Mini Game 4: Guzzling Contest[edit]

Chug, chug, chug!
  • Location: East side of the northern plaza (Leene's Bell area).
  • Reward: 5 Silver Points.

Tap A Button as fast as you can to guzzle soda. If you have a turbo controller, you will probably need its special functions to win. Alternatively, take a rounded object and rub it across A Button as fast as you can.

Mini Game 5: Show Tent[edit]

Norstein Bekkler's lab provides a fun little side reward for the Millennial Fair games as well as a plot event later in the game. Rewards given in the lab can be re-won for each character (the cats are all placed within Crono's home), so long as they are in the front of the party (you won't be able to do that until The Time Egg). Rewards will appear in the winner's "bedroom:"

  • Ayla: her hut.
  • Crono: his room, cats appear in the entrance to his home where Crono's Mom is found.
  • Frog: his forest hideout.
  • Lucca: her bedroom, the upper left room.
  • Marle: her room in Guardia Castle.
  • Magus: North Cape.
  • Robo: in Proto Dome.

Guess Who[edit]

Who's who?
  • Cost: 10 Silver Points.
  • Reward: Poyozo Doll; Cat Food.

Three men (Vicks/Biggs, Wedge and Piette) will enter through the top door in 6th century Guardian soldier garb. They will introduce themselves and then walk horizontally back and forth randomly for a few moments. After mixing up they will stop moving and will prompt you to choose a specific one out of the three. Walk up to the one who you think it is and press A Button. You can cheat on this one with an emulator by using the rewind function after you select the wrong one.

The Reward

The Poyozo Doll, when interacted with, will play the theme song of the character whose room it is in. Like all of the other rewards, you can only get the main prize once per character (although the Cat is a one time reward no matter what), so if you've beaten it once and you play again with the same character, Bekkler will reward you with 2 (yes 2) ounces of Cat Food! It saves more time and Silver Points than the 80SP game and therefore is much more efficient.


  • Cost: 40 Silver Points.
  • Reward: Clone; Cat Food.
  • Bekkler Instructions: "Mimic what you see! L Button = Left Arm, R Button = Right Arm, Y Button = Laugh, A Button = Surprise!"

Bekkler will summon a clone of the leader of your party and then pit you against your replica in a game of Simon Says. When the game begins, you'll hear a small whoosh or whistle noise that denotes the clone changing its action. Whenever it changes, it will make the sound, even if its the same action. Now, when you hear that sound, press the button that corresponds with the action the character is doing; if correct you'll hear a satisfying ding of success.

However, if you press the wrong button you'll hear a nasty buzzer, signaling the minigame's end. You can also fail this if you wait too long before pressing the correct button. It's pretty straight forward, although when it says left or right arm, it means if the clone lifts the arm on the left (the clone's right), press L Button to lift your left arm. You'll end up being mirror images.

If the clone makes the sound and it is the same action, you'll see the sprite flicker a little as it returns to its default art (the sprite will temporarily change) and then display the new action, but you'll still be required to press the button again!

As time wears on, the game will get more and more difficult because the clone will decrease the amount of the time between changing actions. By the end, you'll be pressing one button after the other in about 1-2 second intervals. There are 22 action changes that the clone will do. If you can make it all the way without messing up or being too slow, you win.

The Reward

The clone reward, when interacted with, will change positions to match selected sprite positions of the character, i.e. shock and glee. Remember that you can only get one clone per character, and if you play it again with that character you'll be rewarded with Cat Food.

Save your friend[edit]

A player in this situation would be screwed.
  • Cost: 80SP.
  • Reward: A Cat; Cat Food.
  • Objective: Fight back the Kilwalas while keeping your friend suspended far from danger.
  • Bekkler's Instructions: "Monsters are closing in! Throw your pack against them and push them back into the cage! A hostage will slowly be lowered into the flames! To save the day, you must hit the blue light, to raise the rope. Defeat all monsters before the hostage's goose is cooked!"
  • Requirement: More than one character in the party.

In this situation, Bekkler nabs one of your party members and hangs them by a rope while releasing three Kilwalas. The challenge? The Kilwalas will advance towards you, moving downwards in the room, and you must push them back by interacting with one of the three blue dots in front of each of their columns. If you "use" one of the tokens (your "pack"), the corresponding Kilwala will be pushed back slightly. Repeated use of the dot will end up pushing the Kilwala back through the gate permanently.

Sounds easy huh? Well that's half of it. First of all, note that each blue dot has a second or so of cooldown time where you can't interact with it, this means you'll need to run around taking care of the others while you focus on the other challenge: your tied up friend. They are being hung over the flame at the top left of the room, as time wears on they will be let down slowly on top of the flame. What you must do is hit the blue light on the far left to bring them back up; however you have to do this while fighting back the Kilwalas' advancement. One thing to note about the light is that it isn't just on the left, its above the path so when you press it you must be facing upwards towards the wall.

If you wait too long, the Kilwala's will get past the tokens and then swarm you, disabling you from saving your friend who will burn.

Once all three Kilwalas are out of the room, you win.


The easiest way to beat this is to simply hold B Button and Up Dpad while running from dot to dot and tapping A Button like mad. If you can spend less time pressing the dots and more time running, great. You probably won't have time to look up at how far down your friend is, so rely on how long the blue dot has been showing to denote how close they are to burning. You have about three seconds of safe time before you should run and hit the dot, once the dot appears you only have about five seconds before they burn.

The best overall approach is to try and hit the Kilwalas as fast as you can and get one of them back through the door before the dot even appears. If that Kilwala is the one on the right (suggestion: start with the right), you've basically made the game much easier since you won't have to run very far from end to end (you've shrunk the total width of required movement).

The Reward

On your first win Bekkler will give you a Cat. When you go back to Crono's house, you'll see both of them there, although all additional cats (yes, you can have more than 2) are a darker color than Crono's original. If you walk around you'll notice that they will all follow you.

Winning a game more than once, just like the other games, gives you cat food which can help you breed up to 11 cats if you put it in the bowl back home.