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If you don't like the button layout, there is a custom controller setting in the options menu that allows you to change the buttons.

SNES PlayStation DS Wii
(classic controller)
(GameCube controller)
Android/iOS Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad,Neutral lstick Neutral control Left control circle Move the party leader or cursor, or switch window displays from the Menu Screen.
A Button Cross button A button A button A button Tap the screen in any location. If choosing a menu, tap an icon. The "action" button; use it to confirm commands, interact with objects like opening chests or entering doors on the "Field Screen", talk with people (initiate and continue conversations), enter locations on the "Map Screen", or land or mount a vehicle. Also used to select letters when changing a name.
B Button Circle button B button B button B button Auto-run is toggled in settings. Otherwise, push the left control circle to the outer edge. In a "Field Screen", use it while walking to "Dash." In the "Menu Screen", use it to go back one menu. While in battle, use it to cancel actions or close a menu. When changing a name, you can use this to backspace a letter.
X Button Triangle button X button X button X button Open the Menu Screen (party/options).
Y Button Square button (during dialogue), Triangle button (during battle) Y button Y button Y button Display the Character Switch Screen (from the Map Screen or Field Screens) or Time Gauge (while in the Time Machine). Switch the dialogue box vertical position (also works in battle).
Start Button Start button Start button Plus button Start button Pause the game. Confirm character name selections.
Select Button Select button Select button Minus button Z button While on the Map Screen, in Landscape view, it displays the World Map. If you're looking at the World Map, it returns you to Landscape view.
L Button, R Button, Down Dpad, or Up Dpad L1 button, R1 button, Down dpad, or Up dpad L button, R button, Down dpad, or Up dpad L button, R button, Down dpad, Down lstick, Up dpad, Up lstick L button, R button, Down control, Up control Move time period selection cursor when looking at the Time Gauge.
L Button+R Button L1 button+R1 button L button+R button L button+R button L button+R button Run from battle (hold).
L Button+R Button+Select Button+Start Button L1 button+L2 button+R1 button+R2 button+Select button+Start button L button+R button+Select button+Start button L button+R button+Minus button+Plus button L button+R button+Z button+Start button Reset the game.