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The Hero Appears (600 A.D. second time)

  • Enemies: Blue Imp, Green Imp, Roly Rider, Poly, Imp Ace
  • Items: Gold Helmet, Jerky, Power Tab
  • Purchasables: Iron Blade, Dart Gun, Karate Gi, BronzeHelm, Tonic, Heal, Revive, Shelter
  • Head through Truce Canyon; the first thing that you'll notice as you pass through is that the monsters have changed since the very first time you visited it. Talk to the townspeople to learn about the legendary hero, and go to Zenan Bridge to learn that they need supplies. Just to be sure, the blue imps have joined in with the green imps. Talk about friends!

    If you need a place to train, well this is a bad time to be looking. Guardia Forest is the only place with enemies and you're limited to just Roly Riders that come in groups of two. Head to Zenan bridge to continue.

    At Zenan Bridge talk to the soldier in gold, to find out the king was injured fighting Magus' army, and they are without rations. Head into the kitchen in the basement of Guardia Castle(follow the right corridor to the northeast door) and talk to the chef. Let the dialogue play out, then leave the kitchen and head back to the entrance. He'll come running in to give you some Jerky for the soldiers on Zenan Bridge and a Power Tab for your troubles. If the Chef does not show up, be sure you went to Zenan Bridge, talk to the soldiers. Also be sure to fully listen to the dialogue in the kitchen.

    Take the jerky to the Knight Captain (the golden soldier) at the entrance of Zenan Bridge and offer him the jerky. The food rations will give him brightened spirits, but moments after news of a new uprising comes to light. Magus's forces are pushing forward and breaking through - the knight captain orders his remaining men to stand guard, for they have no other choice. If you speak to him, he'll ask for your assistance; if you choose to help him (which you must to continue the plot) you will receive a Gold Helm.

    Defending Zenan Bridge[edit]

  • Enemies: Deceased, Ozzie, Zombor
  • The Captain will ask you to get Jerky from the Guardia Castle and reward you with Gold Helm.

    After getting the Gold Helm from the Knight Captain, start crossing the bridge. As you progress across the bridge, you'll watch several cutscenes. In the first, Deceased will kill Guardia soldiers - their corpses will disappear, and Ozzie will make an entrance, say a few words, and then pit you against the demons.

    This first group has two Deceased and Ozzie. The trick is to either use some powerful magic attacks, since the Deceased are resistant to physical, or simply focus your energy on Ozzie. Once Ozzie's spell has been broken, the Deceased will simply disappear. There is no difference doing it one way or the other, except that killing Ozzie can sometimes be easier than spending 1-6 turns facing off against the Deceased.

    Continue along the bridge to the left, walk in between the two corpses. Ozzie will turn the corpses into Deceased and begin another battle, this time with an additional foe. Again, strike at Ozzie for the quick victory - you'll receive 144 XP, 8 TP, and 160G.

    Heal up, and get ready to fight a powerful, complicated boss. Ozzie will threaten you, saying, "Thats IT! Now you're finished!" Your second party member will taunt back, and then Ozzie will summon the boss behind you - an abomination made up of deceased warriors!

    960 (Upper), 800 (Lower)
    Fire, Lightning, Crono's Slash tech (Upper Body), Shadow, Water (Bottom Body)
    Suggested Level
    • Upper Body
      • Rrrrrrrrrr... / Graaah!: Zombor's top breathes fire on a single ally for about 15-35 fire damage.
      • Graaah! (DS only): Zombor's top, if solo, will create a black gravity circle below itself and suck a character into its chest. It will then stab the target with spikes that jut in and out of its chest. The target is then thrown back to where they were standing.
      • Doom, doom, doom, doom / Death, death, death...: Zombor charges up a laser beam, damaging all allies for about 90 damage.
      • Gore, gore, gore, gore: does 30-50 damage to one target and heals the top part of Zombor for the amount of damage that was dealt.
      • MP Buster/Steals MP!: upon death, Zombor will unleash this as a counter. It cannot be avoided. It may not occur if you defeat it with a physical attack. It will rob one character of all of their MP and add it to that section of Zombor.
    • Lower Body
      • Rrrrrrrrrr...: one of two attacks.
        1. Zombor's lower body picks up one character and drops them, dealing 40-60 physical damage.
        2. Zombor's lower body jumps, causing the screen to shake. All party members take 20-30 damage.
      • Doom, doom, doom, doom / Death, death, death...: this may appear. If it does, the Lower Body will do nothing. In the DS version, if you kill the legs first, it will say this and the top will counter with its version (all party members hit).
      • An attack which draws one character in and repeatedly slashes them, which does about 60 physical damage.

    Zombor as a whole is immune to Hypno Wave, like most bosses. Its lower body is immune to shadow and ice elements, and his head is immune to fire and lightning. Have Crono use Cyclone to attack both parts and everyone else use their best magic on the part that is vulnerable. Keep everyone's health above 50 if you can because it does some nasty attacks when you destroy half of it. Its final move before it dies is to drain the MP of the last player to attack it (MP Buster), so make sure you rest in an inn soon after victory.

    If you're into magic, have your crew ready to use the magic on the part that is most vulnerable to:

    • For the head, have Marle use ice and Robo use laser.
    • For the body, have Lucca use fire and Crono use lightning.

    This can be a confusing battle when it comes to what Zombor is immune to and what he is not. Zombor's upper half is immune to anything with Fire or Lightning attributes, so hit it with Marle's Ice or any of Robo's abilities. His bottom half is immune to Ice, so Lucca's Fire spell and Crono's Lightning spell work well. Fairly basic, just remember not to use dual techs or elemental abilities that target both the upper and lower halves. If you're using Lucca, don't waste your time trying to put the beast to sleep either, it won't work. Zombor isn't too hard to defeat, so just attack like mad and have fun with it! Don't be afraid to use tonics.

  • Items: Magic Tab, 2x Mid Ether, Power Tab
  • Purchasables: Tonic, Mid Tonic, Heal, Revive, Shelter, Gold Suit, Beret
  • If you remembered to grab the Naga-ette Bromide in the Cathedral in The Queen is Gone or feel like going back for it, go in the northern most residence of the village just after Zenan Bridge. You'll notice the chest in the top center of the room with the glowing blue dot - if you try to open it, it will say it is locked. Speak with the old man near the table, and trade him the Naga-ette Bromide for "something good." The old man will unlock the drawer, and you'll be able to open it; inside you'll find a Magic Tab.

    Head south to Porre, stopping by Fiona's villa to see what's going on with her. Grab the two Mid Ethers before heading down to the Porre market.

    At Porre Market you'll find a Power Tab on the floor, on the left side of the room. Head into the Cursed Woods to the north west if you like. At this point you'll have access to either the Dorino Market or the Porre Market; go to one to gear up. You might be interested in the Gold Suits and Berets available in Porre, so don't leave town without checking first!

    Well to make the mayor less greedy, if you have enough gold (9,900 to be exact), make sure to get the Jerky in 1000 A.D. through Snail Stop to the south. Go back to 600 A.D. through Truce Canyon, go to Elder's Manor. Talk to the lady and give her the jerky for free which makes her want to raise her children to be more generous. Go back to 1000 A.D. and check their responses. The dialogue would change if done correctly or the same whether you've done this deed or not. The present mayor people would now say he is too generous! Anyway, it will help speed up the process in one of the sidequests. If you sold it, you would’ve earned 100 gold, as she offers 10,000 gold for it. The price of being generous?

    Cursed Woods[edit]

  • Enemies: T'pole, Gnawer, Nu
  • Items: Mid Tonic, Shelter, MagicScarf
  • Sometimes a Nu appear at this point and then disappear again.

    There's a sign to the left that says no trespassing, gribbit. Can toads speak? You'll find a Mid Tonic and a Shelter in the chests as you head north. If you attack the snakes here, they'll eat the frogs to restore health, which is handy since the snakes have lower defense and are easier to defeat without using abilities. As you approach the top, you'll hear a rustling sound. There's a single green bush in the center of the area, and it rustles every once in a while. Very peculiar! If you walk around it, you might notice that you can climb down the backside where a ladder exists.

    A bedroom? In the middle of a forest? What is this? Grab the MagicScarf in the apple-like chest in the top right, then head over to the left side. A voice will yell down at you, asking who's there. Frog will drop from the ceiling and be as surprised to see you as you are to see him. Upon word of the king, he will walk to the corner and think to himself, saying "'Tis nary a thing I canst do... Please be on thy way." He will sit there, and sad music will begin to play. If you speak to him again, he will claim he's no hero, and won't be able to help you.

    Leave him be, for there's nothing you can do here at the moment. It's time to restore his confidence!

    Denadoro Mountains[edit]

  • Enemies: Bellbird, Goblin, Ogan
  • Items: 300 G, MirageHand
  • The Denadoro Mountains location.

    When you're ready to move on, head off to the mountain range. You'll probably want Lucca for this part, for as an NPC reveals in town, if you meet a goblin with a hammer your best bet is to burn it. If you don't, the goblin will be much stronger both defensively and offensively. With this in mind, your party will consist of Crono, Lucca, and either Robo or Marle (depending on your healing preferences). If you go with Robo, you will probably have to rely more on items than you would otherwise.

    In the first screen, take the 300 G out the chest by the entrance and exit to the right of the ladder to find a chest with a MirageHand (a weapon for Robo) partially obscured by leaves. Head back to take the ladder that will lead you to Tata, the "legendary hero." Tata will run off as a Goblin chases him. Kill the Goblin. An Ogan appears. Use Lucca to burn his hammer. After the fight you'll officially be in the "Tata and the Frog" segment of the game.

    Now it's time to mosey into the next chapter.

    Challenging Lavos[edit]

    While the save file still reads as "The Hero Appears," head to the Millennial Fair if you want to fight Lavos at this point and get The Tata/Legendary Hero Ending. This ending is a funny little one where Tata goes off to challenge Magus singlehandedly, convinced he's the legendary hero.