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Hello there! I'm a semi-active contributor on this site, having written a number of guides on a variety of games across various genres and with varying quality. Lately I've been getting busier due to starting college, so my edits will become much more infrequent.


I am primarily a Nintendo and PC fan, so most guides I write for are on these platforms.

The username "T.test" is a shortening of an older username I used to have: "tretetest", which is literally gibberish, the result of randonly mashing buttons on a keyboard. Neither of these names are based off of stuff from statistics, as some people have suggested. The "LP" refers to my failed attempt to set up a "Let's Play" channel, which I never got around to starting due to laziness. Generally, it is fine to refer to me as "test" like some others have done.

I first joined StrategyWiki around the end of 2010, originating from Smashwiki. Early contributions are centered around SSBB, namely, completing character movesets. I was mostly inactive afterward, only becoming a prolific member after starting guides on Dota 2 and Tribes Ascend.

As of 2nd February, I am a site sysop. Feel free to ask me about site policies or for guide help.


My main form of contribution is the text dump. I can write several paragraphs and even complete a walkthrough for a level in one go. However, I am not good at handling images and complex wiki markup. I always appreciate help from other editors; capturing screenshots or creating templates for the guides will make them look much more pretty and complete!


  • Text-based content: 5/5
  • Supplementary materials (images, charts, etc.): 1/5
  • Organizing raw data: 4/5
  • Markup technique: 2/5
  • Policy knowledge: 4/5
  • Conflict resolution: 3/5


One-man show This user can set up the entire structure for the guides he writes, from a main game page, to a complete ToC, and every walkthrough page of the guide. He's not shy to get help most of the time though.

Attention deficiciency This user tends to take on multiple guides at once, but ultimately fails to finish them all.

Midnight patrol Due to time zone differences, this user is online when most of America is asleep. Late night spambots beware!

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  • Favorite console: SNES
  • Favorite game: Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • Favorite Pokémon (in no particular order): Gardevoir, Pangoro, Houndoom
  • Smash mains: Marth, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Falco, Captain Falcon