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Team Fortress 2
Box artwork for Team Fortress 2.
Developer(s)Valve Corporation
Publisher(s)Valve Corporation
Release date(s)
Windows icon.png Windows
Mac OS icon.png Mac OS
Linux icon.png Linux
System(s)Windows, Mac OS, Linux
ESRB: ESRB M.png Mature
PEGI: PEGI 16.png Ages 16+
BBFC: BBFC 15.png 15
Preceded byTeam Fortress Classic
SeriesTeam Fortress
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TwitchTeam Fortress 2 Channel

Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to the Team Fortress mod for Quake. It was first announced by Valve Corporation in 1998, but has metamorphosed many times since then, and the final product was released in 2007 as a multiplayer FPS. Originally, the game was imagined as a more realistic and militaristic rendition of the original Team Fortress, but the design changed, and Team Fortress 2 was released as a cartoon-styled and non-realistic game, with visuals based off the art of J. C. Leyendecker.

Team Fortress 2 was first available as part of The Orange Box for Windows, Steam, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and later as a standalone release for Windows and Steam. A Mac client of Steam was released in mid-2010, and in June, Team Fortress 2 was also released on the Mac. In 2012, with the Linux Public Beta of Steam, Team Fortress 2 was released for Linux.

The game is based around nine classes, any of which the player can choose to play as. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and for a team to win effectively, players of different classes have to cooperate. At launch, there were only three gametypes: control point, territorial control, and capture the flag. Since then, three more gamemodes, Payload, Arena and King of the Hill, have been released. Valve's new statistics system – closely tied with the Steam Community – is also a near-integral part of the game, with features such as domination and revenge depending entirely on it.

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