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Linux (called GNU/Linux by some due to its GNU origins) is a free and open-source operating system which can run on many different hardware architectures, such as PCs, GameCubes, and Xboxes.

Because of the dominance of Microsoft Windows in the PC market very few commercial games are released for Linux, although some developers actively support it alongside Windows (such as Epic Games); as a result, most or all of their titles have Linux support. Rather than releasing separate Linux retail packages, compatible titles include a Linux installer along with the Windows version or offer it as a separate download on the game's website. Support is noted by showing Tux (the Linux mascot) on the website or the back of the box.

In addition to commercial releases, Linux gamers also have access to a wide selection of free and open-source games (such as NetHack and Lincity). Many Windows games can now be played on Linux using Wine or its forks CrossOver Games and Cedega, and most MS-DOS games can be played using DOSBox.

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