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Box artwork for Quake Live.
Quake Live
Developer(s)id Software
Publisher(s)id Software
System(s)Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Web browser
Preceded byQuake III Arena
Release date(s)
Genre(s)First-person shooter
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Quake Live (previously known as Quake Zero) is a FPS video game by id Software designed to run on x86-based computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux that is downloaded and launched via a browser plugin. It is a variant of its predecessor, Quake III Arena (Q3A). The game first appeared in 2007, entered an invitation-based closed beta in 2008, and an open beta began on February 24, 2009.

The gameplay of Quake Live consists of players attempting to frag more of their opponents than any other player or team in a given match. This is achieved by navigating a 3D environment while collecting health, armor, weapons, ammo, and various power-ups in an effort to survive and to defeat opponents.

Quake Live was released as a free version of Quake III: Gold (Quake III and its expansion pack, Team Arena) available only through a web browser. Quake Live is backed financially by in-game advertising from IGA Worldwide. Skill-based matchmaking is powered by a "metagame engine" developed by GaimTheory. Development of the match-making system was taken on by id Software after GaimTheory's collapse.

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