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Contact me?[edit]

  • There's my talk page
  • I've been idling in irc recently
  • Feel free to also contact me via AIM: Mason11987.

Wiki's I'm a part of[edit]

I have been on wikipedia for a while (although my edit count wouldn't quite suggest that) as Mason11987 also.

I also co-run the wiki at which is a collaboration of information on Spore (I will be writing a guide for that when it comes out, so I'll just leave it purple for now).

- Chris

My edits[edit]

  • Mainspace: 719
  • Talk:69
  • StrategyWiki:116
  • StrategyWiki talk:293
  • User:37
  • User talk:223
  • Image:149
  • Category:707
  • Category talk:15
  • MediaWiki:13
  • Template:205
  • Template talk:28
  • avg edits per article: 2.02
  • earliest: 13:07, 2 January 2006
  • number of unique pages:1276
  • total: 2574

- Source

I agree to release my text and image contributions, unless otherwise stated, into the public domain. Please be aware that other contributors might not do the same.