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DS Yo-kai Watch, Code of Princess
Xbox360 Singularity, Damnation, Murdered: Soul Suspect
Online Flight Rising (Agony)

Zaiqukaj will be back on and off. I work a full time job and have recently started a new business so it will be very random when I can get online.

Current Status[edit]


Workin' hard for our money.
A little thank you…
For getting our wanted categories down to one page!.
Hugs, najzereT 04:18, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

The internet connection is more stable now but most of my systems are in boxes. If you need me I can send you my skype info.


My main objective is cleanup and maintenance sweeps. The current focus is getting the spelling list all into this year and adding footers. After that the goal will be working the wanted categories list and an audit of the completion levels 0 and 1.

Recent progress
  1. As of April 22, 2017 category red links are at 492. Mostly hard or research requiring ones left. First research project better be Perfect World. Are there multiple similar named companies? Double check disambig status on company pages and game page. Hopefully the game isn't a series.
  2. As of April 19, 2017 category red links are at 555.
  3. As of April 7, 2017 category red links are at 585.
  4. As of April 17, 2016 category red links are at 647. We are getting close to reaching the 1 page point!
  5. As of April 9, 2016 category red links are at 678.
  6. As of Mar 15, 2016 category red links are at 730. All easy image cats are up to date.
  7. As of Jan 28, 2016 category red links are barely below 800. Way to get through about 200 things. Ugh, keep going. Note: Is Elite a series too?
  8. This task started with a bit over 1,000 category red links. Boo.

Please note that I do not focus on walkthroughs. Cleanup and appendices are my thing. Most games are too fast paced for me to both enjoy and take notes at the same time (and lately I only have enough time to beat a game once if at all). If I do work on a walkthrough I'm horribly easily distracted while doing so.

My favorite pages[edit]

  • Loading: Pages/ideas that are being tweaked and notes live here. This is my personal sandbox and listing of my most commonly used/needed code.
  • Systems list: This is so helpful when working on infoboxes.
  • Listing of tags: These are helpful for flagging pages if they need something specific.

Specific task list[edit]

These are the main cleanup tasks I focus on. Please note my focus is quite scattered.

  • Checking through all stage 0 guides every year or so while upgrading the scattered guides with some degree of content. Done as of early 2011.
  • spelling sweeps are always important.
  • Keeping the amount of redlinks down by keeping up with stubbing wanted categories
    • Going through and fleshing out unloved company and series categories.
  • Making sure missing infoboxes and categories are up to date if I can find the information anywhere.

Guides I plan on working on[edit]

Even though Zaiqukaj has a very limited amount of time for game playing there are a few titles she is slowly working on gathering information (through actually playing them) for.

Actively focused on
  1. Found a started set of guide notes for Monster Rancher 2. Work to add that info into the guide followed by fleshing out everything within Getting Started.
  2. Beating Yo-kai Watch to be able to fill out appendices.


These are on my mind but I'm not working on them at the moment.

  1. Jade Cocoon 2
  2. Wonderswan titles need more love.
  3. Nintendogs would be pretty easy to get to a 2.
  4. Vandal Hearts could use some love.
  5. Any and all Summon Night things zai has should be worked on.
  6. Onimusha games could use some love.
  7. Get out the guide books and get the base encounter info down for most recent Pokémon games.
  8. Monster Hunter guides need fleshing out.
  9. Monster Rancher species info needs to be fleshed out for each version.
  10. Work on Operation research if I can find a good prize system or interest.

Game Related[edit]

My favorite types of games are Puzzle, RPGs, and anything that involves raising monsters for combat (except for Robopon. Robopon is really bad.). I am the worst at realistic types of racers and sports games. I've been playing a lot of shooters lately for those sweet sci-fi stories.


Even though I am horrible at completely beating games, I do hoard them.

ZOIDs collection[edit]

Also collect these but the games are really hard to find. List will be added later.


Despite some being bad I rather enjoy Digimon games. Slowly I'm trying to get all of them.

Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk
8th March 2009

Gold Trophy unlocked.pngCongratulations!Gold Trophy unlocked.png

Zaiqukaj is the winner of the Walkthrough competition!

Your guide, Digimon World: Dawn and Dusk, was the winning walkthrough!