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This section shows a breakdown of all the teams and players and their abilities. The quotes for each team are taken from the Super Soccer manual.

The table below compares the overall attributes of each team.

Team Stats
Rank Team Attack Defence Running
1st Germany 100 90 100
2nd Argentina 90 90 100
3rd Italy 80 100 100
4th Brazil 70 100 100
5th Holland 90 80 90
6th England 70 90 90
7th Cameroon 90 90 100
8th Romania 70 100 100
9th Ireland 40 90 70
10th France 70 50 70
11th USA 60 40 60
12th Japan 80 40 20
13th Colombia 70 30 50
14th Yugoslavia 40 40 40
15th Uruguay 30 40 40
16th Belgium 30 30 30
Special Nintendo 100 100 100


"A strong defence and super-charged attack are the keys to this team's overwhelming success against other teams. Of course, this team is the hot favourite to win."

# Player Position Attack Defence Running
1 Dolph GK 1 10 11
2 Franz DEF 5 10 11
3 Andre DEF 5 10 11
4 Arnie DEF 5 10 11
5 Karl DEF 5 10 11
6 Klaus MID 7 7 11
7 Lotar MID 12 12 13
8 Kurt MID 7 7 11
9 Max FOR 12 8 12
10 Rudi FOR 14 8 13
11 Hans FOR 9 4 11
12 Penn DEF 2 8 11
13 Otto FOR 8 3 11
14 Ulric MID 7 6 11
15 Byrne MID 7 6 11
16 Jorge MID 7 6 11

Star Players

Lotar (No. 7) and Rudi (No. 10) who appear to be based on the real-life players Lothar Matthäus and Rudi Voller. I rate Lotar as the third best player in Super Soccer behind Diego of Argentina and Jiro of Japan (seriously!).


"Argentina has one of the best players in the world. He led them to the world championship a few years ago."

Star Players

Diego (No. 7) and Oscar (No. 10). Diego seems to be based on real-life player Diego Maradona, one of the best real-life players of all time, and the best player on Super Soccer.


"A team conditioned to win. Italy's well-balanced offence and defence makes them one of the world's top teams."

Star Players

Luigi (No. 1) and Primo (No. 10). Primo is a good forward and quite fast, Luigi is probably the second best goalie in Super Soccer.


"This is a great soccer nation that has produced many famous players. With a solid defence and lightning quick attacks, this team will definitely challenge for the cup."

Star Players

Paulo (No. 8) and Edson (No. 10) who I guess I based on Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento). Both are relatively fast runners and have a decent shot.


"They've somehow lost a little of their magic, but pride will help Holland win the big game."

Star Players

Strikers Rolfe and Lane are Holland's best players, along with defender Hayes. Hayes is good for making runs from defence, while Lane and Rolfe are typical good forwards.


"This team is renowned for fair play which is appropriate for a country of gentlemen. England possesses a strong defence and plays well as a unit."

Star Players

Midfielder Allan and forward Brock are England's finest, probably based on Gascoigne and Lineker, the England heroes of the time. They are both decent players with good running speed, but nothing special.


"Cameroon is the most destructive team around. Their shoulder charges and rough play really stand out, so you'll have to keep a sharp eye on these hit men."

Star Players

Strikers Roger (No. 10) and Omam (No. 11), who are clearly based on Cameroon's real-life stars of the 1990 World Cup, Roger Milla and Francois Omam-Biyik. Roger is easily the best player for Cameroon and is one of the better forwards in Super Soccer.


"Romania has a decent offence and defence, but the players don't have any outstanding abilities."

Star Players

Nicul (No. 8) is by far Romania's best player is every area - he is as good as most of the players in the Germany and Argentina teams. Seems to be based on real-life Romanian star, Gheorghe Hagi.


"This team's defence is fantastic. They also boast a goalkeeper with the suitable nickname of 'Iron Curtain'!"

Star Players

Riley, the goalkeeper keeper is by far Ireland's best player and is also the best goalie in Super Soccer. He is based on real-life keeper, Pat Bonner. Ireland don't really have any other good players.


"This is a team of skilled individuals. The midfielders' exceptional ball-handling skills can be tough to handle."

Star Players

France's best players are Herve (No. 6) and Regis (No. 9). They also have a hidden gem sitting among the reserves, Yves (No. 13). Yves has a higher attack and defence rating than anyone else in the team, so if you play as France be sure to select him for the first team.


"The Americans like to show off their kicking strength, but they don't have much technique. Their enthusiasm is unmatched and could help generate an upset of a more powerful and experienced foe."

Star Players

The USA team doesn't really have any players that are stars but they have Brett (No. 8) who is a bit faster than all the other players. They also have a hidden good player in the reserves, Jason (No. 13) - his defence and attack ratings are the highest in the team but his terrible running speed lets him down.


"Japan's strikers are quick and attack with deadly accuracy. They must improve their defence, however, if they expect to challenge for the top spot in the world."

Star Players

Midfielder Jiro (No. 7) and forward Yoshi are infinitely better the rest of the Japan team put together. Apart from these 2 players. Japan have the worst team in the entire game, by a long way. However, Yoshi is a very good forward who has a better attack rating than anyone else in the whole game and Jiro is the second-best all round player in Super Soccer. Two very good secret weapons in an otherwise useless team. Japan also have to 'hidden' good players in the reserves - Jun and Shin. They are certainly not great players but if you play as Japan always make sure you select them in the starting eleven.


"This team has incredible jumping ability and constantly hustles to the ball. The Colombians often press into the offensive end without leaving many players back on defence. This aggressive style of play usually leads to high scoring contests."

Star Players

The goalkeeper, Loco, is by far the best player in this team. He can be used to make long runs from his goal as he is quicker and better than any attacking player for Colombia. The striker, Rico, is also a good player.


"The players on this team are great passers. Victories are a real possibility if the Yugoslavs can maintain pressure on their opponent's goal."

Star Players

Lajos (No. 9) is the only player in this team that stands out as being half decent, but he's still not very good. Yugoslavia are generally an all-round poor team.


"This team always uses sliding tackles to help them on the way to the top. They were once one of the mightiest teams in the world."

Star Players

Uruguay's best player is Cecil (No. 7) and he still isn't very good. This an all round poor team.


"This is the lowest ranked team, but if they compose themselves, take control of the situation, and attack, they could pull off an upset."

Star Players

Belgium's only decent player is midfielder Shell (No. 7). He still not very good though, compared to the star players of other teams.

Nintendo All Stars[edit]

  • Player: "What are you doing? Return the trophy to us!"
  • Referee: "Ha! Winning the trophy doesn't mean you are the true World Champions. If you want your trophy back you'll have to play against my team to determine the true World Champion."

Star Players

Well seeing as every player in the squad has at least one maximum rating of 15 and most have a 16 rating (which is above the normal maximum!!!), I guess the whole team are star players. But technically the very best players are Phil (MID), Mark (FOR) & Jeff (FOR). Every player is better than anything in any other team - if only you could be them!