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Stahn Aileron[edit]

Tales of Destiny Stahn Aileron.png

Stahn found the Swordian Dymlos and thus fate takes its inevitable course...

Tales of Destiny Stahn Aileron small.png


Dymlos is the Swordian of Fire and Stahn is his Carrier.

Mary Argent[edit]

Tales of Destiny Mary Argent.png

An excellent Fighter and also a master cook.

Tales of Destiny Mary Argent small.png

Rutee Katrea[edit]

Tales of Destiny Rutee Katrea.png

She is a Thief and very rude to Stahn in the beginning. Thanks to Atwight she can also be a Healerin.

Tales of Destiny Rutee Katrea small.png


Atwight is the Swordian of Water and Rutee is her Carrier.

Leon Magnus[edit]

Tales of Destiny Leon Magnus.png

A cold-hearted Swordsmaster from Seinegald, who came to capture some Thiefs, who broke in a Temple.

Tales of Destiny Leon Magnus small.png


Chaltier is the Swordian of Earth and Leon is his Carrier.

Philia Felice[edit]

Tales of Destiny Philia Felice.png

Philia is a Priest who got turned in stone by Lydon. She got freed by Stahn & co and join the Party to help fighting against Lydon. Thanks to Clemente she can cast a huge amout of spells.

Tales of Destiny Philia Felice small.png


Clemente is the Swordian of Lighting and Philia is his Carrier. He is a Pervert, coz he loves beatiful young Women as his Master.

Garr Kelvin[edit]

Tales of Destiny Garr Kelvin.png

He saves Stahn after the event on Draconis and join Stahn to get him to Janos.

Tales of Destiny Garr Kelvin small.png


Igtenos is the Swordian of Wind and Garr is his Carrier.

Karyl Sheedan[edit]

Tales of Destiny Karyl Sheedan.png

A lazyfree Singer who is from Sheedan.

Tales of Destiny Karyl Sheedan small.png

Chelsea Torn[edit]

Tales of Destiny Chelsea Torn.png

A very young little Girl who is good with Bows. She joins you very late in Game.

Tales of Destiny Chelsea Torn small.png

Bruiser Khang[edit]

Tales of Destiny Bruiser Khang.png

He is the Champion of the Arena. Defeat him after 8 straight fights to get him to join you.

Tales of Destiny Bruiser Khang small.png