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Gauntlet Legends Guide
Nintendo 64
By GaidinBDJ at GameFAQs
v1.42 (12/23/2004)

Alright, this document is officially copylefted.  Anybody who would like
to can take it, change it, update it, whatever.  I just ask that you keep
it open, and continue to credit myself, and whoever else contributes to it.

== 14. Credits ==
-Midway: For a great game
-Nintendo: For a great system
-Pepsi: For Mountain Dew, half of the real force behind this guide.
-Labatt Blue: The other half of the real force behind this guide.
-Vinny, the guy downstairs:  He lent me the game for the first time.
-Elf: What happened to the Elf?  (Don't say, he became the Archer. 
-Mr. Big Cheese Pizza:  It ain’t Papa John’s, but it’s still decent.

== 15. Contact Info ==
Contact info has been removed.  Guide no longer supported.

== 16. History ==
First edition. Got all the basic stuff in it, looks like a glorified 
instruction manual

Did alot of clean up work.  Fixed a whole pile of spelling mistakes, and 
fixed the formatting a bit.  Added Experience Guide, Tip/Tricks and 
Cheap Tricks section.  Also stuck a few things in the item list I forgot 
the first time around

v1.2 (1st published version)
I hereby dub this guide a (partial) walkthrough.  Got the Mountain 
section done.  More spelling and formatting.  Revised the Table of 
Contents, added a few Tips/Tricks, the Fun Stuff section, and other 
minor stuff.  Also stuck in a few GameShark Codes.

Added Castle Walkthrough, and made the spacing uniform.  Also fixed a 
few typos, and rephrased some stuff.  Somebody caught the mistake with 
the location of Sumner, that’s been fixed too.

-Minor Editing Version
-Rewrote Legal Info
-Changed Contact Info
-Yet more minor spelling and formatting changes
-New areas will (should) be added within a week

-Added Walkthrough for Town
-Changed some wording in the Legal Info
NOTE:  For any other FAQ writers out there, a laywer friend informed me 
that humor should not be included in legal-type disclaimers.  It makes 
it difficult because somebody could always claim that the whole thing 
was all a joke.  She also helped me with the wording, so it should make 
a decent general legal notice.

-Added a contrib for the Underworld
-Added a notation about the Chimera shard.

-Copylefted the FAQ

== 17. Legal Info ===

This FAQ is Copylefted.  All rights are freely given to any who desire them.

I ask, personally, that any contributions be credited and this section kept
intact, excepting additions of new credits.

Guide originally created by Barry D. Johnson (GaidinBDJ on GameFAQs)

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.