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GTA San Andreas Blood Bowl Guide (Short but efficient)[edit]

The guide is broken down in a few simple steps and tips.

- Realise that there are cars which will only try to block you and cars that will go for the same checkpoints as you do. If cars that block you pass through a checkpoint, they will not claim it.
- Keep in mind that when cars are destroyed new ones spawn, thus the cars that go for the checkpoints might change through the course of the race.
- If you know which cars go for the checkpoints you can forsee if you can go for a particular checkpoint or another car will get there first. If it'll get there first usually making a U turn and start driving to the opposite side of the stage gives you vision for the next checkpoint.
- Remember to use reverse to free yourself from the blocking cars.
- Remember that checkpoints also repair your engine. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Brianakias (talkcontribs) .