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  • Legal entry to San Fierro (i.e., completing GTA San Andreas radar Sweet.pngThe Green Sabre)
  • Location: Stadium in San Fierro (located at the trophy cup on the map)

This is a demolition derby with a computer-controlled team-mate riding shotgun, except they are actually packing SMGs. The object is to collect checkpoints and avoid damage to your car. You start with 0:30 on the timer and each checkpoint earns you 0:15 more. If it gets to zero, you lose. If it gets to 1:00, you win.

There are car repair powerups (glowing wrenches) on the course, too. Pick up these to reduce the damage to your car.

Of all the things reqired for 100% completion, this may be the most frustrating one for the sole reason it pretty much boils down to luck whether one succeed or not and is hardly skill-related. The AI competition is mixed, one portion consists of cars that will harass you by crashing into you and firing upon you . The other smaller portion will go for the same checkpoints that the player need (the "aggressor cars" will not claim a checkpoint even if they drive through one). The AI cars are randomly assigned as they spawn, new ones will spawn as old ones are destroyed.

A further obstacle is the poor acceleration and handling of the player car that will frequently spin out of control when hit by the nimble and fast AI cars. Finally, one can't exit the car and say handicap the other cars that go for the checkpoints by shooting their tires, nor exit the vehicle after it has sustained a lot of damage and is about to explode...


  • Realise that there are cars which will only try to block you and cars that will go for the same checkpoints as you do. If cars that block you pass through a checkpoint, they will not claim it.
  • Keep in mind that when cars are destroyed, new ones spawn, thus the cars that go for the checkpoints might change through the course of the race.
  • If you know which cars go for the checkpoints, you can foresee if you can go for a particular checkpoint or another car will get there first. If it'll get there first, usually making a U-turn and starting to drive to the opposite side of the stage gives you vision for the next checkpoint.
  • Remember to use reverse to free yourself from the blocking cars.
  • Remember that checkpoints also repair your engine.