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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar CesarVialpando.pngTest Drive
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar CesarVialpando.pngCJ's garage, Doherty, San Fierro

This is your introduction to the Import/Export Crane of San Andreas. Follow the onscreen instructions for positioning the crane arm over your target and raising/lowering/releasing the magnet. Move each container off the ship until you find the crate with the target car in it. There is no time limit here so take your time here to get the hang of the crane.

After the target car is found some guys will drive up determined to stop your thievery. Exit the crane, waste them and return the car to the garage.

The amount of cash you receive will depend on the amount of damage dealt to the car before you return it.


  • Cash: Up to $10,000 (see above)
  • Respect: +5
  • Import/Export collection mission opens.