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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Throughout the various missions and cut scenes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, set in 1992, a number of recurring characters appear. Prominent characters are listed here in rough order of appearance. The order in which some of these characters appear in-game depends upon the sequence in which the player completes certain missions.

Major characters[edit]

Carl "CJ" Johnson[edit]

Carl "CJ" Johnson.
  • Introduced in: Introduction; airport cut scene

Carl "CJ" Johnson (born june 24, 1968) is the protagonist, anti-hero, and player-controlled character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The game's storyline revolves around Carl's return to San Andreas after five years in Liberty City because his mother was killed in a drive-by shooting. CJ decides early on that he intends to remain on the west coast rather than return after his mother's funeral, and the game's storyline focuses on his attempts to rebuild the life he left behind five years before. Carl helps restore his old gang, the Grove Street Families, to prominence. He also works on several independent business ventures and gains new friends and associates.

Officer Frank Tenpenny[edit]

File:GTASA Tenpenny.jpg
Frank Tenpenny.
  • Introduced in: Introduction; police arrest cut scene
  • Dies in: "End of the Line"

Officer Frank Tenpenny (born March 12, 1950) is a corrupt officer of Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) and a member of C.R.A.S.H.. He serves as the main antagonist of the game.

Tenpenny claims that his approach to the job is about "percentages" and that his philosophy calls for overlooking some crime to achieve a greater good. It appears that he believes what he says, but in reality Tenpenny and his unit are corrupt to the core and terrorize gang leaders in a fashion much like a gang themselves, except with the power of law enforcement behind them. They can kill indiscriminately and are skimming the profits from the rival gangs. Tenpenny himself is a polluting influence, convincing good cops to abandon their ideals and assist in his pursuits. He shows a callous unconcern for the people surrounding him, particularly those like Carl whom he has power over. He sees such people as tools and eliminates all of those who either outlive their usefulness to him or get in his way. Tenpenny exhibits megalomania and considers himself above the law. He believes that because he does good work, he is entitled to enrich himself at the city's expense.

Tenpenny rides with Pulaski and a third C.R.A.S.H. member. Prior to the game's storyline, the third member is Ralph Pendelbury, whom Tenpenny has killed in The Introduction for cooperating with internal affairs. Just prior to Pendelbury's murder, Tenpenny and Pulaski brief their newest recruit, Officer Hernandez, in a scene reminiscent of the film Training Day. They both order Hernandez to pull the trigger on Pendelbury, thereby initiating Hernandez into their distorted view of things.

Tenpenny has known CJ at least since Brian Johnson's death, and CJ recognizes Tenpenny and calls him by name from the very beginning of the game. Tenpenny likes to "step on" CJ on a regular basis to remind him who's in charge. Tenpenny has a great deal of power over and influence on Los Santos' criminals, and he warns CJ early in the game that "we could shit on you from such a height, you'll think God himself has crapped on you." He sees CJ as another tool in his dirty dealings. He and Pulaski extort several GSF members, including Smoke and Ryder, but Tenpenny appears to take pleasure in exercising control over CJ specifically.

While Tenpenny claims he is pitting the gangs against each other to wipe them all out, he is actually allied with the Ballas, who (unlike the GSF) have no reservations against dealing crack cocaine. C.R.A.S.H. lets the Ballas flood the city with drugs, which turns many GSF members into addicts, effectively crushing their gang. Tenpenny also convinces Smoke to betray his gang in return for heading up the drug operation. Tenpenny and Pulaski were involved with the drive-by that killed Beverly Johnson, CJ's mother. When CJ returns for the funeral, C.R.A.S.H. frames him for Pendelbury's murder and threatens to arrest him if he does not do work for Tenpenny.

Later, Tenpenny and Pulaski kidnap CJ following a large gang assault beneath the Mulholland Intersection. Sweet, wounded in the battle, is arrested and later convicted for several felonies. Tenpenny ensures that CJ would not be arrested to keep him available to perform C.R.A.S.H.'s dirty work. They drive CJ miles away to Whetstone and dump him in the woods with orders to kill an FBI witness. He also tells CJ, who now knows of Big Smoke's involvement with C.R.A.S.H., not to kill Big Smoke, or Sweet will be put on a Ballas cell block. Tenpenny and Pulaski surface every so often to lean on CJ and usually order him to kill or discredit someone who threatens to expose the true nature of C.R.A.S.H.

With Big Smoke ruling Los Santos as its crack kingpin under C.R.A.S.H.'s control, Tenpenny's reach is expanding. Despite this, the FBI is starting to investigate the wave of drugs crippling the city. CJ finally outlives his usefulness to Tenpenny and Pulaski, who are becoming edgy and less tolerant of loose ends by the time CJ reaches Las Venturas. They drive CJ out to the desert, where Tenpenny hits Hernandez in the head with a shovel because Hernandez has reported them to Internal Affairs. He drives off, leaving CJ to dig Hernandez's grave under Pulaski's gunpoint.

Tenpenny is eventually charged for racketeering, corruption, possession and use of narcotics, and numerous sexual assaults. However, as all the prosecution's witnesses have either been killed by CJ or otherwise gone missing, Tenpenny is acquitted, which ignites a riot in Los Santos reminiscent of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Just after CJ kills Big Smoke, Tenpenny shows up with a suitcase full of drug money. He plans to flee the city by plane with the help of some new recruits in the force who are ready for him to "open their eyes" to his way of thinking. Hoping to kill CJ, Tenpenny starts a fire in the drug lab downstairs and then flees in a fire truck. Sweet, however, hangs on to the fire truck's ladder. After a chase around the city, CJ maneuvers so that Sweet falls into the passenger seat of his car, and they continue to chase Tenpenny.

In the last cut scene of the storyline, the fire engine runs off an overpass and lands in a wreck right in the heart of Grove Street. A bloodied and broken Tenpenny crawls out calling for backup. Realizing no one is coming, he curses everyone, including the police force. He then dies from his injuries. CJ and the rest of his crew examine the body, and CJ moves in with his pistol to "make sure it's over". Sweet stops him, saying that there's no need to leave any evidence. "Just a cop killed in a traffic accident" says Sweet. Radio reports say that Tenpenny's corpse is mutilated and stripped by the homeless.

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris[edit]

File:GTASA BigSmoke.jpg
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris.
  • Introduced in: "Big Smoke"
  • Killed in: "End of the Line"

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris (born October 9, 1965) begins his role in the game as a senior member of the Grove Street Families. He is overweight, which provides some comic relief early in the game. He later becomes the story's secondary antagonist as he betrays the GSF to become Los Santos's biggest drug kingpin in league with the Ballas and Vagos. Early in the storyline, there are several signs of Big Smoke's disloyalty to the gang: he has moved out of Grove Street to live in a new home in Idlewood (Ballas territory), and there is suspicion that he paid for the house with drug money, despite his insistence that it was money from his aunt.

Before he openly betrays the GSF, there are indications that Smoke's heart is no longer with the gang. For instance, in the mission "Drive Thru", when the rest of the gang shoots at a Ballas car that has attacked them, Smoke sits in the back seat eating fast food. The missions Smoke performs with CJ are generally tangential to the operations of the gang, despite Smoke's assertions to the contrary. He gets involved in conflicts with non-native gangs, including the Russian mob and the San Fierro Rifas. Furthermore, Officer Tenpenny and his underlings show up at Big Smoke's house during the beginning of several missions, suggesting familiarity, although Big Smoke claims each time that they are attempting to extract information from him.

In The Introduction, Smoke tries to convince Sweet to allow the GSF sell hard drugs, saying that the Ballas have gotten rich and powerful due to drug sales, while the GSF have lost power. Sweet refuses on the grounds that he doesn't want to enrich himself at the expense of his neighborhood. Meanwhile, Smoke easily convinces Ryder to his side during a private meeting. Their true nature is revealed in the game when CJ witnesses them meeting with the Ballas and C.R.A.S.H. in a garage with the green Sabre used in the assassination of Beverly Johnson. When CJ wants to know what Tenpenny and Pulaski did to cause Smoke's betrayal, Pulaski says, "Smoke does what he's told! He learned that lesson a long time ago." C.R.A.S.H. props up Smoke so that they can control the drug trade through him and destroy the GSF.

With the prospect of power, money, and fame in the drug business too great for Big Smoke to resist, he establishes a drug delivery venture with the Loco Syndicate in San Fierro with the help of the Ballas. Smoke runs drug factories in both Los Santos and San Fierro. Smoke's couriers bring money from Los Santos to San Fierro one day a week, and on another, drugs are delivered from San Fierro to Los Santos. The final mission CJ undertakes in San Fierro requires him to destroy the main factory there.

After CJ is exiled from Los Santos, Smoke also becomes the manager of OG Loc and opens an orphanage in Los Santos. Smoke cultivates an image as someone who made it out of the ghetto with hard work and wants to give back to his old neighborhood in the form of philanthropy. Ironically, he publicly pronounces his desire to "keep the street clean of drugs". The media reports this version of events and does not appear to question where his money has come from.

At the height of his power, Smoke lives in a large, heavily fortified crack den, referred to as a "crack palace", deep in Balla territory. He lives in luxury and has the full protection of the Ballas and Vagos, who have unrivaled control of the streets. However, as time progresses, Smoke becomes increasingly paranoid and stops leaving his home because he believes someone will try to take over his business. As Smoke's influence expands, his old gang erodes, and many Grove Street foot soldiers become addicted to crack and no longer care about fighting to defend their territory.

In the final mission of the game, Carl enters Big Smoke's crack palace amid a citywide riot to confront Big Smoke for the first time since CJ left Los Santos. He finds Smoke wearing an armored vest, smoking crack, and playing videogames. Even while staring down CJ's gun, Smoke refuses to admit wrongdoing and proclaims: "I made it, CJ, I'm a success, I can't be touched!". In a moment of pity, CJ asks, "What happened to you, man?" to which Smoke replies, "What the fuck do you care?" The lights go out, and CJ kills his former friend in a gun battle.

As he dies, Smoke explains that he betrayed the gang because he finally saw an opportunity to become rich and famous, and took it without caring about the consequences; Smoke says that because of his greedy nature, he had no choice in the matter. With his dying breath, Big Smoke boasts, "Everyone will remember my name, Big Smoke!"

Big Smoke's license plate reads: "A2TMFK" which comes out to "A two timing fuck" which hints towards his betrayal of Grove Street.

Sean "Sweet" Johnson[edit]

File:GTASA Sweet.jpg
Sean "Sweet" Johnson.
  • Introduced in: Introduction; airport cut scene (on the phone) / "Sweet & Kendl" (in person)

Sean "Sweet" Johnson (born June 16, 1966) is CJ's older brother. He lives in a single floor home just next to the Johnson House. Sweet also has an unnamed girlfriend, who only appears in one mission. Sweet blames CJ for the murder of their little brother Brian, which prompts Carl to leave Los Santos. Compared to CJ, Smoke and Ryder, Sweet's approach to gangbanging is more philosophical and socially conscious.

Throughout the storyline, Sweet remains dedicated to his family, gang, and neighborhood. He refuses to allow the spread of hard drugs into the area, which causes his top lieutenant, Big Smoke, to turn on him. Several times, including in The Introduction, Sweet says that he is a gangbanger "for the hood", which stands in opposition to Smoke, who is out for money, and Ryder, who wants personal renown. Although Sweet never defines exactly what he means by being in it for the hood, his actions suggest that he views the gang as a means for people in his neighborhood to support themselves given the lack of legitimate opportunities they would otherwise receive. He also uses the gang to improve the quality of life in Ganton, particularly when he drives out the crack addicts and drug dealers later in the game and refuses to move out of Grove Street, even as CJ has gotten rich and acquired much more lavish accommodations.

After his initial return to Los Santos, CJ aids Sweet in restoring the GSF to its former glory. Sweet starts to put aside old grudges and decides CJ has earned his chance to redeem himself. However, despite CJ almost singlehandedly putting the GSF back on the map, Smoke and Ryder have already betrayed the gang. During a meeting between the different sets of Families gangs, the police suddenly raid the hotel where the meeting is taking place. CJ rescues his brother and they escape, but shortly afterward, Sweet is lured into a Balla ambush beneath a highway intersection. His wounds leave him unable to defend himself as CJ arrives and fights back at the attackers, but the police surround and arrest them both as the Ballas clear out.

Later, Carl encounters Mike Toreno, a government agent, who uses threats of bringing harm to Sweet to force CJ to work for him. So long as CJ cooperates, Sweet will be protected and, Toreno promises, eventually released. If CJ missteps or refuses to work for Toreno, Sweet will be forced to face hostile inmates alone.

Toreno eventually has Sweet released as promised. Carl comes to pick him up and take him to live at Madd Dogg's mansion, but Sweet will have none of it. He insists on being driven back to Grove Street. CJ, who knows that Ballas control the streets now and that Grove Street OGs have abandoned gangbanging for drugs, wants to leave the hood behind and share his newfound success with Sweet. Sweet accuses CJ of running away from "what's real" and says that he sounds "just like Smoke".

Sweet's prodding finally gets to CJ, and slowly but surely, the two rebuild the GSF's dominance in the neighborhood again. At first, it seems futile; the drug dealers are legion and all of Sweet's men have been reduced to addicts. Sweet almost gives in to crack himself, but CJ stops him at the last moment. With CJ's help, the GSF drive the Ballas back and expose Big Smoke's secret location.

After Smoke's death and the fiery destruction of his drug palace, Officer Tenpenny flees from the scene in a fire truck. Sweet is outraged and refuses to let Tenpenny escape justice again; he jumps onto the truck's ladder and is carried away with the speeding vehicle. CJ must race after them with his convertible under the ladder to keep Sweet from falling to his death; after a hazardous trip through the hills and valleys of Los Santos, the swinging ladder finally hangs over the car and Sweet drops safely into the passenger side. After a long chase, Tenpenny loses control, crashes, and dies. Following the Los Santos riots and the removal of Big Smoke and Tenpenny's influence, Sweet's mission to restore the GSF to prominence is complete.

Sweet owns a light blue Greenwood sedan, bearing "GROVE4L" (Grove for life) number plates and is extensively used, and wrecked in several Los Santos missions, even blowing up at one point after crashing through a billboard and a fuel tanker. Also, when Sweet has to buy a car again, he buys an identical car. (saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it"). In earlier previews of San Andreas, Sweet was seen wearing a black t-shirt over a white one, and a skullcap; his design was changed in the final version (however, Sweet in his old attire design can be seen on hung pictures in the Johnson house).

Cesar Vialpando[edit]

File:GTASA Cesar.jpg
Cesar Vialpando.

Introduced in: "Cesar Vialpando"

Cesar Vialpando (born February 6, 1964) is Kendl's boyfriend and the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas. CJ is initially cold toward Cesar, but they later become best friends. Passionate about cars, Cesar is a skilled mechanic and driver.

At the beginning of the game, Sweet expresses his disapproval, on racial grounds, of Kendl and Cesar's relationship and sends Carl to follow them. After CJ wins a lowrider contest, Cesar offers his friendship, and Carl begins to warm to him. He also reveals to Carl who has betrayed the gang when he calls him to his vehicle just under a bridge and points Smoke and Ryder out to him. Unfortunately, Sweet has walked into a Balla ambush and, like CJ, he is forced to flee Los Santos and, like CJ's gang, the GSFs, Cesar's gang, the Aztecas are also forced into hiding. With their former allies incarcerated, missing, or responsible for betraying them, Cesar and Carl form a quick alliance and friendship. Cesar works to discern information about the organizations responsible for the San Andreas drug trade, while Carl concentrates on making money to help them get back on their feet. Cesar sends Carl to work with his cousin Catalina.

After arriving in San Fierro, Cesar works with CJ and Kendl on their garage and auto dealership businesses. Cesar uses his mechanical and driving skills to obtain several sports cars for this purpose. Contemporaneously, he continues to gather intelligence and, along with Carl, puts a plan in motion to attack the people who double crossed them. With help from Wu Zi Mu and his Triad organization, Cesar and Carl kill Ryder and T-Bone Mendez and topple the Loco Syndicate, one of Big Smoke's largest suppliers.

Afterward, Cesar aids CJ in one mission for Mike Toreno and then does not appear again until the group returns to Los Santos. There, in "Los Desperados", one of the final missions, Cesar resolves the loose ends surrounding his character. With CJ's help, he gains revenge on the Vagos and reclaims his house and gang territory. He also tells CJ he wants to propose to Kendl.

Wu Zi Mu ("Woozie")[edit]

File:GTASA Woozie.jpg
Wu Zi Mu ("Woozie").

Introduced in: "Wu Zi Mu"

Wu Zi Mu (born August 8, 1965), known to his friends as "Woozie", is the blind leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys Triads, based in San Fierro's Chinatown and in Las Venturas, where he owns the newly opened Four Dragons Casino. In Las Venturas, Woozie and Carl plan and execute a robbery at Caligula's Casino.

Woozie is nicknamed the "Lucky Mole" because he is blessed with good fortune, most notably from his capability to compete in a car race and beating Carl in a round of video games, all despite his blindness. There are, however, humorous occasions when he runs into walls, as well as indications that his cohorts manipulate the outcome of games played with Woozie so that he will always win. For example, Woozie always beats his underlings at blackjack, despite the fact he can't read the cards. In the one game he plays against Carl, Woozie keeps asking for cards until he finally stands with 47, and then blames Carl for being "bad luck". Another time, while practicing putting, his henchmen move the target cup into the path of Woozie's ball and out of the path of CJ's. Woozie is also incapable undertaking a mission that requires swimming, since his other working senses are ineffective underwater. He is able to swim if, in the course of a mission, the player leads him into water.

Though Woozie can become brutal and foul-mouthed when angry, he is by all accounts a peaceful and, within the realm of criminals, honorable man. He is one whom power has not tainted, and as such, Woozie remains a faithful and trustworthy friend, accomplice, and informant to Carl to the end of the game. Six years later in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, it is indicated that Woozie's casino venture in Las Venturas is a huge success, and by this time the Four Dragons is the location of many entertainment venues, concerts and important events.

Supporting characters[edit]

Officer Eddie Pulaski[edit]

Introduced in: Introduction; police arrest cut scene

Killed in: "High Noon"

Officer Eddie Pulaski (born February 27, 1956) is Frank Tenpenny's henchman, which makes him a secondary antagonist. Pulaski, fully indoctrinated into Tenpenny's approach to police work, has a high level of deluded trust in the man and considers him a close friend. However, Tenpenny measures people only by how useful they are to him, and Pulaski is useful so long as he helped Tenpenny cover his back. In "The Introduction" Pulaski calls Tenpenny "pal", to which Tenpenny says, "Pal? I'm your superior officer and don't you forget that shit!" Pulaski also shares Tenpenny's belief that CJ and people like him are at best useful idiots and at worst less than human.

Pulaski is a violent and trigger-happy thug. While Tenpenny is depicted as a megalomaniac who lacks a conscience, Pulaski is merely a degenerate, ignorant thrill seeker. There is little to suggest that Pulaski ever thinks for himself or has insight into the events surrounding him. He is a racist and joins his partner in calling Officer Hernandez racial slurs. During Hernandez's initiation in The Introduction, Pulaski joins Tenpenny in forcing the idealistic recruit to shoot Officer Pendelberry, their former partner (and would-be informant).

Pulaski assists Tenpenny in helping the Ballas run drugs into Los Santos. He is also present when the hit on CJ and Sweet Johnson's mother is called. Hernandez, who suffers constant harassment by his C.R.A.S.H. "partners", reports Tenpenny and Pulaski to Internal Affairs. All three drive out to the desert ghost town of Las Brujas during the mission "High Noon" to collect the evidence the FBI compiled on them from CJ. Tenpenny hits Hernandez in the back of the head with a shovel the second he leaves the car, saying he sold them out. Tenpenny drives off, leaving Pulaski to hold CJ at gunpoint and force him to dig Hernandez's (and subsequently his own) grave. CJ tries to reason with Pulaski and convince him that Tenpenny will kill him too in order to silence the last person who knows about his corruption, but Pulaski refuses to listen. Hernandez suddenly springs to life and tackles Pulaski, who fatally shoots him. When CJ chases after him, Pulaski spews vile statements about CJ's mother and sister. Enraged, CJ runs Pulaski's car off the road and mortally wounds him. In his final moments, CJ asks "any last requests?". Pulaski asks CJ if he could have sex with his sister, and Carl, angry and disgusted, finishes Pulaski with a stomp to the head.

Officer Jimmy Hernandez[edit]

Introduced in: Introduction; police arrest cut scene

Killed in: "High Noon"

Officer Jimmy Hernandez (born August 4, 1967) is the newest member of C.R.A.S.H. He is the rookie officer, and is given little, if any, respect from Tenpenny and Pulaski; he is assigned the task of fetching meat for their barbecue, and is subject to racial slurs. Unlike his other two counterparts, he doesn't share their corrupt view of how the law should be handled. They both try to convince Hernandez through the genre of their daily work such as shooting a dying cop both Tenpenny and Pulaski beat down to keep from talking.

In The Introduction prequel film, Tenpenny berates him for describing a moral quandary involved with a domestic dispute case. Hernandez describes his difficulty deciding whether to take the abusive husband to jail, leaving the children with their drug-abusing mother, or let the husband go unpunished for beating his wife. Tenpenny says that if Hernandez can't handle that case, he won't be able to handle the "drug dealers, gang bangers and psychotics" that Tenpenny deals with on a daily basis. After a lecture about the need to "do what it takes" in maintaining the bigger picture, Tenpenny orders Hernandez out of the car.

After he finally realizes that things have been taken too far with Tenpenny's multiple acts of conspiracy, he decides to report all of C.R.A.S.H.'s crimes of corruption up to the point where he was working with them. He is later knocked unconscious with a shovel and left to die during "High Noon" for selling out Tenpenny and Pulaski, and almost ends up buried in Bone County by Pulaski. However, he recovers from the shovel attack and subsequently saves CJ's life by lunging at Pulaski (who was holding CJ at gunpoint), who then viciously shoots him in the chest killing him.

Kendl Johnson[edit]

  • Introduced in: "Sweet & Kendl"

Kendl Johnson (born September 13, 1972) is CJ and Sweet's sister. She is also Cesar Vialpando's girlfriend. She wears green clothing to indicate her affiliation with the Grove Street Families. After learning about Big Smoke and Ryder's betrayal, CJ requests that Cesar bring Kendl to safety by fleeing from Los Santos. Later in the storyline, Cesar pondered proposing to Kendl, but the question of whether Kendl accepted or not remains unanswered. It is assumed they did get engaged.

Kendl is depicted as intelligent and pragmatic, which suggests that although her brothers turned to crime as a last resort to support themselves, Kendl could become successful within the bounds of the law. She possesses entrepreneurial talents, strong willpower, creativity, and a sense of leadership. She has little tolerance for whining or complaining, which causes CJ and others to regard her as a bit bossy.

Lance "Ryder" Wilson[edit]

  • Introduced in: "Sweet & Kendl"
  • Killed in: "Pier 69"

Lance "Ryder" Wilson (born March 13, 1971) is a senior member of the Grove Street Families, who lives in a home neighboring the Johnson House and smokes large quantities of marijuana laced with PCP. In an effort to supply the GSF with new firearms and weapons, Ryder calls in CJ to help steal some weaponry from several locations, including the home of a heavily-armed war veteran (Colonel Fuhrberger), a forcibly stopped ammunition train and a National Guard weapons depot.

Ryder has delusions of grandeur and a possible Napoleon complex stemming from his small stature. He fancies himself a genius and claims that he didn't finish school because he was "too intelligent" and not because of his involvement with the GSF. In The Introduction, Big Smoke approaches him with an offer to betray the Grove Street Families in order to break into the drug trade. After little convincing, Ryder accepts.

When CJ returns and begins his rise in the Grove Street Families, Ryder becomes increasingly jealous even though he's already aligned with the Ballas. Cesar takes CJ to witness both Smoke and Ryder emerging from a garage and talking to Officer Tenpenny; a green Sabre car that is involved in the slaying of CJ's mother is inside. It is implied that both Smoke and Ryder were involved in the hit.

After betraying CJ and accelerating the fall of the GSF in Los Santos, Ryder aids Big Smoke in establishing a drug trade with the Loco Syndicate and thus flooding Los Santos with crack cocaine. He later appears in San Fierro. Ryder, T-Bone Mendez and the Ballas meet for a deal. After CJ and Cesar, along with a horde of Triads, riddle T-Bone with bullets on the pier. When Ryder is trying to run away, CJ shoots him, and Ryder falls in the water dead. Alternatively, the player can have CJ shoot Ryder from the pier with a sniper rifle as he swims away.

In a bit of foreshadowing, CJ tells Ryder during an early mission, "One day, you'll wish you hadn't pissed me off." It was later revealed by Cesar that Ryder tried to have sex with Kendl.

Ryder owns a maroon Coupe Utility (an El Camino look-alike referred to in-game as a "Picador") with a license plate reading "SHERM", a slang term for PCP (CJ calls Ryder "sherm-head" throughout the game). Throughout the game, Ryder has a habit of calling CJ a "buster". CJ also mentions that Ryder has been dealing drugs since he was 10, and once beat up a teacher who was wearing purple, a rival gang color.

Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross[edit]

  • Introduced in: "OG Loc"

Jeffrey Cross (born December 23, 1972) is Carl's friend and neighbor who pursues a rapping career in the mold of 1990s West Coast gangsta rappers. Although he is not a member of the GSF, he assumes a "gangsta" nickname, OG Loc, and commits minor crimes such as joyriding specifically to get sent to jail and therefore improve his street credibility. However, Loc's rapping is terrible and even his friends find it unbearable to listen to. It is a running gag that his name "Oh-gee Loc" frequently is mispronounced; radio talk show host Lazlow calls him "Oglock", music DJ Sage talks about "Oge Loke", and his rival Madd Dogg rues the day that his number one position was taken over by "G Loco". One of CJ's girlfriends calls him "OG Joke."

In The Introduction, Sweet tells Loc to abandon his fantasies about being a gangster and instead to enter college and make something of himself, and in-game dialogue suggests that Smoke also believes that Jeffrey is more suited to go to college. However, he refuses, saying that rapping is his true calling. The game suggests that while in prison, Loc engaged in homosexual activities with Freddy, an inmate, as mentioned in dialogue when CJ and Loc pursue and kill Freddy shortly after Loc's release from jail. After being paroled, Loc is given a job as a janitor (which he refers to as a "Hygiene Technician") at a local fast food restaurant.

While working at the restaurant, OG Loc asks CJ to aid him in jumpstarting his music career by stealing some music equipment from a beach party and a rhyme book from Los Santos hip-hop star Madd Dogg. Loc also has CJ derail Madd Dogg's career further by killing his manager, who was pulling strings to have Loc's career literally end before it started. Shortly afterwards, Loc quits his job, having decided that he'd rather violate his parole and return to jail than work at a job that "ain't gangsta". However, as CJ's actions send Madd Dogg into decline and depression, Loc is afforded the opportunity to rise to stardom. After CJ's friends betray him and he is exiled from Los Santos, Loc becomes a mainstream success with help from his agent, Big Smoke.

Later in the game, after CJ saves Madd Dogg's life and is rewarded with a position as his manager in Las Venturas, the two pursue OG Loc to reclaim Dogg's rhyme book. After a lengthy chase, the two men corner Loc, who agrees to give up rap and leave them alone from then on.

Madd Dogg[edit]

Introduced in: "Madd Dogg", although he may be heard on WCTR and Radio Los Santos beforehand.

Madd Dogg (born February 19, 1964) is one of Los Santos' most well-known rappers. Shortly after CJ's arrival in Los Santos, Madd Dogg was at the height of his career, having just released his own line of clothing, as well as numerous other merchandises. Madd Dogg's career suffers a decline after CJ steals his rhyme book and kills his manager, in an effort to jumpstart OG Loc's music career.

Madd Dogg experiences a period of depression, during which he gambles away his mansion in Mulholland to a Vagos drug kingpin and skips a concert in Venturas to gamble the rest of his money away. In a bid to commit suicide, Madd Dogg appears on the ledge of a casino, drunk, and threatens to jump to his death. With people in the crowd below taking bets to whether or not he will actually jump (and asking him to remove some of his expensive clothing before doing so,) CJ saves him at the last minute by catching his falling body with a pickup truck.

CJ then takes Madd Dogg to rehab. After getting out, Madd Dogg, grateful, makes CJ his new manager. Carl makes up for his part in ruining Dogg's career by seizing his mansion back and restoring his name in the rap industry. CJ and Madd Dogg pursue OG Loc to reclaim Dogg's rhyme book and frighten Loc into giving up rap and leaving them alone. At game's end, Madd Dogg's comeback results in a gold record.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, a billboard just outside Toni Cipriani's apartment in Portland, Liberty City, advertises release of digitally remastered Madd Dogg's album Still Madd in 1998.


Introduced in: "First Date"

Catalina (born March 19, 1973) is Cesar Vialpando's cousin who lives in a secluded cabin in the rural Fern Ridge area. She is almost completely insane, extremely violent, and exhibits strong misandric tendencies. After CJ is displaced to the Badlands, Cesar suggests that he seek out Catalina for work.

The second CJ meets Catalina, he dislikes her. She is impatient, insulting, obnoxious and never admits wrongdoing. Catalina insists they go on a crime spree in the countryside, robbing several businesses. While this is going on, Catalina decides by herself that she is CJ's new girlfriend and threatens to kill him if he does not go along with it.

At the beginning of the second heist, Catalina puts CJ through an extreme off-screen BDSM session. CJ voices his disinterest, fear, and lack of comfort, but Catalina proceeds undeterred. As a result, CJ is even more put off by how crazy Catalina is, but what she calls his "lack of passion" just makes Catalina erupt in anger at random. CJ is more interested in getting some quick cash to get back on his feet than dating Catalina, though he does try to make it work.

However, no matter what CJ says or does, Catalina continues to berate him and call him a failure. In one mission cut scene, she threatens to kill anyone who messes with her, especially CJ, simply because she has a bad mood. She eventually "breaks up" with CJ and finds herself a new boyfriend, Claude, the silent protagonist from Grand Theft Auto III. Catalina and Claude leave together for Liberty City, setting up the events of GTA III.

Catalina is a dangerous psychopath: she is homicidal and appears to suffer from a persecution complex, which might date back to her stepfather. "You were slow and stupid," she says, "like a big fat brat that eats chocolate while his father gives nothing to his stepdaughter but stale bread!"

After Catalina and Claude's departure, Catalina attempts but fails to get to CJ by making phone calls to him. After the last mission of the game, Catalina calls in the middle of having sex with Claude and therefore forces CJ to listen. He says, "Catalina! You sick! Get help!" She responds by saying, "And you, Carl, you are jealous!"

The Truth[edit]

Introduced in: "Body Harvest", although he may be heard on WCTR beforehand.

The Truth is an aging hippie who initially lives in the mountains on the outskirts of San Fierro and previously owned a marijuana farm. The Truth contacts CJ while he is in exile in the San Fierro hills and tells him to meet him at a roadside motel. When CJ arrives, he finds Tenpenny smoking Truth's marijuana from a bong. The Truth asks for CJ's help in the theft of a combine harvester from a ranch belonging to survivalists.

The Truth supplies Tenpenny with free drugs because of an erroneous belief that the crooked officer would shield him from prosecution in exchange. However, Truth pays for his misplaced faith when Tenpenny calls in a raid on his farm. The Truth is forced to destroy his crops before the authorities arrive. He supplies CJ with a flamethrower to burn the plants and an RPG-7 (which he intended to convert into a lamp) to shoot down a police helicopter. The Truth travels with CJ to San Fierro and introduces him to a couple of mechanics, who then go to work at CJ's garage.

After CJ purchases an abandoned airfield on the outskirts of Las Venturas, Truth appears without warning at the airfield. He somehow knows Mike Toreno's identity and is appalled at what CJ is doing for him. The Truth wants to help CJ redeem himself, this time by stealing covert technology. He drives CJ out to a military base (not found on any map) and ditches him there. CJ is required to infiltrate the Area 69 base to steal an experimental jetpack known as "The Black Project" from the bowels of the complex and take off. The Truth returns later, this time to have CJ to use the jetpack to nab a containment unit being transported by a heavily guarded military train. CJ succeeds and takes the canister back to his airstrip, where it is revealed to contain "green goo" of unknown origin. The Truth goes ecstatic, proclaiming, "They will call this 'Year Zero!'" before running off again without any explanation.

Truth plays a secondary role afterward, visiting Madd Dogg's mansion to visit CJ and his associates. He last appears standing over Officer Tenpenny's corpse along with the rest of the characters, commenting that CJ has "beat the system" and is his "total inspiration".

At first glance, Truth is a stoner and crazed conspiracy theorist. At one point, he makes CJ park his vehicle at random locations and waits for black vans to drive by, telling him to "think about a yellow rubber duck". He also mentions the 23 theory. However the more he talks, the more his bizarre theories are in synch with what CJ knows about Mike Toreno. The Truth is apparently well aware of conspiracies surrounding the government and aliens, which causes CJ to wonder whether he's really crazy after all.

The Truth owns an environmentally-friendly hippie van dubbed "The Mothership", whose engine is "held together by a Macramé hammock", and runs on "15-year-old cooking oil". He is also acquainted with many characters from past games, such as Dwaine and Jethro from Vice City, as well as Kent Paul and Maccer. He heavily smokes marijuana and does countless psychedelic drugs, like LSD, magic mushrooms, mescaline, PMA, and peyote; the latter was consumed before The Truth, Kent Paul, Maccer and the rest of the Gurning Chimps camped out in the desert, where they "faced the inner light, and communed with The Lizard King!" Paul and Maccer (minus the rest of their band) find themselves hung over and stranded in the desert, while The Truth wakes up in Los Santos inside a Japanese bathhouse.

Jizzy B.[edit]

Introduced in: "Jizzy", although he may be heard on "West Coast Talk Radio" beforehand.

Killed in: "Ice Cold Killa"

Jizzy B. (born February 18, 1958) is the biggest pimp in San Fierro and owns a club called "The Pleasure Domes", which is housed in an old war-era fortress beneath Battery Point. It is an adult entertainment place, where Jizzy surrounds himself with prostitutes, whom he abuses. He is one of the members of the Loco Syndicate, which is manufacturing and supplying drugs to Los Santos. Though he plays a big part in the syndicate's trades, he is shown arguing with T-Bone Mendez for more of the profits.

Jizzy recruits CJ when CJ infiltrates Jizzy's club to see what he can learn about the syndicate. Once Jizzy has negotiated the location for the "big deal" that would feature the Loco Syndicate and representatives from Big Smoke (which included Ryder), he outlives his usefulness. CJ holds him up at his club, but Jizzy escapes. He is subsequently killed during a car chase in the mission "Ice Cold Killa", when he tries to flee in his pimpmobile.

Mike Toreno[edit]

Introduced in: "Photo Opportunity"

Mike Toreno (born June 12, 1956) is an undercover agent from a "government agency" who disguises himself as a drug dealer for the Loco Syndicate. From the beginning, his presence doesn't quite fit, and the mere sight of him disturbs CJ. In his first appearance, Mike is abducted by the Da Nang Boys, who steal one of the Syndicate's drug vans with Toreno inside, but CJ and T-Bone Mendez locate the vehicle at the San Fierro airstrip. Toreno is furious when he sees CJ's unfamiliar face and threatens to shoot him. Once Mendez calls him off, Toreno orders all of them to open fire on the van and destroy it, thus removing the evidence.

Following the death of Jizzy, CJ and his associates plan to ambush the Syndicate's meeting with Big Smoke's Cartel. CJ buys them cover with a sniper rifle, but Toreno, in a helicopter, notices the corpses on a roof and aborts his landing. Later, CJ tracks the chopper to another location and shoots it out of the sky; Toreno is presumed dead.

However, Toreno, at first using a digitally-distorted voice, calls CJ shortly afterward and orders him to travel to his secluded ranch in Tierra Robada. Toreno then gives CJ a series of assignments under duress: Toreno suggests that harm will come to Sweet, who is now in prison, if CJ does not work for him. Toreno promises that if Carl cooperates, Sweet will remain safe and may eventually be released. Toreno was apparently only supplying cocaine to appease a government ally overseas; he has since abandoned dealing and is now focused on killing operatives from rival agencies "with confused social agendas", who are trying to undermine his shady operations.

Toreno's assignments, which include dropping a payload by plane while avoiding radar detection and shooting down black Government choppers from a plateau, strike CJ as almost impossible.

Later, Toreno sends Carl to purchase the Verdant Meadows Airfield, a defunct landing strip in the desert, and use the facility to have CJ trained as a pilot. In one of the game's more bizarre missions, a container jet lands without warning at the airport and men in black suits and sunglasses empty out of it. CJ is hiding behind crates when Toreno appears out of nowhere and instructs him to sneak onboard and bomb the plane. While fighting the agents onboard, they utter strange phrases such as "Carbon-based buffoon!" and "You evolved from shrews!"

While Toreno initially treats Carl like street trash and enjoys bringing up Sweet's dire situation, his attitude changes as CJ proves his ability to get seemingly impossible jobs done. He begins to enjoy having CJ around, treating him like a sort of "war buddy" and displaying a certain degree of camaraderie. After CJ becomes a manager for rapper Madd Dogg and hasn't heard from Toreno in some time, Toreno hijacks the studio's sound system during a recording session and assigns Carl one last job. He personally drives CJ to Easter Bay to infiltrate an aircraft carrier and steal a fighter jet. After he finds himself confronting enemy jets and bombing boats at the dam reservoir, CJ becomes fed up and wants nothing to do with Toreno; his fury is amplified when Toreno ditches the stolen jet and leaves CJ to deal with it.

Toreno shows up unannounced yet again in Madd Dogg's mansion and tells Carl that he has one more mission that needs to get done. Upon hearing this, CJ snaps and holds a gun to Toreno's face, but Toreno responds by calmly saying that CJ is "embarrassing" himself. He then tells him that the "mission" is simply to pick up Sweet following his early release from prison. Toreno makes no further appearances in the game.

Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg[edit]

Introduced in: "Don Peyote"

Ken "Rosie" Rosenberg (born April 5, 1953) serves as the middle man for Leone, the Forelli and the Sindacco Mafia families in Las Venturas, where he manages the Caligula's Palace casino. Highly paranoid and insecure, Ken fears that one of the families will kill him and place the blame on the other organizations. Ken's companions are Maccer, Kent Paul (who occasionally refers Ken as "Rosie" in the game) and a parrot named Tony; he also provides CJ with a few jobs in Las Venturas. After CJ helps him fake his death and escape Las Venturas, he begins working for Madd Dogg, along with Maccer and Kent Paul.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, he was Tommy Vercetti's lawyer in Vice City. This was referenced in one mission, when Rosenberg says to CJ: "...just like old times, huh, Tommy?" In The Introduction, Ken leaves drug rehab and phones Tommy, who refuses to take the call. Despite completing rehab for his cocaine use, Ken again begins abusing the drug later in the storyline. Ken is also disbarred from the law, which forces him to find another job and leads to his assignment as the manager of Caligula's Palace.

Salvatore Leone[edit]

Introduced in: "Freefall"

Don Salvatore Leone (born May 30, 1935) is the Don of the Leone family of the Liberty City Mafia. He eliminated the influence of the other families, the Sindacco family and the Forelli family, in Las Venturas, with the help of CJ, in order for Salvatore to assume a larger share of Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas. However, he is betrayed when CJ and the San Fierro Triads stage an elaborate heist and rob Caligula's Casino for millions of dollars. This event is believed to have led to his much noted paranoia in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and GTA III, and his eventual assassination in the latter.

In addition, it was during San Andreas that Salvatore was introduced to Maria, who worked as a waitress in Caligula's Palace at the time.

Minor characters[edit]

Old Reece[edit]

Introduced in: "Ryder"

Old Reece is a local barber, seen at "Old Reece's Hair Facial Studio" in Idlewood Los Santos. He has known the Johnson family for a long time, evident by his casual attitude toward Carl among some of the things he says. He is also suggested to have Alzheimer's disease, since Ryder makes mention about Reece having "popped his membrane years ago".


Introduced in: "Nines and AKs"

Emmet is a gun dealer in Los Santos and a member of the Seville Boulevard Families. He provides weapons for the GSF and knows the Johnson family. Sweet and Big Smoke stopped going to Emmet once the Family sets split up, but CJ convinced them to start buying from him again shortly after he returned to San Andreas. Emmet seems to have bad eyesight and possible mental health issues, as he was unable to recognize CJ and seems to be unaware of many events around him. Only pistols can be obtained from Emmet, but later on, Ryder gets an AK-47 from him which the player uses for a short time.

Mark "B Dup" Wayne[edit]

Introduced in: "Cleaning the Hood"

B-Dup (born April 24, 1963) has apparently drifted away from gang banging with the Grove Street Families and now sells drugs. CJ and Ryder attempt to recruit B-Dup for a mission near the beginning of the game, but they are angrily turned down. B-Dup has also "enslaved" crack addict (and former GSF member) Barry "Big Bear" Thorne, forcing him to do chores around the apartment in exchange for drugs.

Later, in "Beat Down on B-Dup", B-Dup was threatened by CJ and Sweet into revealing Smoke's location. He doesn't answer the two because of not knowing of his location but informs them that only Smoke's lieutenants know of his location. When B-Dup calls Bear to kill CJ and Sweet, he was punched down by Bear, who was tired of doing chores for him and goes with CJ and Sweet.

Barry "Big Bear" Thorne[edit]

Introduced in: "Cleaning the Hood"

Big Bear (born December 13, 1961) was formerly a respected member of the Grove Street Families. Sometime after CJ left and the Ballas started dealing coke, he has apparently drifted away from the gang and is now a lowly drug addict. He is living from fix-to-fix and is basically B-Dup's indentured servant, taking insults and cleaning his toilet. "Big Bear" has a cadaverous appearance and is unable to stop shaking because at the time he was under the influence of crack.

Big Bear appears in only two mission cut scenes. In the first, he is introduced to the audience as an example of what crack has done to the neighborhood. In the second, Big Bear becomes tired of being controlled by crack and Big Bear stands up for himself and punches B-Dup out. Big Bear then makes a deal with CJ and Sweet that he will return to Grove Street Families. Sweet takes him away saying he's going to "get [the] old Bear back". As such, Big Bear is a physical example of the Grove Street Families fighting back against the drug pushers.

Denise Robinson[edit]

Introduced in: "Burning Desire"

Denise Robinson is one of two storyline girlfriends in San Andreas. She is the first girlfriend CJ gets in the game after he rescues her from a burning house fire in the mission "Burning Desire". When CJ goes out with Denise, she likes to stay local and to do drive-bys on the way. She says that she had three kids but put them up for adoption. Denise is aligned with the Grove Street Families but does not wear green. She is also a playable character in the multiplayer on Xbox and PlayStation 2.


Introduced in: "Farewell, My Love...", but can be seen in the background of "Wu Zi Mu".

Claude (born January 10, 1971) the silent protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III, appears briefly in two missions, first in the background as CJ and Cesar meet Wu Zi Mu for a street race, and secondly as Catalina's next boyfriend after CJ, whom Catalina is not hesitant to boast about after she breaks up with CJ. After losing in a car race with CJ, Claude and Catalina leave San Andreas for Liberty City, where Claude's exploits in GTA III take place some nine years later.

Later, CJ receives several phone calls from Catalina, two of which references a person named "Claude." This suggests the main character of GTA III is in fact called "Claude," assuming Catalina is referring to him. Claude maintains his silence in GTA:SA, to which Carl Johnson references, referring him as a "mute" and a "snake without a tongue."

T-Bone Mendez[edit]

Introduced in: "Photo Opportunity"

Killed in: "Pier 69"

T-Bone Mendez (born February 11, 1952) is the final member of the Loco Syndicate along with Mike Toreno, Jizzy, and Ryder. He is also a member of the San Fierro Rifa. T-Bone acts as the Loco Syndicate's muscle and is very distrustful of people. He viciously beats a man in The Introduction because he suspects that the man is a snitch. T-Bone is killed in the mission "Pier 69" when both CJ and Cesar Vialpando riddle him with bullets until his body falls into the bay.

Kent Paul[edit]

Introduced in: "Don Peyote"

Kent Paul (born February 25, 1965) is a record producer who was featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Once an informal information broker in Vice City ("informal" in that Tommy Vercetti roughed him up whenever he wanted information), Kent Paul has returned to England. There, he became record producer extraordinaire, bringing a new English band, the Gurning Chimps (led by Maccer), to San Andreas for publicity. Unfortunately, after he and the band partied with The Truth out in the desert outside Las Venturas, he finds himself stranded with only Maccer remaining.

Rescued by CJ, who was sent to retrieve them, Paul heads to Las Venturas to meet his old acquaintance, Ken Rosenberg or "Rosie," as he calls him (the two were acquainted in GTA: Vice City). Paul risks Salvatore Leone's displeasure when he hangs both him and Maccer out the window of Caligula's Palace casino. CJ manages to save Paul, Rosenberg and Maccer from a sticky end at the hands of Salvatore by faking their deaths and allowing them to escape Venturas. Later, Paul starts producing for Madd Dogg's record label at CJ's request after Madd Dogg's career is back on track.

Kent Paul is somehow affiliated with The Truth, who he and Maccer were taking peyote with in the desert. Kent Paul is a generally more morose and jaded person than he was 6 years ago and constantly finds himself wondering why he is paired with Maccer.


  • Introduced in: "Don Peyote", although he may be heard on WCTR beforehand.

Maccer (born 1965) is a Salford native, lead singer of the Gurning Chimps band and Kent Paul's partner. He, along with the rest of the band, had been purchased by Kent Paul, and had set off to the United States for a tour. However, after a camp-out in the Las Venturas desert with The Truth, Maccer finds the rest of his band missing, with only Kent Paul left in his company. The whereabouts of the other Gurning Chimps members remains unknown for the rest of the game. However, it is implied that the members would be found five months later, to which Maccer denies had happened, claiming that they were "on a break."[1] The Gurning Chimps is suggested to remain active by Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which takes place in 1998 — Head Radio DJ Michael Hunt indicates Maccer vomited on his shoes when he was backstage at his band's concerts.

Maccer has uncontrollable sexual tendencies; namely, he masturbates chronically and often at highly inappropriate times and places. This is shown in the opening cut scenes of missions "Cut Throat Business" (where he is told to think of Margaret Thatcher to stop masturbating, but starts masturbating to the thought of her) and during a conversation between Sweet and CJ in "Riot".


Introduced in: "Wear Flowers in Your Hair", although he may be heard on WCTR beforehand.

Zero (born March 24, 1964) is a 28 year old electronics expert, forced virgin, and hobbyist who manages an electronics shop in San Fierro owned by CJ. His archenemy is Berkley, the owner of Berkley RC, who swore revenge on Zero after losing to him in a science fair. Using Zero's equipment, Carl aids Zero in disrupting Berkley's business operations and ultimately beating Berkley in a miniature "war game", forcing Berkley to leave San Fierro for good.

Later on, Zero can be seen providing electronic equipment for a number of jobs, as well as providing assistance in the Caligula's Casino heist. At the end of the heist, Carl discovers Zero had bragged to Berkley about the heist beforehand, which had nearly put the heist in jeopardy, as there were many complications during the heist, to which Zero had shouted "Curse/Damn you, Berkley!" on the walkie-talkie. After the heist, Zero is not seen again.

Ran Fa Li[edit]

Introduced in: "Ran Fa Li"

Ran Fa Li (born September 28, 1922), otherwise known as "Farlie", is the leader of the Red Gecko Tong Triads in San Fierro. It's Woozie's job to do well in front of Farlie, because Farlie outranks him. He is speechless throughout the game, preferring to simply grunt, meaning he has a translator with him at all time who seems to understand these grunts. CJ does a few jobs for Wu Zi Mu on behalf of Ran Fa Li, one of which includes driving a vehicle out into the San Fierro countryside as a decoy, to lure the Da Nang Boys away from Wu Zi Mu's betting shop, where Ran Fa Li is hiding from them, which in turn earns him the trust of Ran Fa Li. Ran Fa Li is also the third stakeholder in the Four Dragon's Casino (along with Wu Zi Mu and Carl Johnson).

Su Xi Mu ("Suzie")[edit]

Introduced in: "Jizzy"

Su Xi Mu (nicknamed "Suzie") is one of Woozie's high ranking Mountain Cloud Boys Triad members and assistant to Woozie. Additionally, he assists CJ in the preparation and execution of the Caligula's Casino heist.


Introduced in: "Ran Fa Li"

Killed in: "The Da Nang Thang"

Guppy is Woozie's assistant and member of the Mountain Cloud Boys Triad, appearing in several San Fierro missions alongside Ran Fa Li. He was last seen riding a helicopter along with CJ to raid a Da Nang Boys freighter off the coast of San Fierro, during which the helicopter is shot down by a rocket propelled grenade. He is presumed to be killed, as he never appears in the rest of the storyline, and Suzie has largely taken over Guppy's role as an advisor.

Dwaine and Jethro[edit]

Introduced in: "Wear Flowers in Your Hair"

Dwaine and Jethro are close associates who previously lived in Vice City, where they owned a boating business until it was purchased by Tommy Vercetti. This is referenced when The Truth says "...there's these two guys I know—used to work on marine engines, 'til the mob bought their business over in Vice." At the time of their introduction in San Andreas, Jethro is working at the Xoomer Gas Station in San Fierro, while Dwaine runs a hot dog van business nearby. Both men accepted the job to once again become mechanics and help out at CJ's garage. They are known to smoke marijuana and are closely linked to The Truth.

Colonel Fuhrberger[edit]

Introduced in: "Home Invasion"

Colonel Fuhrberger is a retired colonel, possibly at the base in Los Santos. He is now retired living in East Beach Los Santos. He still keeps military memorabilia, a fact discovered by LB. Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Carl "CJ" Johnson enter his home in the mission Home Invasion and steal crates of hardware to help fight the Ballas gang. Colonel Fuhrberger is seen sleeping in his bed, but not mentioned after the mission and his fate is unknown.

Johnny Sindacco[edit]

Introduced in: "Fender Ketchup"

Dies in: "The Meat Business"

Johnny Sindacco is a high-ranking member of the Sindacco family of the Mafia and son of Paulie Sindacco (who is unnamed in this game, but is implied to assume an honorable and top ranking position in the organization, circa 1992). His organization has turf in Liberty City and Las Venturas. When CJ first arrives in Las Venturas to Woozie's newly opened casino, Johnny has been caught smashing up some of the slot machines. As Woozie's men are about to "get rid of" Johnny, CJ intervenes and has Johnny tied to the hood of a car stomach down, facing the front windscreen. CJ then drives the car around the city dangerously in order to scare Johnny into telling him which Mafia family he's with.

Having been traumatized by the experience, Johnny spends time recovering in the hospital. At one point, some Forelli thugs highjack Johnny's ambulance in order to kill him. As CJ is helping Ken Rosenberg to prevent a war between the Leones, the Forellis, and the Sindacco family, CJ hijacks the ambulance back from the Forelli thugs and drives Johnny back to safety. However, when CJ later accompanies Ken to a meeting with Johnny, Johnny recognizes CJ, and having not fully recovered from his trauma, dies from a shock-induced heart attack.

Jimmy Silverman[edit]

Introduced in: "Cut Throat Business"

CJ and Madd Dogg meet Jimmy Silverman after chasing OG Loc through Los Santos in an attempt to recover Madd Dogg's rhymes. OG Loc flees into an apartment, followed by CJ and Madd Dogg, where they meet Silverman, who offers to sue OG Loc for them.


Introduced/killed in: "OG Loc"

Freddy is a former cellmate of Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross, and member of the Los Santos Vagos. The game suggests that while in prison, Freddy engaged in homosexual activities with Loc and also stole his "rhymes" (though Freddy claims ignorance as to what this accusation meant: he implies that the only reason Loc wanted him dead was to cover up the activities they engaged in together.) Freddy is killed by CJ after a motorcycle chase. Freddy is referred to by Loc as a cholo, suggesting he is of Mexican descent.

Big Poppa[edit]

Introduced/killed in: "A Home in the Hills"

Big Poppa is a drug dealer and member of the Los Santos Vagos. While Madd Dogg lost all his money on a casino, he gave his mansion to Big Poppa and when CJ became Madd Dogg's manager, he is asked by Dogg to take back the mansion from the Vagos in there. So a group of Mountain Cloud Boys and CJ trip to Los Santos and land on the roof of the mansion. When on the mansion they kill the Vagos on there and Big Poppa makes a run out of the mansion and on a chase near the mansion CJ kills Big Poppa.


Introduced/Killed in: "Los Sepulcros"

Kane is a top member of the Front Yard Ballas. He only appears in the "Los Sepulcros" mission where the Johnson brothers are going to the funeral of a Ballas member to kill Kane. CJ and Sweet crash the funeral by climbing over the cemetery wall and attacking the Ballas from behind. Kane runs away, only to get chased down and killed by Carl.


Introduced in: "Intensive Care"

Tony is a talking parrot that serves as a companion of Ken Rosenberg. The bird's role in the game is considerably trivial, appearing only a few times as a minor comic relief as Ken nervously resides in Las Venturas. The parrot utters, among others, Mafia slang terms and foul language, as well as a quote from Tony Montana in the 1983 Scarface film.

Maria Latore[edit]

Introduced in: "Freefall"

Maria Latore (also referred to as Maria La Torra by several sources, including the voice-over credits in the San Andreas game manual) is a waitress in the Caligula's Palace casino. Appearing briefly during Don Salvatore Leone's presence in Las Venturas, she would be seen beginning to establish a closer relationship with the Don, which explains the origins of her ties with him in GTA III and GTA:LCS.

Millie Perkins[edit]

Introduced in: "Key to Her Heart"

Millie Perkins is a card dealer at the mob-run Caligula's Palace casino. She becomes CJ's second (story-line) girlfriend when CJ seduces her in order to get her keycard to facilitate his robbery of Caligula's Palace. Millie is fond of BDSM.


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