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Watch The Bike's Health

A difficult, but very fun mission, be prepared. Use your SMG, but make sure not to run out of ammo. Pick up the MP5s that the Russians drop and grab the armor behind a pillar. Meet up with Smoke and head outside for more shooting. After that comes the difficult part. The main targets for this whole section are the motorcycles. Take out the driver first and everything else falls. Kill everything, shoot the roadblocks and Smoke will head into the drainage basin. Take down every motorcycle and car gunman as soon as you see them. After the jump, shoot out the sewer gates or all of your work will be for nothing. Shoot the explosive barrels to take out the last motorcycles. Finally, Big Smoke is over.

Note: The PS2 and PC version of the game gives you an SMG with infinite bullets for this mission; once the bike portion of the level begins you cannot use another weapon but the one provided.


  • Respect: +10