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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Mystery.pngHighjack
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar Toreno.pngMike Toreno's ranch, Tierra Robada

After the cutscene, head to El Castillo del Diablo to trigger the next cutscene. After this, pick up the RPG if you like, then use one of the vehicles to ascend Arco del Oeste to trigger the next cutscene. After this, a chopper arrives with the cargo, but it's being chased by some CIA choppers. Use the RPG (or better still a heat-seeking RPG) to take them down. Now head out to the dropzone just north of Verdant Meadows, and pick up the bag. Now return to El Castillo del Diablo (Toreno refers to it as 'Las Brujas' for some reason). There's a Seasparrow in the water nearby which you may want to take. When you get there, the red marker is inside one of the buildings there. Step inside to complete the mission.


  • You may want to keep the Seasparrow, since the next mission gives you somewhere to keep it.


  • Cash: $1,000