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Burn, Baby, Burn

After the cutscene, run down to the alley marked on the map and pick up a few molotovs. Once you've done that, you drive over to Vagos House and light it up. Before that though, shoot the Vagos standing around and the Vagos in the surrounding area and then torch the place by tossing a molotov in through the windows. The mission is made VERY EASY if you've done the 12 Levels of Firefighter R3 Missions. Anyway, upon torching the place, you discover that someone's inside. You get to run inside and save her.

Go to the kitchen and pick up the extinguisher (or if you're fireproof, run upstairs). Next navigate your way to the end of the first floor and go up the stairs and make your way to the far room where you saw the girl. Use the extinguisher by aiming for the base of the fire to put it out. Once you get the girl, the house starts falling apart. Make your way through the adjoining rooms to get around any obstacles, putting out fires in your way as necessary. Upon getting outside you get to take Denise home.