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Misson:GTA San Andreas radar Sweet.pngDrive-By

An enemy gang has Sweet and his Girl holed up, you must get them out, then fend them off as you leave the house.

There's Someone On The Stairs!

CJ looks around for Sweet but he's nowhere to be found. Just then Sweet phones CJ. A group of the Seville Families have cornered him and his girl in an apartment nearby.

After the cutscene, drive there and kill them before Sweet's health runs out.

Warning: Sweet's health will mysteriously deplete even if the gang members are all focussing their fire on CJ, so kill them as quickly as possible.

Either run the Sevilles over or just get out and shoot them. Note that while they wear Grove Street colors they are still enemies. There is one guy on the stairs, so either do a drive-by or a duck-and-roll maneuvre to cap him.

When they're all dead, Sweet will call you. Grab a four-door vehicle and enter the red marker. Sweet and his girl will get in the car. Now drive quickly back Sweet's house, because you're being chased by two cars. When you arrive home, you complete the mission.

Also look out for Sweet's girl, she has a tendency to exit the vehicle on the way home for no reason which can cause you to fail the mission even after the hard part is over.


  • Respect: +7