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Note: If at any point during this mission you obtain a wanted level, you automatically fail the mission.

After the cut-scene, head to the Vank Hoff Hotel. Follow the valet to the underground car park, and kill him while nobody is looking. Pick up the uniform, then head back out to the hotel entrance. You must wait for the D.A.'s car (a blue Merit) to turn up, and ensure you get in prior to any of your colleagues. You now have two and a half minutes to take the car back to the garage in Doherty, plant the drugs, then return it to the hotel car park in mint condition. If you should damage it even slightly, you have to return to the garage. Then get outside and phone the cops to complete the mission.


  • If you forget which one is the D.A.'s car, listen to the other valets. They will say something special when it arrives.