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When CJ's relationship is good enough, the girlfriend will invite him in for "coffee." However, diligent hackers discovered that Rockstar originally planned for CJ to get a more than "coffee" when he went into their houses. This was first officially made public in a news report and appeared on G4TV Episode #5093.

With a simple modification, the "coffee" turns into a full-blown sexual intercourse minigame. Unlike the mini-games in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, "Hot Coffee" was far more serious and realistic. The minigame itself is based entirely on rhythm, pressing up and down in harmony. There is also a "switch positions" function to rotate between various sexual positions, as well as a button for different camera angles. On the XBox and PC versions, "nude" skins can be swapped in, and some variants can be used with exiting saves.

The nude version also speeds along the dating process; every girl can be dated at any time and right from the start of a new game so that players can try the feature out at any time and as quickly as possible.

It has been speculated that the dildo gift item was intended to tie in with this mini-game, but because the minigame was never finished, the dildo remains unused. The minigame was undoubtedly cut to ensure the game received an M rating.


Killak from the GameFAQs boards describes it thus:

*adult references ahead...... don't read it if you're a kid and/or get shocked easy*
Beginning a new game you can just go straight to the girlfriend's house (Denise i believe it is), the mod makes it so each girlfriend is at home every day.
You take her around the corner to get food and then back home.... she'll always invite you in for coffee due to the mod.
It starts off with CJ sitting on the bed and Denise is in a thong and a shirt which barely covers her breasts..... she proceeds to give oral sex.... at the end of that scene, CJ puts both his hands on her head and forces her down on him.... like the pornstars of today like to do.
Second scene is the interactive sex scene where you have to push the stick up and down in rhythm with CJ. Begins with a standard missionary position. Pressing the jump button switches the position from missionary to girl on her back with her legs in the air then doggy style. Primary attack button changes the camera viewpoint for all 3 scenes.
While CJ has sex he says things like 'Damn, you good at this', and 'You should get paid for this, baby'....
Successfully pleasing the girl leads to a climactic scene where the girl has an orgasm, failure leads to CJ 'leaving the station early' and collapsing on top of her. At this point the screen will read 'Failure to satisfy a woman is a crime'.

Accessing the mod[edit]

Compatibility: PS2 (requires save editor), Xbox (requires either an Action Replay or a modchip), and PC Downloads: PS2/Xbox/PC version and PC and Xbox version


  • Download and uncompress the Hot Coffee mod and follow the directions. (note: Hot Coffee mod is no longer hosted there; the author removed it).
  • With GTA Censor Remover, patch your own save and enable the removed scenes without losing your place in the game, as happens with the other methods.


  • With a modded Xbox at GTAGarage.
  • With an Xbox and an Action Replay.
  • With GTA Censor Remover, patch your own save and enable the removed scenes without losing your place in the game as happens with the other methods


gothi writes:

GTA: San Andreas Censor Remover allows you to patch your PS2 GTA save to remove the censor and unlock the removed 'Hot Coffee' interactive scene (unlike the first PC patch the girls seems to be wearing only a little clothing rather than their regular clothes) ... follow the instructions in the readme ... Looks like you can enable the "hot coffee" scenes on your PS2 without the modification