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This mission is a fairly tough one. You are required to visit a warehouse, and destroy some Casino Chip-making machines. Sounds simple enough but the warehouse is full of sharp-shooting mobsters, some of whom are armed with Combat Shotguns (one clip will destroy a fully armoured and max health CJ!)

Climb over the fence at the side of the warehouse (near a bus stop) Ignore the container hanging from the machinery - you can use that to get on the roof, but there is no way in from there (not that I've found, anyway.)

Shoot the petrol tank on the car parked outside to kill the mobsters inside it. Then a cutscene will show you walking into the building. Once you get control back run straight back outside, turn round and aim your gun. Some men will run towards you shooting pistols, kill them. After that, try to take out the people on the gangways and on top of the shelving inside the factory - one of them is armed with a combat shotgun, and you don't really want him to shoot you. Watch out - there are many other people hiding inside the building. Once it's clear, start work on the labelled white machines around the edge of the room. Keep a check on the door at all times as cars with more armed mobsters arrive. The rocket launcher, if you have it, is handy for destroying the machines. Once they are all destroyed, take care on your way out as there are mobsters up on the containers just outside the door.

After that, you are free to drive off as nobody follows you, get back to the Casino rear-entrance to complete the mission.


  • Before the mission, go to Ammu-nation and ensure you have full armour, and some powerful guns (lots of ammo in the AK47, or M4). Also, go to the food outlets to ensure full health.
  • You can destroy the machines in one go with the remote explosives. In that way, you don't have to deal with the extra mobsters while you are working on the machines.


  • Cash: $10,000
  • Respect +