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  • Mission: 555 WE TIP
  • Location: Vank Hoff Hotel, Downtown

Stand by the dropoff lane facing the Big Pointy Building (the TransAmerica Pyramid in real life) and wait for a car to arrive. When the blue arrow appears, get in the car and drive it into the same garage from the 555 WE TIP mission. Park the car in the space indicated, and run back to the dropoff area. Rinse, lather, repeat. This is pretty easy and there are few distractions.

  • Level 1: Park 3 cars in 2 minutes
  • Level 2: Park 4 cars in 2 minutes
  • Level 3: Park 5 cars in 2 minutes
  • Level 4: Park 6 cars in 2 minutes
  • Level 5: Park 7 cars in 2 minutes

After each car is parked, your time is extended based on how well you park the car (parallel to and between the lines) and the condition of the car. The parking bonus is between 0 and 13 seconds, and the damage bonus between 0 and 45 seconds.


The other valets will be parking cars, too, and may get to one before you can. Let it slide; another car will come up in a few seconds. Killing one of your fellow valets results in a 20 second deduction from your time (a fire extinguisher can disable them temporarily so you may grab a car).

There is no penalty for running over the cars' owners.

To get from the dropoff area to the garage quickly, don't merge into traffic and make a right at the intersection. Instead, as soon as you get into the car, go straight across the sidewalk, into the street, and make a sharp U-Turn.

As you descend into the parking garage, use the right thumbstick to swivel the point of view and see if the target parking space is in the near or far aisle.

You cannot steal the cars you have parked. If you drive off with a car rather than park it the mission will end.


After the first four levels you receive a tip of $100 times the level number. After Level 5 you unlock the asset. The valet parking area will now generate up to $2000 for you to pick up.