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This mission will become available when you purchase Wang Cars for $50,000.

This mission requires you to follow a car by a series of colored blips. Head to each of the blips as quickly as possible before they turn gray (at which point the mission is over) and eventually you will come upon the target car. Utilize the P.I.T. maneuver to spin out the target car. When the driver ditches the car, get in the car and return to the garage.


If you stay close enough in the beginning, you could cut across the baseball field and be able to hit her at 90 degrees that spins her out.

Another good chance to spin her out is when she does a U-turn near the beach on the west.

If you still cannot get her when she reaches the bridge, stay close and follow her to Tierra Robada. If you are close enough, she tends to drive around the few blocks of streets there and it will be easy to anticipate her route. In that case, don't follow her but try to meet her head-on or from the side.


  • Cash: $5,000
  • Respect: +5
  • Wheel Arch Angels opens