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  • Vehicle: Broadway. Can be found near gas station in Idlewood, Los Santos. Sometimes located near the car wash southwest of CJ's house, or outside of Jizzy B's Pleasure Domes. They will sometimes be seen driving around El Corona or southern Los Santos. map

Pimping can be accessed when driving the Pimpmobile (a Broadway lowrider). CJ uses this vehicle during the first mission from the pleasure dome underneath Gant Bridge. Sometimes it is also parked outside the pleasure dome.

Pimping entails picking up a girl from the corner, driving her to a customer, then driving her to her next trick. Occasionally you will have to kill a customer who gets rough. The amount of money earned for pimping depends on the number of successful pimps so far in that round. After 10 successful pimps the pimping mission is complete.


The mission consists of escorting two prostitutes alternately to their clients. You pick up A, drop her off, pick up B, drop her off, then pick up A again. When there's no one in the car but you and there isn't a bad client, you have no time limit. Use this time to go to a Pay 'N Spray to ensure that you don't wreck the vehicle.

One trick in pimping is to drive to the North end of San Fierro before entering the pimping mission. Each new customer is located in an adjacent district of the city. If you begin pimping in Doherty you will have to travel between Easter Bay Airport, Foster Valley, and Avispa Country Club all before your first trick comes back. However if you begin in Juniper Hollow, the districts in the vicinity are all small giving you plenty of time to drive around.


  • Hookers pay you to have sex with them.