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This is a complete list of all the territories CJ can win through Turf Wars.

Official Territories[edit]

These are the ones Rockstar intended to have available in the game.

  1. Grove Street (CJ starts with this and it cannot be taken from him)
  2. Ganton, south of Grove Street
  3. Playa Del Seville
  4. Los Santos Arena (east beach)
  5. East Beach just north of above
  6. rectangle north of #4, located at an s-shaped bend in the road
  7. east of the northernmost Cluckin' Bell (i.e., above Grove Street) in east Los Santos
  8. tiny square just east of the above, the lower part of the J-shaped alley
  9. east beach just north of #5 above
  10. small square in northeast district of Los Santos
  11. Big Smoke's Crack Palace in east Los Santos
  12. Los flores, just east of the above
  13. directly above the Binco on Grove Street
  14. most eastern part of Willowfield, just south of Grove Street
  15. Willowfield, south of the above
  16. most southeastern part of Willowfield, just west of the above
  17. small square of turf directly above #13
  18. western Willowfield near the tattoo shop
  19. south Idlewood near the Pay 'n' Spray
  20. the gas station in the most southwestern part of Idlewood
  21. The club in central Idlewood
  22. Smoke's house in central Idlewood, just east of the above
  23. Idlewood, just west of Grove Street
  24. the freeway in northern Idlewood
  25. southern Glen Park, west of the hospital
  26. Glen Park
  27. Las Colinas, north of Glen Park
  28. Las Colinas, to east of the above
  29. Las Colinas, to east of the above
  30. Las Colinas, to east of the above
  31. Las Colinas, to east of the above
  32. Las Colinas, to east of the above
  33. Jefferson, east of the hospital
  34. southern Jefferson, just south of the above
  35. central Jefferson, where the safehouse is situated
  36. mall in Northwest Jefferson
  37. Jefferson Motel
  38. Most northwestern part of East Los Santos.
  39. East Los Santos east of the above
  40. Most eastern part of Verona Beach
  41. Verona Beach, just west of the above
  42. Northwestern Verona Beach, west of the above
  43. Verona Beach, southeast of the above
  44. West Verona Beach, west of the above
  45. Eastern Santa Marina Beach
  46. Western Santa Marina Beach
  47. West Vinewood
  48. West Temple
  49. Southern Temple, east of the above
  50. Temple, east of the above
  51. Temple, just north of the above
  52. A small line found in the most northeastern part of temple, just north of the above

Territories unlocked between Home Coming and Los Desperados[edit]

  1. Western El Corona
  2. Eastern El Corona
  3. Northern Little Mexico
  4. Southern Little Mexico

Hidden Territories[edit]

Unlock these by performing the 178 territories glitch.

  1. Bayside Marina
  2. Las Venturas
  3. Bone County
  4. Verdant Meadows
  5. Las Payasadas
  6. Green Palms
  7. Octane Springs
  8. Fort Carson
  9. Hunter Quarry
  10. Regular Tom
  11. Las Brujas
  12. Northern Tierra Robada
  13. the Sherman Dam
  14. El Quebrados
  15. Aldea Melvada
  16. Arco Del Ceste
  17. Bayside
  18. southern Tierra Robada, slightly below #69
  19. Las Barrancas
  20. Northern Gant Bridge
  21. Southern Gant Bridge
  22. Juniper Hollow
  23. Southern Foster valley "two circles are there" (unconfirmed)
  24. Central foster valley, north of the above
  25. square territory to west of San Fierro's arena
  26. San Fierro's arena, in Foster Valley
  27. Eastern Bay Airport, just east of the above
  28. Eastern bay airport, just northeastern of #83 Underground parking garage
  29. Eastern bay airport, tiny strip in between #84 and #86
  30. the most eastern part of eastern bay airport, right of #85
  31. Hashbury
  32. Central Ocean Flats, west of #88
  33. Southern Doherty,North of #82
  34. most southwestern part of Ocean Flats, left of the country club
  35. City Hall
  36. most Northern part of Ocean Flats
  37. Palisades
  38. Santa flora
  39. Sothern Queens, near the barber shop
  40. Northern queens,north of #95
  41. Queens, east of #96
  42. Southern King's, where hotel suite is found
  43. most southern part of Downtown
  44. Downtown just north of #99 where cluckin bell is found
  45. Financial
  46. Downtown, just east of #101
  47. Downtown, just east of #102
  48. Esplande East, just north of #103
  49. Esplande east, just east of #104
  50. Downtown, west of #101
  51. Most Northern part of Downtown
  52. Triangle of turf roundabouts found #104 and #107
  53. Pardiso
  54. Juniper Hill
  55. San Fierro
  56. Whetstone
  57. Angle Pine
  58. Shady creeks, just south of the junkyard
  59. Shady creeks, just east of #114
  60. Flint County
  61. Back o' Beyond
  62. Leafy Hollow
  63. The Farm
  64. Red County
  65. Eastern Basin Airport, a small strip of turf east of #83
  66. Eastern Bay Chemicals
  67. Fallen Tree
  68. The Panoption
  69. Martain Bridge
  70. Blueberry Acres
  71. Upper Blueberry
  72. Lower Blueberry
  73. Fern Ridge
  74. Fallow Bridge
  75. Hampton Barns, small section of the road
  76. Montgomery
  77. small section of road, east of Montgomery (#132)
  78. The Mako Span
  79. Hankypanky Point
  80. Palomino Creek
  81. North Rock
  82. Los Santos
  83. Hilltop Farm
  84. Dillimore
  85. Flint Range
  86. Western Marina
  87. Eastern Marina
  88. Southern Marina
  89. Northern Conference Center
  90. Southern conference Center
  91. Northwestern Verdant Bluffs, south of Southern Conference Center (#146)
  92. Northeastern Verdant Bluffs east of Northwestern Verdant Bluffs (#147)
  93. Southern Verdant bluffs, south of Northwestern Verdant Bluffs (#147)
  94. Los Santos International
  95. Los Santos International, around the runway access gate
  96. North Ocean Docks, south of #16
  97. Ocean Docks' most southeastern part in southeastern Los Santos
  98. Southern Commerence
  99. Central Commernce west of Pershing Square (#156)
  100. Pershing Square
  101. Central commerence, east of Pershing Square (#156)
  102. North commerence north of #155
  103. North commerence, just east of #158
  104. North Commerence, east of #159
  105. northern Glen Park, north of #26
  106. Los Santos Hospital
  107. Battery Point
  108. Esplande North, right of #167? (unconfirmed)
  109. Esplande north, right of #168? (unconfirmed)
  110. Northern calton heights? (unconfirmed)
  111. Calton Heights below #170? (unconfirmed)
  112. Chinatown? (unconfirmed)
  113. Northern Kings, below #172? (unconfirmed)
  114. Kings, below #173 (unconfirmed)
  115. Eastern Basin where the naval base is found (unconfirmed)
  116. "Eastern basin below #175 where you import/export vechiles?" (unconfirmed)
  117. Garcia (unconfirmed)
  118. Doherty (unconfirmed)
  119. Cranberry Station (unconfirmed)
  120. Tiny strip in between the Farm and Eastern Bay Chemicals
  121. Shady Cabin
  122. State of San Andreas