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This can be a frustrating mission so make sure you save outside the Four Dragons Casino before attempting it. After a long cutscene that sets up the return to Los Santos you find yourself making a parachute assault on Madd Dogg's mansion (which you will have visited before during the GTA San Andreas radar OGLoc.png missions).

You need to try and land on the mansion's helipad. If you fail then run to the entrance of the mansion and up the ramp onto the mansion roof. Here you need to kill gang members until the rest of the Triad arrive. A body armour is available next to the air-conditioning units.

Once the remaining Triad arrive enter the mansion via the main door. There is now a short cut-scene and then its back to the shooting. Ignore the advice the Triad give you and help them clear the rooms one by one. The next stage is a lot easier if one or both of the Triad members survive. In one of the bedrooms there is another body armour.

Once past the bedrooms onto the balcony you can pick up a health heart in the kitchen below the balcony. Once you move towards Big Poppa he will run and there seems to be no way to kill him inside the mansion so instead systematically work your way through the rooms. These are the same rooms that were used in the theft mission. Once you get to the end there will be a cut-scene where Big Poppa drives off in a Phoenix and you have to pursue in a pink Windsor (not a bad car but very prone to having the wheels lock). This section of the mission is trickier than it sounds because you have to stay quite close to Big Poppa to avoid an automatic mission failure.

Essentially wait for Big Poppa to drive onto a decent section of road or a backwoods town and then force him off the road with the usual tricks such as drive-by shooting into the engine and PIT.

There is no time limit so take it easy and just keep shunting him around. Once you have completed the mission you will be able to save at Madd Dogg's mansion and the CJ missions appear at the mansion.


  • There is an armor icon near the air conditioner in the helipad.
  • Some players have found it easier to destroy Big Poppa's Car-this also completes the mission (Use either cheat "OUIQDMW" or flip his car)


  • Respect +
  • Madd Dogg's Crib is now available as a safehouse (equipped with your own pool / gym / basketball court / video consoles + arcades / helipad with a Sparrow / a car etc.)
  • Night vision goggles, armor and health icons now spawn in the crib.