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  • Location: Los Santos Forum, East Beach (just east of Ganton). Step in the red marker and you are teleported into the car at the beginning of the race.
  • An unspecified amount of driving skill is needed as well.

8-Track is one of the stadium racing missions.

The race is 12 laps of a Figure-8 track. You are one of twelve competitors and you need to finish first to complete the mission.


First, focus on staying within the walls and making the turns well. Hitting the walls too many times will result in a destroyed vehicle before you finish the race. Further, collisions with the AI drivers will frequently cause you to spin out, ruining your chances of winning.

Once you got the hang of making your way through the laps you can start worrying about your position in the field. The race is long so you can make your moves slowly. With luck your competitors will crash themselves and you can just move into the lead.

One definite hint is to try to get in the lead in the chaotic beginning of the race, the sooner you have the throng of AI cars behind you the better. One way to accomplish this fairly quickly is to take the inside curve immediately upon the start of the race, then methodically overtake whatever cars are in front of you.

Once you have most of the competition behind you, it may help to switch to first person view. There won't be so many AI cars to keep an eye on and the track is more important. By using a first person view you can more quickly observe and react to the tight corners (the race is long and you can't take that much damage from bumping into walls and such).

While the start and the early part of the race can be very frustrating, once you are in the lead you can relax a bit and focus on navigating safely around the track.

Destroying the competition isn't an option as they'll re-spawn.


  • $10,000 cash
  • Hotring racer and Monster truck spawn in front of the coliseum.